Saturday, December 26, 2009

Psychology: Intro and Trivias

Christmas is officially over and New Year is just around the corner! What y'all got lined up for New Year's Eve? I'll have my own New Year's Resolutions posted up on January 1. I seriously have to follow everything on that list, effective forever..hopefully. Haha!

So, let's take a break from greeting each other a Merry Christmas, save that for next year and continue with the regular blog serving. 2010 is like 4 days away!

So let's talk Psychology for this blog. As some of you may know, I'm a Psychology student, shifted from Computer Science and I don't regret this big shift! It's the study of human behavior, what else is more intriguing and interesting than that! I learned a lot of stuff from Psychology and yes, I'll share them with you!




A Psychologist's code of conduct. If you can do all 4 without a problem, then you've got potential. Everyone needs someone to listen to them and understand what they're feeling. Psychologists come as friends to people they come across, their clients. They establish Rapport!

Difference between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist. A lot of people confuse these two! The only difference is that a Psychiatrist can prescribe medicines to a patient.

The left and right brain. The left brain is more on analytical stuff, very logical and rational! Like all work, and no play! The right brain is probably the more sensitive part. Here's something for you to understand it better.

The Left Hand and the Right Hand. Whichever hand you use to write, it also has to do something with your left and right brain! People who write with the left use their Left Brain "powers" more than their right brain powers. Some people are ambidextrous, meaning both brains function equally. My skilled hand is my left, what's yours? My Mother claimed that when I was a kid, she taught me to write on the right. She was surprised to find out one day I gave up the right and used the left instead, haha! It's weird though, I play Badminton with my right being the good hand.

How to tell if a person is lying, works most of the time! The eyes and body gestures help identify this! If for example you confronted your boyfriend, asking where he was all night.. He explains and looks on the right - what he's saying might be the truth! If he looks on the left - what he's saying could be a lie, it could also say that he's thinking of how to explain things. You gotta watch out for the hands too! If his hands are gripping something while he was explaining and he don't usually do that, he might be lying! His hands must be in sync with what he's explaining. Again, this doesn't work all the time, it's up to your judgment.

I can't tell if he's lying or not; but I know he is! A lot of people can hide the truth like a Ninja. Some are so good at it that you won't even suspect that they're lying. They're called Pathological Liars.

The hardest kind of disorder to cure. Arguably the hardest to cure, Personality Disorder. Why is it hard to cure? Because the patient doesn't admit to some of the things he do or feels. There are many types of PD, I'll have to continue it on my next blog and I'm sure y'all would find it interesting!

Hope you guys enjoyed, these are just some of the basics, some little things you should know! It's helpful stuff, trust me!

Much Love,


Pam said...

Very interesting information, thanks for sharing it. Have a great day.

Raft3r said...

i wanted to major in psychology in college

HalfCrazy said...

@Pam - Thanks for reading it. Hopefully there's more to keep you hooked.

@Raft3r - Haha sayang, it's a really good course but it's not gonna get you a good head start here in the Philippines!

Eden said...

Very informative post. thanks for sharing..

Thanks for the visit too

Dennis Villegas said...

That's some great lesson in psych! I miss your blog!

HalfCrazy said...

@Eden - Sure! I'll try to visit you more often.

@Dennis - Haha, there are other really good Psych trivias. I just want people to appreciate the subject more! Thanks, I miss your posts too!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm glad you're pleased with your change of subject - I'm doing a CompSci PhD at the moment, but I've studied so many different things, I can't seem to make my mind up! I'm not a natural specialist... :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Great post, it was a very interesting read. Good to hear you are happy with the change. My major was chemistry.

I saw you on another blog and just popped over for a visit, I'm glad I did.
The Road to Here

HalfCrazy said...

@RACHEL - Hmm, looks like you're addicted to studying! Studying seems a really good idea to me too but I get influenced with a lot of things LOL! Enjoy with your PhD. Computer Science is a great area. If only I'm really good at logic and numbers, I would have continued pursuing it!

@SQUIRRELQUEEN - Wow, a Chem Major! Now I got someone to do my assignments.. haha! Just kidding. Sure, I'll pop up in your blog in a few.

the donG said...

reminded me of my own psychology class in college. and as a requirement, we drew the brain.

keep the facts coming as it gives some tips on how our brain works.

lisaschaos said...

I'm ready to greet the new year too. :) I always enjoy psych classes!

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Banker said...

Nice post.
I took psychology not to earn a living out of it but to know more about myself and others.then enrolled in another as profession.

just an additional info:
Lying can mostly be observed via body language.

I used that poster in my own blog.
I am not lying! *-*

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