Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Macro Monday.

As some of you may know, it was not a very Merry Christmas for me. You can read why in here. New Year's was not exactly THAT happy too but it's decent.

Christmas Tree 2009.


New Year's Eve.

First off, me and my boyfriend went to Mall of Asia, the largest Mall in the Philippines and my most favorite too. When we got there at around 4PM, there were a LOT of people waiting for the countdown. A stage was erected in the middle of the highway, and tables and chairs were prepared for the celebrities coming. We decided to sit on the ledge beside Manila Bay to take a picture of the Sunset.

Damn I had to take this with my Camera Phone cos I forgot my Digital Camera.

A big Christmas Tree was erected beside the Bay.

Stage I was talking about.

We ate at Kenny Roger's Roasters (SM Mall of Asia branch) that time too and we didn't get good service! The cashier, when we were placing orders seems to be too bored with what she's doing and she punched the wrong orders! I really like Spaghetti but they said it was out of stock! When they served us our Iced Tea, it didn't have Ice! And everyone just seemed too lazy. This is the first time I received bad service from Kenny's!

After that, at around 8PM, we sat on the ledge again, this time we found it hard to look for some space LOL. People literally covered the ledge, the bars and the restaurants beside the Bay. At around 10PM, it was time to go home to our families and embrace 2010. At 12AM, the fun began at Mall of Asia and the spectacular and traditional Fireworks display came to life.


At Home.

I got home at around 10.30PM, my neighborhood full of life, every house there's a Videoke set up, People were abundant, made a lot of noise, and there's music everywhere. And oh yeah, the streets were full of litter too. Ano nga ulit ingles ng paputok? LOL.

Relatives came over, the usual chatting, while waiting for 2010. Man, there was no shortage of food and yes, I took pictures! Try not to get hungry!

Shanghai Rolls frying.

Finished Product. Ooh, I love Shanghai, especially when you dip em into Ketchup. These ones were so damn crunchy. Just the way I like it.

Macaroni Salad. Way too good. I'm eating it right now! I piled loads on a small bowl.

Chocolate Cake with Cashew and Almonds. I've never tasted anything like it. So damn good. My Aunt made it.

.. and many more. I just attacked everything, made sure I get a taste LOL. I slept at around 3AM. Hanged out with my relatives and just ate a lot of food. Not bad to start the New Year.

Macro Monday.
Not yet Monday in here but this is the only time I can write my blog. School's gonna start tomorrow! So I'm posting this early. If you wanna join Macro Monday, click here.

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. YUM!

Much Love,