Thursday, April 29, 2010

Complications, Rain, and Asperger's Syndrome.

Damn, hours of this!

I had a Dysmenorrhea attack. I have these attacks every other month and damn, they're hell to deal with! I had to roll on the bed and the floor until I got tired and fell asleep. Maybe I need more exercise, longer sleep hours and eat lots of fruits and vegetables in order to avoid this. Oh and to avoid stress too which is a bit impossible! Nowadays, I can't even play Badminton (which is my exercise) and have longer sleep hours cos of school! I had to take Advil (the advance medicine for pain, works better than 2 Paracetamols!) and a back massage, now it's all good. Phew!

I'm sorry you had to know about this but I know a lot of you women out there can relate LOL!


It has been a month since the rain. It has rained two days straight here in the Philippines! Our crops in the provinces needed them. I love it when it rains; I don't feel sad like the others - I feel very productive and in a top mood.

People say the rain makes them sad because when they were young, they were told that the angels are crying whenever it rains. It's the 21st century but it's kind of cute.

People say they just get sad for a reason because it's gloomy and dark outside. It's called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

What do you feel when it rains?


A very must read. You won't get bored.

I finally finished reading The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It's a very good book and I really recommend it to anyone who is into, or can relate, to the Autism Spectrum. In the book, the kid has Asperger's Syndrome. Here are his characteristics: (Read this, they're very interesting!)
  • He doesn't like it when the food are touching each other on the plate. For example, broccoli needs to be on another plate, the beans should be on another plate. In the event that they touch each other, he's not gonna eat it anymore.
  • He knows all the countries of the world and its capitals. He's very good at maths and physics. He knows all the prime numbers up to 7,057. For these reasons (and these are only some of them), they are usually called 'Little Professors'.
  • He doesn't like to be touched. Even by his parents. When his parents wants to touch him, they spread out their fingers in a fan and the kid does the same. In the event he gets embraced, he feels very uncomfortable and then screams and groans.
And well, there are many more. I suggest reading the book. Ten pages into it and you can't stop reading. It is told through first person which makes it seem more interesting. Funny at times and very touching, this is a must read.

I can't wait to read the author's next book, A Spot Of Bother.

This is a very good book for those who are interested in Psychology. I'm a BS Psychology student, so..

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates and Philippine Elections.

I can already feel that this is one hell of a week!

Monday, I went to take pictures of myself with the company buildings, which is in full detail on the next paragraph. After about hours under the searing heat of the sun, I went back to school to attend my Biology Laboratory class. I tinkered with the microscopes and focused the slides underneath. Here they are under the lens of the microscope:

Clockwise from top left: Mammal Jejenum, Mammal Fundic Stomach Section, Striated Muscle, and Frog Columnar Epithelial Section. I don't know what their functions are, they just look interesting and I wanna share them with you. LOL!

Tuesday, I was asked to present the company profiles of a private multinational company (I chose Accenture) and a government financial institution (Bureau of Treasury) which I successfully did. I'm starting to really love presenting more and more. After the presentation, I already desired to give another go again. I also took a photo of the Manila Cathedral.

Manila Cathedral at Intramuros, Manila.

I love being busy. I love what I'm studying. Do you, right now?


This segment is about the Philippine Elections on May 2010. **IT'S OKAY TO NOT READ THIS PART IF YOU CAN'T RELATE. :)

I am not a registered voter and I'm starting to really regret it. They said they ran out of registration papers, even in Comelec. That's the stupidest thing ever, don't you agree?

If I was registered, I would choose Dick Gordon as my President and Binay as Vice President.

Why not Noynoy? Cos I think he's not very charismatic, I don't see him leading the country effectively. I don't see him as President. He doesn't have a strong personality. What's good about him is that we are confident he won't do corruption and he's a very kind man. But people, don't vote because of the 'People Power' mania. You gotta consider.

Why not Manny Villar? He is very charismatic and has a strong personality, he's fit for a President. But then there's the C5 issue and the sudden emergence of his money. I think he's got some sort of a hidden agenda, don't you think? But I am very curious to know if he can really end poverty. I think he's got the capacity to do so. He's got the most effective campaign for presidency too.

