Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: A Look Back.

2010 is officially in, folks! Start a new chapter in my life; my new sheets needs to be filled up with stories of happiness, sorrow, new adventures, new people, and other stuff I have to deal with. 2009 has been an eventful year for me, it seems like a lot of things happened, all went by in a blur! It has been a good year.

Join me as I look back and recall things that happened in 2009 - good and bad.

I met a lot of really fantastic bloggers this year. A lot of them I met through Friday Town Shootout where you get to show off your place. To the Friday Town Shootout Gang, I'm grateful to have met you guys, you know who you are. Here's to another year ahead of us!

Not to forget, the truckload of Filipinos I met this year. Let's all continue to blog and represent our beloved Motherland.

Also, I met a lot of people outside these circles. Shout out goes to: MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE!!! -- testimonial of a skeptic, TRAVELOG, Reena's Thoughts, John abuzz, Lend Me Your Eyes: Abstract Paintings Art Blog, Blogtrotter, Cottage Farm Villa.

And of course, I can't put everyone up there LOL! I am grateful for the comments each and every one of you leave. They make my day and really motivates me to blog more. So never stop giving me some love, haha!

Last but not the least, this is the year I started to blog on Blogger! I remember back in February, I was struggling with my blog cos I'm trying to figure out how to get comments. But that's another story, all is well now!


This beer is best served cold. On the rocks, beybe! Not a fan of too much Beer, though. I vomit easily, dunno why. I go hard!

The first time I really got myself into Alcohol was during my birthday last May. After my birthday, what followed is a weekly drinking session in different bars around the capital. I danced my ass off, met a lot of new people through drinking, burned a lot of money, and angered my parents. But hey, I am completely aware of all the things I do even when drunk. Nowadays, I'm trying to change by not drinking and partying too much lol!

I'm addicted to trying new things so I end up not going at home at least once a week lol! I go with friends to nearby provinces to eat and drink the whole night long.

Broke up with a boyfriend then found a new one after a month.

I shifted from Computer Science to Psychology. Now I'm loving every minute of Psychology, except when I have to take Statistics and Probability and Chemistry lol! I still meet with my old buddies from Computer Science and continued to meet loads of new people in Psychology.

Participated in Psychology Night.

Not a really good shot but this is where I tried loads of things. Bring it on!
Yay campfire! Before and after shots.

Went to loads of new and exciting places. Tried a lot of things. Ate a lot of food.

Watched a lot of movies especially classic Films (12 Angry Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Sunset Blvd., Casablanca, The Godfather, AND LOADS MORE!) downloaded a massive amount of songs and read a lot of books. = More information, I learned to appreciate Life and the World more.


A dear Grandfather died. A respectful man, the first Filipino Professor in the University of Pennsylvania. May he rest in peace.


Godmother to 2 handsome little boys.

Visited the Cemetery to pay respects to the roots of my Mother's side.

Bonded a lot with my Mother's clan. This really means LOADS OF GOOD FOOD.

Not really a merry Christmas.


Damn, I think I wrote a lot! It's like the Summary of my life this 2009. It's great to make something like this, though. I'm sure I left out a few minor details but the major ones are all here!

Hmm, I'm craving for Hot Chocolate, Swiss Miss in particular!

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Much Love,



Michael Rivers said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful 2010!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Sounds pretty busy! Happy new year & all the best for 2010.

Reena said...

hahaha..parang uminom ka lng the whole year. lol. happy new year!! and thanks for the special mention. :) it was nice meeting you this year too. tc!

HalfCrazy said...

@MICHAEL - You too.

@RACHEL - 2009 was pretty busy indeed! Let's hope it would be the same for 2010.

@REENA - LOL yeah, siguro yun na ang biggest change sa akin. It's not good kaya hinihinay-hinay ko na! Nakaka-apekto rin tlga sa pag-aaral pati sa relationship with family lol! Take care rin Ate.

Kitty Moore said...

