Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Always wanting more.

I've been busy.

I swear I don't know where time has gone by. The past few weeks, after the end of each week, I'm like "What the *bleep!* just happened?" after every 'realization', I look at my wallet and see some bills and coins and new clothes. I've been getting too much money and I've been quick to spend it. I feel like I'm rushing through every day without realizing I was.

It has been fun but I don't feel contented. I'm like this now, I always want more than what I already have. Of course I'm not gonna feel 'contented' at this point in my life unless I get the things I want.


A few days ago, my friend and I had to hit the mall due to boredom and cravings for something salty AND sweet. That's right, we could be weird sometimes. First off, we went to satisfy our cravings for salty food by eating Italian dishes at a fast food chain. Next up, for something sweet so we stopped by Cerealicious.

My friend's 'The Hurt Loacker' (Loacker, Milo Balls, and M&Ms) topped with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream.
Mine: 'Cashewblanca' (Cashew, Brownies, Frosties) topped with Nestle Crunch. *All thanks to my Canon IXUS 80 IS and my awesome manual setting, food has never looked so good!

Cerealicious, though been around for a few years, is still starting to open up branches around Metro Manila. Each item from the menu are inspired by movies: Pirates of the Cadburryean, Oreo and Juliet, The Skittle Mermaid, and more! You can even make your own cereal: add cereals, chocolates, nuts, and more.

It's the new thing so look for a Cerealicious near you! Prices range from P50-P150.

They should be paying me for this.

Much Love,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Without A Trace and The Hunger Games.

It has only been almost two months but the feeling of being single is so good, I totally forgot how it feels like. Though I am saddened of closing another chapter, somehow it feels right. It's time to focus on things I neglected like my friends, meeting new people, studying, and other stuff. I deleted him on my Facebook, I rarely talk to him even though we're on the same classes and Student Council Officers, my phone, online messenger, his pictures -- no trace of him and that helped me move on and grow. It's not that he did something so unforgivably wrong; it was my choice to want to forget about him.

But I'm not denying the fact that there's always gonna be space for him somewhere. I'll let Future HalfCrazy deal with that.

For now I'm just gonna put it aside and continue to get to the place where I want to be. I'm excited. I'm getting there. I hope to get there.


A few months ago, I bought Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I'm glad I did. This book is so compelling and addictive that when it came to my knowing that it spawned two more sequels, I was excited to purchase but had to fall back cos the two books are way out of my normal price range for buying books.

Actually, I think this is a marketing strategy and a pretty good one at that. The first book (softbound) was so affordable, at par with three Big Macs from Mcdonald's (or maybe less) while the other two, both hardbound and not having softbound and paperback copies costs $18 a piece. Having no choice, a lot of readers bought the two books even if they are expensive. No, I wasn't one of them. Even if the first book was SO GOOD, I had to restrain myself. Good thing there's softbound versions of the series on Powerbooks but with different covers.

Nonetheless, go out and buy the first book! Know the Battle Royale movie? If you liked it, you're going to like the Hunger Games series.

Much Love,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jinx and Drinks.

In a few months, if things go really well, I can fly to the US for an on-the-job-training and stay there for a year, and maybe meet up with friends and family living there. The thought of leaving my life in here for a year scares me but then flying out of here excites me too. Also, when I get back, I'm excited to know and see the changes that took place when I was out - not to mention changes that happened to me.

When I get back, I wanna go to med school and pursue that plan of contributing something awesome to the world.

I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Most of the time, things don't really turn out the way you planned them to be, but something else. Just talking about these things, I feel like I'm jinxing my plans. Here's a quote that I really liked:

"You can't design your life like a building, it doesn't work that way. You just have to live it and it will design itself. It's not that you shouldn't do anything - listen to what the world is telling you and take the leap."
- How I Met Your Mother

It's good to have plans to guide you but I'm just saying there are a lot of decisions and circumstances in life that would not make your plans happen or not. I might contribute to the world but not become a Doctor but someone and something else. I might end up living in the US or I'm just gonna be stuck here.

What they are, I'll know, just not now.


For Pinoys looking for a good bar..

Nowadays, I frequent this one bar: Central. Which branch, preferably Makati. But I have also been to Central BF Homes Paranaque, Central Angelo King, Central Adriatico, and I want to visit the others!

What's great about Central is everything is certainly of the highest quality, may it be food or drinks. Don't forget to try their "Bad" drinks: Bad Trip, Bad Boy and Bad Girl (Ranging from P180-P190). Also their Squeeze Me and. Also their nachos and Cheesy Potato (Around P150). And uhm, 2+1 Thursdays (Order 2, get 1 free!) and.. that's it. You can also order take out, just add P20!

Squeeze Me.

Much Love,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Open Letters: Money, Future Self and Boyfriend.

