Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: A Look Back.

2010 is officially in, folks! Start a new chapter in my life; my new sheets needs to be filled up with stories of happiness, sorrow, new adventures, new people, and other stuff I have to deal with. 2009 has been an eventful year for me, it seems like a lot of things happened, all went by in a blur! It has been a good year.

Join me as I look back and recall things that happened in 2009 - good and bad.

I met a lot of really fantastic bloggers this year. A lot of them I met through Friday Town Shootout where you get to show off your place. To the Friday Town Shootout Gang, I'm grateful to have met you guys, you know who you are. Here's to another year ahead of us!

Not to forget, the truckload of Filipinos I met this year. Let's all continue to blog and represent our beloved Motherland.

Also, I met a lot of people outside these circles. Shout out goes to: MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE!!! -- testimonial of a skeptic, TRAVELOG, Reena's Thoughts, John abuzz, Lend Me Your Eyes: Abstract Paintings Art Blog, Blogtrotter, Cottage Farm Villa.

And of course, I can't put everyone up there LOL! I am grateful for the comments each and every one of you leave. They make my day and really motivates me to blog more. So never stop giving me some love, haha!

Last but not the least, this is the year I started to blog on Blogger! I remember back in February, I was struggling with my blog cos I'm trying to figure out how to get comments. But that's another story, all is well now!


This beer is best served cold. On the rocks, beybe! Not a fan of too much Beer, though. I vomit easily, dunno why. I go hard!

The first time I really got myself into Alcohol was during my birthday last May. After my birthday, what followed is a weekly drinking session in different bars around the capital. I danced my ass off, met a lot of new people through drinking, burned a lot of money, and angered my parents. But hey, I am completely aware of all the things I do even when drunk. Nowadays, I'm trying to change by not drinking and partying too much lol!

I'm addicted to trying new things so I end up not going at home at least once a week lol! I go with friends to nearby provinces to eat and drink the whole night long.

Broke up with a boyfriend then found a new one after a month.

I shifted from Computer Science to Psychology. Now I'm loving every minute of Psychology, except when I have to take Statistics and Probability and Chemistry lol! I still meet with my old buddies from Computer Science and continued to meet loads of new people in Psychology.

Participated in Psychology Night.

Not a really good shot but this is where I tried loads of things. Bring it on!
Yay campfire! Before and after shots.

Went to loads of new and exciting places. Tried a lot of things. Ate a lot of food.

Watched a lot of movies especially classic Films (12 Angry Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Sunset Blvd., Casablanca, The Godfather, AND LOADS MORE!) downloaded a massive amount of songs and read a lot of books. = More information, I learned to appreciate Life and the World more.


A dear Grandfather died. A respectful man, the first Filipino Professor in the University of Pennsylvania. May he rest in peace.


Godmother to 2 handsome little boys.

Visited the Cemetery to pay respects to the roots of my Mother's side.

Bonded a lot with my Mother's clan. This really means LOADS OF GOOD FOOD.

Not really a merry Christmas.


Damn, I think I wrote a lot! It's like the Summary of my life this 2009. It's great to make something like this, though. I'm sure I left out a few minor details but the major ones are all here!

Hmm, I'm craving for Hot Chocolate, Swiss Miss in particular!

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Much Love,


Monday, December 28, 2009

Stuff and Macro Monday.

Damn, I just got home this morning like 2 hours ago cos I went out last night with a couple of High School friends. Both of them got drunk, I didn't but I was a little tipsy. Does that count as drunk? Haha! Anyway, both of them were vomiting all over the place; it's a great thing a lot of people helped me straighten up those two. We managed to check in at a Hotel anyway and I didn't get much sleep. But I'm typing up this blog right now and will get some sleep later. I can't wait to lie in my bed!

Oh man. You guys ever got too wasted? I did so many times before but I'm trying to change. It's bad for my image, haha!


I like my layout. Nothing too showy. Just felt like I needed a change since I'm starting to be active on blogging again! I can't wait to meet new friends and new blogs. So if you guys know some really good blogs, please tell me! I'm hungry for information and friendship, haha!


I've been listening to Mariah Carey too much these past few days. You gotta give her some love for all her beautiful love songs! Go listen to her new album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

I finished reading The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Also watched the movie too. I didn't know Al Pacino looks so damn good when he was young LOL! Can't wait to watch the second and third part. I love Gangster movies!


I recently discovered Macro Monday from a new friend. I'm glad I did cos I love taking macro shots!

A Samsung Gadget basking in the sun.

I'm not a Professional Photographer. I just take photos using my Digital Camera so please don't be so harsh on me, haha!

I'm inviting everyone to join Macro Monday! It's a great way to earn new friends and see various shots from around the Blogosphere! Click here to join the fun!