Dick Gordon for President!

Why Gordon and Binay? They have already done what others are still promising. They don't even have big issues too. Both are very fit for running the country.

Vote wisely, Pilipinas. Wag yung pabasta-basta lang. Para sa kapakanan ng bansa natin ito. Wag nating ibase sa popularidad kundi sa kakayanan. Wag tayong magsawang umasa na babangon ang Pilipinas. Kung mahal mo ang Pilipinas, makialam na at magsalita.

Ikaw, sino ang iboboto mo at bakit?

Much Love,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did you know?

A week ago, I had a delightful date with Boyfriend. We were playing a Trivia game. We give out interesting facts from our heads - we both read a lot. He starts by saying or asking me a trivia question; some I get to answer, some, when knowing the answers, got me so fascinated I can't believe they were true. Well of course I surprised him too with things I know as I don't normally 'brag' or tell people out of the blue what I know cos I always practice humility? LOL.

So in this post, I'm gonna share some really interesting facts to you as I have been reading a lot lately inspired by our Trivia Game.

1. Whales 'turn off' half of their brain when sleeping. The other side of the brain is always 'turned on' for protection. It's like a sensor for bad stuff. We should have special powers like that too!

2. Early humans met and knew only about 25 people in their lifetime! Nowadays, there's always new people around, like an infinite supply! Everyday, the numbers just keep growing.

3. Old animal droppings can be a source of energy. They give off a gas that burns. Wow, anybody in here knows how long? So we would keep them droppings in a shed or something, they're useful after all. Eek.

4. You use more muscles when frowning. So always put a smile on your face, eh?

5. Antarctica is actually a desert. It has no rain all year round. Cool!

So can you share some of your interesting facts? Can't wait!

Much Love,

Friday, April 23, 2010

In someone else's shoes.

My classes started a few days ago and I think it would be a good term for me to really focus on my studies. This term, I promise to be more outspoken and to report and present better in class. I remember when I was in High School I wouldn't even participate in Class Recitations and I would not go to class if I was to present something but now, I guess I'm different and better - I'm actually loving it. Maybe I learned to overcome fears.


I always like imagining myself in someone's shoes, delving especially with what they're thinking. I can imagine myself as a vagrant psychotic (Pinoys: Mga Taong Grasa at Baliw na matatagpuan sa Kalye), sometimes beggars, train operators, professors, kids, computers, and even animals. I call myself half crazy for a purpose.


Yesterday, I was at the Bookstore and was looking for a good book to buy but there's this couple who were totally blocking a book shelf for Fiction. It seems like they were flirting with each other. I roamed around a bit then I went back cos I wanna check the book shelf behind them. The girl was eye-ing me now. So I pretended to check the opposite book shelf. This probably went on in the girl's mind or they noticed and talked about me already.

"This girl is probably eavesdropping on our conversation. What a bitch. She should just go to other aisles and check out the books there instead of lingering in here." the girl thought.

"As I was saying, I'm feeling a little lonely tonight, wanna come over and have some dinner?" The boy actually said.

Then the girl snapped back to reality and answered the guy's invitation. I'm not really interested with what they're saying, just the books behind them. True story. Besides, the Bookstore is not a place for flirting.

I got The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon, if you're interested. Great book, by the way.


I was in my Cognitive Psychology class. The Professor was talking about how he dislikes books when he was young but a friend got him hooked to reading. So he started telling us about the book's plot that got him hooked. A classmate yawned and crossed his arms.

"Blah, blah, blah. I thought he doesn't like books but it's not a good ending after all cos he learned to love them. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the concept of books. Ah well, I'm graduating 3 months from now, I made it without reading 10 pages straight. I can make it to the corporate world without that." the boy thought and confirmed a minute after the Professor finished sharing.

Teach them to read while they're still young!

Really, what's wrong with people my age today. Learn to read books. Did you know that a person who reads 15 minutes a day is smarter than a student who goes to a school for a year? And if you combine a person who goes to school and reads 15 minutes or more a day, you got yourself an ideal member of the population.


I was at the Jeep (Filipino mode of transportation, left from World War II American Tanks and other machinery) yesterday. Red light. A couple of kids went up the jeep, handed envelopes around, asking for money.

