Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did you know?

A week ago, I had a delightful date with Boyfriend. We were playing a Trivia game. We give out interesting facts from our heads - we both read a lot. He starts by saying or asking me a trivia question; some I get to answer, some, when knowing the answers, got me so fascinated I can't believe they were true. Well of course I surprised him too with things I know as I don't normally 'brag' or tell people out of the blue what I know cos I always practice humility? LOL.

So in this post, I'm gonna share some really interesting facts to you as I have been reading a lot lately inspired by our Trivia Game.

1. Whales 'turn off' half of their brain when sleeping. The other side of the brain is always 'turned on' for protection. It's like a sensor for bad stuff. We should have special powers like that too!

2. Early humans met and knew only about 25 people in their lifetime! Nowadays, there's always new people around, like an infinite supply! Everyday, the numbers just keep growing.

3. Old animal droppings can be a source of energy. They give off a gas that burns. Wow, anybody in here knows how long? So we would keep them droppings in a shed or something, they're useful after all. Eek.

4. You use more muscles when frowning. So always put a smile on your face, eh?

5. Antarctica is actually a desert. It has no rain all year round. Cool!

So can you share some of your interesting facts? Can't wait!

Much Love,


hoshi said...

wow did you know that! actually di ko alam ang mga kabagayan na ito. so ikaw ang nagturo sa aking teacher halfcrazy. hehehe

masayang game yan! sa akin sumasali lang ako sa greek mythology or history kaso ngayon wala na rin ata akong maalala. hehehe

mumsified said...

I like fact #1. That's cool. And I kind of know facts #3 and #4. not good if asked on the spot. Can't remember any interesting facts right now. Let me think!

gillboard said...

cold desert. reminds me of a Kings of Leon song... hehehe

Anonymous said...

i think your game is a very cool thing you have with your man. hmmm... what FYI thing do i know? did you know that all your organs are complete by age 8 weeks in the womb?

Sidney said...

Interesting trivia ! I got only two right:-(

HalfCrazy said...

@HOSHI - Haha, ganun talaga ata. Kapag biglang tinanong ka ng, "Give me a trivia!" wala kang masasabi kahit marami kang alam kasi on the spot! Magandang topics ang Mythology at History!

@PRINSESAMUSANG - I think I sort of know that, thanks for refreshing my mind! LOL! Very interesting fact!

Jay said...

I need to try to remember these cool fact in case I'm ever a contestant on Jeopardy.

Gremliness said...

Hi =)
Thank you for dropping by my site.
How I wish I can still have time being able to gather trivia-s now, thank you for sharing.

I wish the desert here then is like Antartica once half of the year, and the other half not as hot 50 deg C'

Reena said...

hmm. or isnt it the other way around? more muscles are used when smiling? hehehe

imagine adam and eve only knew two people! hahahaha

Mark said...

I do love trivia! These are fun facts. One to add:

The word "Breakfast" is derived from breaking the fast, that is there is such a fast between the evening meal and the morning meal that we are litteraly breaking the fast!

Golden said...

This is interesting indeed! I never knew Antarctica is a desert.

Lots of love,

yvonne said...

Wow, this post is informative! i like it and hope to read more from you :)

Raft3r said...

the human head weighs 8 pounds

Anonymous said...

i don't know a lot of trivias, LOL, at least interesting ones. i think i only know the geeky ones!