It's a beautiful and rainy Tuesday morning and I'm alone at home. Even for just a day, the TV set can rest, no more racket from my brother upstairs and it's total peace and quiet - this is what I want. I have one class today but I didn't go. I decided to stay at home, order a breakfast from McDonald's with a hot chocolate and started writing these open letters..


Dear Money,

These past few days, you're all I ever think about. I'd get thousands or even millions of you in the future. I know money can't buy me happiness but it would sure get me things I want for myself and for other people. People say that once I get loads of you in the future, I wouldn't be THAT happy but I'll let Future HalfCrazy deal with that.

See thousands of you soon.

Dear Future HalfCrazy,

Remember the ideal mindset. Work for money, work for the future, work for family, work for your self, get things you want, help people, make a difference, gain wisdom and knowledge, always do what is right, make millions of friends around the world.. I could go on and on.

Just make sure I'm a good person with a lot of money and friends. Don't worry, I have long been laying a strong foundation for that.

I'll leave ten years from now to you. Keep being awesome.

Dear next Boyfriend,

I want a relationship that's not too serious and definitely no playing around. Number one rule is no cheating - there's nothing I hate more than that. I want our relationship to be honest so no lies. I am not clingy like other girls so I know you're going to enjoy being with me. Always make sure you tell me your whereabouts but I get to check on you every three hours when you're at a party, is that okay? You can do the same thing to me. You totally should.

I hope you're sweet, gentle, spontaneous, funny, thoughtful, and smart. It's a plus if you're doing really well in school, have plans for the future, likes funny and sometimes stupid shows like The Office, likes hiphop and soul, is into books, good wardrobe, good-looking and.. you can add some of your quirks.

Do not tell me you love me just after a few months. Keep it in, say it after a year.

It's guaranteed that I won't waste your time. Keep safe on that road towards me. Many would want to lead you astray but don't let them. Let me deal with those bimbos later.


If you can write a short open letter to someone or a something, to whom or what would you address it to?

Much Love,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something about hopes of huge success and Quesadillas.

At my age and in my current situation in life, I equate money with happiness, on a very significant relationship. I am 19, for others I may be young but I feel old. I feel like I haven't done much cos I don't have enough money to do things I like. And I want to do a lot of things, especially traveling and doing something new. I eat 3-5 times a day, finishing College, getting and doing things I want but I feel like it's not enough.

I know I should be contented with what I have but I am not. I can be pretty ambitious. I can't just stay put in one place and do the same things over and over again but it is exactly what I'm doing right now. Probably cos I'm tied down with school stuff and having not enough money to support the life I want. Maybe it's only a matter time before things really change, I know I shouldn't be rushing to get there.

I want constant excitement. A change of scene.


A few weeks ago, I dined in at Holy Cow wherein they serve expensive steaks, ribs, quesadillas, and other grilled meat stuff - what you would expect from a Restaurant sporting a Wild Wild West theme. No, I'm not going to show you guys every dish I had whenever I come there. I'll show you the star of each visit. Their Quesadillas.

Their Quesadillas are so yummy it's a sin not to try them out. Costs around P250 (Roughly around $6). A little pricey, yeah, but it's worth trying it out. This thing packs lots of calories too. I got your mouth watering, didn't I? Exactly my plan.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Town Shootout: Water, Glass, Shiny Objects and Reflections.

I'm excited to do this post cos it's my first time in a long time to do the Friday Town Shootout! This week's topic is what it says on my title; water, glass, shiny objects, and reflections.

Disclaimer: Do not expect much from me, I am not a season photographer/traveler like the others on this page. To see more of this week and to participate in the upcoming FSOs, click here. Imma be representing Metro Manila, Philippines.

I was at Harbor Square with a couple of friends on a Thursday night. There are a lot of bars in this place and is a favorite hangout during the weekends.

Bar in a yacht. Wonder how much the drinks/entrance fee costs there. No, we didn't try and we didn't ask. Well, maybe some other time!

Okay, the next batch of pictures are indoors and this is something you have seen before but hey, it's got glasses, water.. okay, chemicals. Pictures are taken during my Physiological Biochemistry Laboratory class.

Testing for the presence of sugars. You gotta love it being assorted.
Uhm yeah, those are my nails. Matches with the chemical!
Some more of the chemicals.

So that's it for this week. It's not much compared to the others but I hope you guys enjoyed. Join us now!

Much Love,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something about good and bad days.

10.05.2010 8.02PM

It's time to take advantage of the single life. I gotta get out there and finally do me, after looking out for someone else for over a year. I need time to recuperate so I'm not ready for anything serious..or casual for that matter!

I'm not really going to write in here stuff I've been planning to do cos I know he might be reading and that's gonna spoil the big surprise. Actually, not really a big surprise but a lot of baby surprises to get me back on the market. *Wink.