"These kids are annoying and dirty. Their skin touched with mine. I'm gonna have to take a full bath later." a passenger thought. Which I think what probably went on her mind as she took out her handkerchief and wiped the skin the kid's skin touched.

"Where are their parents?" another one thought.

"Am I gonna give them a few coins or what? Are they gonna use it to buy food or just some rugby or solvent that they sniff cos they got addicted in it?" this was one of the passengers was thinking cos she was counting her coins and appeared to be thinking.

"HEY YOU, KIDS! OUT!" The driver bellowed.

When I'm in the mood and I got an extra change, I give a few coins. When I'm in a sour mood, I ignore them instead cos well, they're annoying and it happens everyday. My conscience wrestles with me and says, "They don't have anything you got. Spare them a few coins. What's important is you helped them, it's up to them what they would do with it. At least you did your part."

Please, whoever is in charge in Paco, get rid of these kids in the streets to avoid accidents and irritation. Put them in Welfare or give them Housing.


So what about you, have you encountered any weird situations on a Library or a Bookstore?

Do you read books, why?

Have you seen street children before in your area?

Pictures are not mine.

Much Love,

Tagaytay Chronicles 4

Like I said in my previous post, this is the last installment of the Tagaytay Chronicles. Maybe the next time you happen to stop by the Philippines, Tagaytay would be at the top of your 'places to visit', eh? Cos I've been posting about it for a week now! This is what I like blogging, I can promote my country's Tourism!

When Tagaytay is mentioned, Picnic Grove comes next into mind. The Picnic Grove is a very popular place for all ages. They have horseback riding (I think their horses don't really run! A little bit of walking only!), a fine view of Taal Lake and Volcano, Cable Car, Cottages, and Zip line. Unfortunately, it seems like they are not taking good care of the place. The grass used to be green.

We walked around for a bit and decided to try Zip lining. This isn't the first time I've tried it, I love being on air! Too bad, we don't have a picture of it as the camera needs to be put away before crossing the line. It was fun cos I get to cross the line in a moderate speed and see the fog below, I was up in the air for about hundreds of feet!

I wanted to try it again but the people operating the Zip Line activity are over pricing. So before you go Zip lining, ask around first and haggle.

At night, we decided to go back to One Destination (a spot which boasts a number of Restaurants boasting a view of the Taal) again. We went to Mile Hi, they sport a vintage aura and American Food. Food was mediocre. The whole time we were there, Motown is usually played, along with a couple of older and popular songs. I love it! Pictures are a bit blurry.

Marilyn Monroe is like the prominent Hollywood Star figure in here. There's also James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, and Humphrey Bogart.

We then went to sleep after eating. The next morning, our last day at Tagaytay, we went to the popular Bag of Beans for Breakfast.

Upon entering Bag of Beans, you descent here.

They have birds in cages and a parrot greeting everyone "Ugly!" I thought it was not very funny so I poked his cage hard a few times so he learns his lesson. LOL.
This is where we had Breakfast!I ordered this. I love the sausages and the Cheese Omelet!

End of story. Hope you guys enjoyed. Me, I'm tired, I think I'm going to bed in a bit, classes just started.

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tagaytay Chronicles 3

On my previous post, I sort of complained about Tagaytay's non-existent nightlife. Now, it's the second day of our Tagaytay Trip (As some of you might know, we stayed in tagaytay for 3 days and 2 nights!

The next day, we went to Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar in Summit Ridge for Lunch. Or maybe for err, pigging out.

The Chicken skin tastes amazing and the insides.. well, they taste like all the other chickens, haha! But I still recommend this dish!
Yum! Roast Beef with Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes! The sauce tastes really great and I can't say no to anything potatoes. It doesn't taste too special but it's not bad either. Food for only two people. We only managed to eat half of the chicken and Roast Beef, and left a quarter of rice. What a waste ordering a lot and not finishing it! Everything is worth it for the price (Like P600-P700)!

After that, we went to shop for souvenirs. We visited La Trobada in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Not only is La Trobada a souvenir shop but it's a Restaurant too and has their own specialty of Paella. Its ambiance is very homey, antique, and boasts a fine view of the Taal Lake and Volcano.