Much Love,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Psychology: Intro and Trivias

Christmas is officially over and New Year is just around the corner! What y'all got lined up for New Year's Eve? I'll have my own New Year's Resolutions posted up on January 1. I seriously have to follow everything on that list, effective forever..hopefully. Haha!

So, let's take a break from greeting each other a Merry Christmas, save that for next year and continue with the regular blog serving. 2010 is like 4 days away!

So let's talk Psychology for this blog. As some of you may know, I'm a Psychology student, shifted from Computer Science and I don't regret this big shift! It's the study of human behavior, what else is more intriguing and interesting than that! I learned a lot of stuff from Psychology and yes, I'll share them with you!




A Psychologist's code of conduct. If you can do all 4 without a problem, then you've got potential. Everyone needs someone to listen to them and understand what they're feeling. Psychologists come as friends to people they come across, their clients. They establish Rapport!

Difference between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist. A lot of people confuse these two! The only difference is that a Psychiatrist can prescribe medicines to a patient.

The left and right brain. The left brain is more on analytical stuff, very logical and rational! Like all work, and no play! The right brain is probably the more sensitive part. Here's something for you to understand it better.

The Left Hand and the Right Hand. Whichever hand you use to write, it also has to do something with your left and right brain! People who write with the left use their Left Brain "powers" more than their right brain powers. Some people are ambidextrous, meaning both brains function equally. My skilled hand is my left, what's yours? My Mother claimed that when I was a kid, she taught me to write on the right. She was surprised to find out one day I gave up the right and used the left instead, haha! It's weird though, I play Badminton with my right being the good hand.

How to tell if a person is lying, works most of the time! The eyes and body gestures help identify this! If for example you confronted your boyfriend, asking where he was all night.. He explains and looks on the right - what he's saying might be the truth! If he looks on the left - what he's saying could be a lie, it could also say that he's thinking of how to explain things. You gotta watch out for the hands too! If his hands are gripping something while he was explaining and he don't usually do that, he might be lying! His hands must be in sync with what he's explaining. Again, this doesn't work all the time, it's up to your judgment.

I can't tell if he's lying or not; but I know he is! A lot of people can hide the truth like a Ninja. Some are so good at it that you won't even suspect that they're lying. They're called Pathological Liars.

The hardest kind of disorder to cure. Arguably the hardest to cure, Personality Disorder. Why is it hard to cure? Because the patient doesn't admit to some of the things he do or feels. There are many types of PD, I'll have to continue it on my next blog and I'm sure y'all would find it interesting!

Hope you guys enjoyed, these are just some of the basics, some little things you should know! It's helpful stuff, trust me!

Much Love,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm gonna start to be more serious and active again on this blog, put the same amount of effort I once put into it, like the first time I opened an account in here. I mean, it's nice to have a blog; you write and record all the stuff going in with your life and then look back on all the old posts and maybe laugh.

Anyway, enough about me. I'm sure you guys are having family reunions big and small, exchanging gifts at midnight, pigging out, bonding with your loved ones, and all the other good stuff. Last year was the first time I've ever had a quiet Christmas, just the thought of it makes me kinda sad. Before last year, we always have big family reunions, staying up all night, drinking, laughing and chatting. Ah well, time goes by, people and situations change. I just hope this Christmas is not the same as last year's but it's really proving to be one, lol! Just me, my Mom, and my little brother.

I'm gonna stop being sentimental and emotional over here and let you guys enjoy your Christmas, haha!

Don't get me wrong, though. I still love everything about the Christmas Season. I just miss some things.

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

5 more hours and it's Christmas in the Philippines!

Much Love,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pop! goes my post.

Oh shit I left this blog in the gutter!

My apologies for the opening line. I've been really busy, College Life has been hectic with all the Experiments, Research Proposals and Defense, Social Life and the things that go with it: vices, parties, lots of money spent on unnecessary things and all that stuff. I had to put aside my interests and hobbies just to go with the flow! Of course I enjoy going with the flow and getting caught up with the cycle of life. I barely even get some sleep; I get lucky if I ever get to sleep for 5 solid hours.

Now I'm on vacation, I still have to report back to school on January 4 for final requirements. Just thinking about all the undone school stuff makes my blood boil and my head spin. But I'm a Procrastinator at heart so you know what comes next after that..

As for my life update, I have a new boyfriend, a tight circle of College friends, I lost weight and I'm trying to gain some but it's proving to be hard, I barely stay at home mostly because of parties and trips, I recently discovered I'm really sensitive and I'm trying really hard to get that off my system because I don't wanna sulk around every time just because someone said something I think was offensive. And blah, blah, my life goes like that for now.

Enough about me, how about you? Christmas is fast approaching! More food and parties!

Much Love,