Okay so, I might be blogging about some things that happened or did but I promise to keep the info minimal. How's that going to work, let's see.


I changed my blog layout. I have no idea what those equations say but it looks pretty cool, right. Besides, I'm on this journey to medicine thing.

These past few days, nothing really exciting happened. Yeah, there were some highlights like me going out with friends once or twice a week to hang out at bars and do whatever people do at bars; I fell on the sewers or my right calf did cos I was busy thinking of something and I got my sunglasses on and I don't why I fell through the crack that is so noticeable - I tell you, the experience wasn't awesome; I attended a meeting but I shouldn't have been there, it was already late when I knew so I had to disappear like a moron. Imagine a Psychology student being caught up in a meeting with Engineering majors. That's one of those times I wanted the ground to swallow me in an instant.

So yeah, maybe it was an eventful and stressing week after all.

How's your week going so far? I would love to hear your mishaps. That's what I thrive on! Kidding. But I would love to hear about your week. :)

Much Love,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something someone does when there's nothing to do.

Ending things is probably not bad at all. I just hope we made the right decision. I don't wanna regret this. Days have passed and even if I might appear really happy and not affected at all, I am, but not as bad as before. For me, I'm gonna move on with my life, there would be changes, I had to make them. I'm sorry I had to sort of eliminate you instead of going back to the way things are before but without commitment and intimacy. I can't go on with that. But this is only temporary.

Time would heal things. Maybe in time we could try again, when we have matured and finally ready - and better at it.

Or maybe not.

I got a deal from my cable company, 15MBPS speed for 15 days, all for FREE, how cool is that? But this deal would end on Tuesday and I'm abusing it in the best way I can - downloading a buttload of TV shows. Shows I've downloaded are How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Friends, and The Sopranos. I have also been downloading the latest episodes of 30 Rock, The Office and Glee - shows I religiously follow.

Recently, I've been addicted to How I Met Your Mother. It has great writing, I wonder why the script is always snubbed on the Best Writing in the Emmy? I truly believe 30 Rock is becoming overrated, although I love Tina Fey's writing. All the characters in HIMYM are so likable, especially the most awesome Neil Patrick Harris. My lifestyle is not like his, if you're quick to accuse!

Glee is becoming like an advertisement for artists. Enough of the stereotyping, the whole 'losers' and 'populars' thing. Yeah, it's happening, it's reality (that is SO 10 years ago) but not as bad like what is shown on Glee. It's like they want to start some sort of culture like that again. And the constant matchmaking of the cast with each other? Promiscuity. Replace the character playing Schuester. Gah.

I only really watch it for the renditions and performances. Dianna Agron and Jane Lynch. Especially Jane Lynch - her character is so much like reality, what's actually going on.

/end rant.

Talk about TV shows.

PS., Also, Filipinos, do try SKY BROADBAND's totally amazing deal. 15MBPS free for 15 days, no hidden charge or anything. Call them up!

Much Love,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Something about starting a new chapter.

This is another chapter in my life. Of course you want to know why. A person does not begin or close a new chapter unless something remarkable happened. Well something did, something personal. This personal thing ended with a lot of questions and answers that I'm not really in a rush to know what, when and how, or the reason behind the answer. I'm just gonna get on with my life, starting new chapters and looking brightly ahead. To the future.


Yeah, I have not written anything for a long, long time. Never thought I'd say this but I've been busy with school stuff. Like seriously busy, seriously swamped and seriously caught up with my studies. It's stressing but I'm enjoying it. Maybe this is the start of actually taking school seriously.

I'm actually thinking of going to med school. Never in my life have I thought of being a Doctor. But I have this dream of contributing something awesome to the world, I just don't know how. But now, maybe I do know. To help people has always been my passion and my secret pleasure. I'm not kidding. Maybe people I know would laugh and I don't blame them, it's kind of funny to imagine me going to med school and probably be a Doctor someday. Good thing I have this blog!

  • Enroll for an NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) review class and get an 80% above.
  • Apply to med schools and fulfill requirements.
  • Enjoy 4 years of Med School.
  • When I'm a General Practitioner, take a specialty. Something that involves constant action and excitement. Microbiology, Immunology, Epidemiology, Physiology or Pathology.
  • Become a certified Doctor with a good specialty and be legen-wait for iiiit-dary!
There was one time I sort of wanted to be a Clinical Psychologist. Then that want to be an Industrial Psychologist. Then now this. I hope this ain't just a phase cos it's the best 'want' of them all. The best part is I want to make this phase happen cos it yields so much and is so me. Check!


I'm probably watching too much House MD and How I Met Your Mother. How are you guys, what's your take?

Much Love,