Another view from La Trobada.
Too bad we ate already else we would have tried it here! Nice place, don't you think?

A word of advice though, don't shop for souvenirs in La Trobada as they are a little bit more costly. Try the stalls at Picnic Grove or in Olivarez Plaza. You get the same quality but for a lower price.

Up next is Picnic Grove and more food! The next post would be the final installment of the Tagaytay Chronicles then it's back to the boring updates on my life.

Much Love,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tagaytay Chronicles 2

If you look at my previous post, I told you guys a bit about how to get to Tagaytay, about the place that we stayed in, and showed you guys the breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano. When you get a chance to visit the Philippines, make sure to stop by Tagaytay, Cavite. Not much pollution, unlike here in Manila!

So getting on with the program, after "Ooh-ing!" and "Ahh-ing!" over the marvelous landscape, we heard our stomach growling so we decided to look for a place to eat.

We chose Carlo's Pizza as it offers a great view of the scenery and is much acclaimed by travelers. I'm glad we ate here cos their menu is affordable and their food very delicious.

Milano Pizza, perfect for 2 people. We only managed to eat 5. The remaining slices we asked to take out.

Boyfriend ordered this. I was like, "We already ordered Milano Pizza, why do you want a dish that still has Pizza in it?" He replied he just wanted lots of Pizzas. In the end we didn't finish the 9" pizza we ordered anyway!

I ordered Spaghetti with Chicken Fingers and Garlic Bread. Everything tasted amazing, I'm really craving for it right now.

After eating, we're all set to try out Tagaytay's nightlife. We talked about going to View Site (a place with a live band and Videoke and also offers a nice view of Taal) or some bar and get a little bit tipsy. It was only about 5PM so we decided to roam a little more around. It's nice to walk around Tagaytay as pollution is pretty much non-existent.

Beautiful houses are abundant in Tagaytay, especially those in the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. The owners are probably from Metro Manila as the place looks so empty! Of course we can't get in so I took a couple of shots from outside LOL. Sorry for those obstacles, can't be helped!

So while walking some more, we ended up on Summit Ridge. There's a nice hotel beside it and a couple of Restaurants inside. We decided to hang around for a bit and buy some souvenirs.

On the way home, we saw this beautiful Sunset.

We went back to the Apartelle, watched Black Dynamite which was damn funny and waited for the clock to strike 10PM. By 10PM, we got out, looked for View Site but it was closed. We then went back to One Destination (place with lots of Restaurants) and Olivarez (like their 'capital'), to see if some bars are open.

Much to our dismay, Tagaytay's nightlife, if you can call it that, is only until 11PM. Where are all the party people in Tagaytay! That's probably the only thing missing from this place. But somehow, it's kind of good. They're aiming for Tourism more, I guess.

And oh, there are very few Jeepneys that can take you from one place to another when the clock hits 10PM. It's like there's a curfew and everyone should be home immediately! I feel very safe in Tagaytay, though.

So we just went home and saved the party spirit when we get back to Manila.

Much Love,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tagaytay Chronicles 1

Sorry haven't blogged in a week! I was waiting for the pictures from my boyfriend's camera cos I forgot to bring mine when we went to Tagaytay! How could anyone forget something so valuable? Boo, I suck. Anyway, I took the pictures so that makes me less sucky I guess.

Click to enlarge pictures.

To get to Tagaytay, ride a bus from Baclaran that says Mendez/Olivarez. Costs P87, air conditioned.

So first off, we checked in to Full Rest Apartelle in Mendez Crossing. Pretty neat place. One night only costs P900, no aircon. Room with aircon costs like P1300. It's a really good spot cos it's near a bunch of Banks, Pawnshops, some places to grab a bite, and Convenience Stores. You just gotta ride a jeep to go from one place to another.

Pretty nice balcony, don't you think? A great way to start the morning. I took a closeup of one of the plants hanging, came out nice, I guess.

So after getting some rest, we went to One Destination which boasts a very fine view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. In here, you get to find like 5-10 Restaurants, hence the name's place. Taal Volcano is one of the lowest and deadliest volcanoes ever.