Happy New Year!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Half Crazy, happy new year! Wishing you the very best of 2010.
Read about your drinks....have you tried Southern Comfort mix with Lemonade and two cubes of ice?

Try it next time, but my advice, unless you know your drinks, don't go more than 3 on might regret what you said or did last night, ha ha, *wink*.
(You wouldn't believe what the slogan for Southern Comfor is, *wink*)

You stay beautiful and have a great year, Lee.

SilverNeurotic said...

Happy New Year!

I majored in Psychology, was going to do my masters in it too...but Stats kind of ruined the subject for me. Now off to writing where I can happily avoid mathematics!

TriNi said...

happy new year to you too lovie! :) best wishes and thanks a bunch for the little shout out.

Hope 2010 is filled with lots of new adventures for you.. really enjoyed your little summary.. sorta inspired me to do my own. :) I think I might if I stop being lazy and get over my hangover lol

TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

HalfCrazy said...

@UNCLE LEE - Ooh, Southern Comfort is not very popular in here but I sometimes see it when I buy liquor. Hmm, Southern Comfort, mixed with Lemonade and some ice.. I'll keep that in mind! I love drinks that taste good and then makes you tipsy after a couple of shots! Thank you! I found the slogan: "Two per customer. No Gentleman would ask for more." LOL!

@SILVERNEUROTIC - Damn those numbers! When you don't understand the first lesson, you'll be sure to not understand the following lessons. My teacher once said, Never blink an eye when it comes to Mathematics. LOL! Good luck with your writing!

@TRINI - Get over your hangover, girl! Try to get yourself a Hot Chocolate then sleep! Haha!

Jeni said...

Happy New Year to you, my young, very energetic, exploring as much as possible that life has to offer, Filipino student friend and glad to see you back in the blogging scene again!

Wise idea to kind of cut back a tad on the drinking. It can be a bit on the expensive side and sadly, very easy to get addicted to the stuff as well. Not trying to lecture and tell you to stop completely, just to do so with a lot of care.

Hope to see lots more posts from you in the future too!

angel6033 said...

THanks so much for showing my blog some love!! BEst wishes to you in 2010!! :) Id love to follow you but I could not find how to do it. Comment me back and let me know how! thanks:)

HalfCrazy said...

@JENI - Thanks for the enthusiasm, Ms. Jeni! I really hope to write more posts this 2010! I rested for months, now my adrenaline is pumping up again! You're right about the drinking! It always costs me a lot of money! So yeah, I'm trying to hit the brakes!

@ANGEL6033 - There, I added the Followers so it would be easy for you to follow me! Well, let me follow you too! :)

Redlan said...

Welcome back HalfCrazy! Member na rin ako ng FSO. Thanks sa pagrecommend mo. Na-miss ka nila dun. Balik ka ulit dun ha.

Marami na pala nangyari sa buhay mo since nagoffline ka. Am pretty sure, stronger ka ngayon. Much better lifeand good health for 2010. Aja!

HalfCrazy said...

Oo syempre, babalik ako dun. Medyo late ko na nalaman yung topic for the previous Friday, yung Under Construction. I don't have time to do it too kasi I rarely go out LOL.

Yeah, I think I just got stronger! But I gotta cut the alcohol down, I feel bobo nowadays whenever I drink liquor. LOL.

Barry said...

You may have written a lot, but it was interesting.

FSO are glad to have you along!

Pam said...

Nice collection of shots. They are all wonderful.

Patty said...

Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing with us. I have missed you. Glad you are back. I will be keeping in touch.

HalfCrazy said...

@BARRY - Thank you! You write a lot too and it keeps me glued until the end. :)

@PAM - Thank you!

@PATTY - I have missed you too and the rest of the FSO gang! Always keep in touch, Ms. Patty. It's not gonna be the same without you around!

nuts said...

happy new year too! just followed your blog and i think you're really fantastic! all the best for 2010!

HalfCrazy said...

Thanks for following. Here's hoping you wouldn't get disappointed. Haha!

Jama said...

Wishing you the very best for year 2010!