This is the mouth of the volcano with the lake surrounding it. A Boat Ride trip to the volcano costs P1300-1500 but we didn't try that, way beyond our budget. When you get there, ride a horse up or trek up to the mouth, expect hot water in the main crater.

Boats to get to Taal Volcano. Or maybe they're fishing?

Boo people, can't I get a good shot? In the background is the ledge to the great view.

They sell Bonsai too but I don't know how much.

It was hard not to love this amazing experience to view the Taal Lake and Volcano. This is my second time but it seems like it's the first. It's just so beautiful and breathtaking, I can't wait to go back. The air is cool too and the people are casually dressed, one wouldn't feel out of place. When you get to visit the Philippines, be sure to stop by Tagaytay Cavite!

We got hungry so we decided to look for a place to eat. Wait for it on my next post! Thanks for taking this little trip with me!

Much Love,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too young to feel this old.

I feel young and old at the same time.

Young because I get to do things like partying until dawn, going to places here and there, meeting loads of new people, and getting to try new things. While I'm still young, I gotta try everything within my reach, of course with knowledge of what's good and bad, and a good set of principles.

Old because at my age, it seems like I haven't done anything at all, like I haven't achieved anything. Time goes by and I'm not getting any younger. I'm studying Psychology in College, I get pretty good marks and my Professors say I'm good at this and that, even offered me good opportunities to participate in this and that.

But somehow, it's just not enough. I feel fine but I can't say I'm totally happy.

Or maybe it's just because of the hot weather and I got nothing to do.

What about you, do you feel old or do you feel young? Maybe both?


After much coaxing and a little bit of sulking, my Dad already allowed me to go to Tagaytay this Sunday! I'll be bringing back tales of adventures and lots of pictures, of course. See y'all in 3 days and 2 nights. In the meantime, keep my blog bustling with activity, ya hear?


P.S., I just got back from the trip. Photos in 30-40 hours! :) This post would have to suffice until then! Thanks for still commenting even though I'm away! Back to the daily grind in a while!

Much Love,

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Out of sync but never out of style."

One beautiful early Tuesday morning, while I was eating Breakfast which consists of an amazingly done Egg Sandwich and a Milk Chocolate, my Mother went crazy, blasted the stereo to a high volume and started playing Pussycat Dolls out of nowhere. I love the Pussycat Dolls like mad crazy but playing a loud pure pop sound in the morning.. wakes the neighbors up.

After about 5 minutes, realizing everyone is still asleep, she changed it to soulful golden oldies. Currently playing: How Do You Keep The Music Playing. Maaan I love these Golden Oldies, Pop Music would have to wait until the night.


As some of you might know, I'm going to Tagaytay this Sunday. Tagaytay is a popular tourist spot in the Philippines, often visited by people due to its cool climate. It's maddeningly hot here in Manila, I wanna pack my bags and just get out of here!

Only problem is, my Dad is having second thoughts about me going. It's such a bummer, I've waited 2 weeks for this trip and I asked permission like many moons ago. He already gave me money and then he goes, "I don't want you to go, your safety is at stake." Sure, I understand him being worried about me but I'm so looking forward to the trip, it's not like I'm going to another country. Tagaytay is only almost 2 hours away from Manila. It's just so stupid that he suddenly changes his mind!

However, I don't take no for an answer. The trip is still 4 days away, a lot could happen. Nothing's gonna stop me now! Yeah, I'm stubborn! I'm goin for the gold, bitch!

There's this place I wanna visit in Tagaytay, Bag Of Beans. I mean, just look at their food I got from their website:

Do you wanna miss out on these foods for the rest of your life?

I plan on posting loads of pictures from that Tagaytay trip! The food, the price, how to get there, everything! But then there's this old man that doesn't want me to have fun. I'm a big fan of trying something new while he just wants to play safe.


On Movie news, I watched Soul Men yesterday. Pretty great movie. Samuel L. Jackson's acting is never to be missed out on. Remember when he played Jules in Pulp Fiction? He's just amazing, the way he embodies his role, making everything so memorable. May Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (who are both in this movie) rest in peace. P.S., if you love Soul, I suggest watching this movie. They got good music.

Much Love,