Thursday, April 29, 2010

Complications, Rain, and Asperger's Syndrome.

Damn, hours of this!

I had a Dysmenorrhea attack. I have these attacks every other month and damn, they're hell to deal with! I had to roll on the bed and the floor until I got tired and fell asleep. Maybe I need more exercise, longer sleep hours and eat lots of fruits and vegetables in order to avoid this. Oh and to avoid stress too which is a bit impossible! Nowadays, I can't even play Badminton (which is my exercise) and have longer sleep hours cos of school! I had to take Advil (the advance medicine for pain, works better than 2 Paracetamols!) and a back massage, now it's all good. Phew!

I'm sorry you had to know about this but I know a lot of you women out there can relate LOL!


It has been a month since the rain. It has rained two days straight here in the Philippines! Our crops in the provinces needed them. I love it when it rains; I don't feel sad like the others - I feel very productive and in a top mood.

People say the rain makes them sad because when they were young, they were told that the angels are crying whenever it rains. It's the 21st century but it's kind of cute.

People say they just get sad for a reason because it's gloomy and dark outside. It's called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

What do you feel when it rains?


A very must read. You won't get bored.

I finally finished reading The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It's a very good book and I really recommend it to anyone who is into, or can relate, to the Autism Spectrum. In the book, the kid has Asperger's Syndrome. Here are his characteristics: (Read this, they're very interesting!)
  • He doesn't like it when the food are touching each other on the plate. For example, broccoli needs to be on another plate, the beans should be on another plate. In the event that they touch each other, he's not gonna eat it anymore.
  • He knows all the countries of the world and its capitals. He's very good at maths and physics. He knows all the prime numbers up to 7,057. For these reasons (and these are only some of them), they are usually called 'Little Professors'.
  • He doesn't like to be touched. Even by his parents. When his parents wants to touch him, they spread out their fingers in a fan and the kid does the same. In the event he gets embraced, he feels very uncomfortable and then screams and groans.
And well, there are many more. I suggest reading the book. Ten pages into it and you can't stop reading. It is told through first person which makes it seem more interesting. Funny at times and very touching, this is a must read.

I can't wait to read the author's next book, A Spot Of Bother.

This is a very good book for those who are interested in Psychology. I'm a BS Psychology student, so..

Much Love,


Marja said...

I have that book and I too loved it. It is really interesting too as it gives a good picture of the world these kids live in.
About rain I only like it when I am in the mood for it and that is not very often. In Holland it rained all the time and than you hardly get outside

Tabor said...

Regarding your feeling so bad I used to be the same way when I was your age. I did outgrow it. Long vigorous walking or biking prior to D-day can help. I think it is excess levels of hormones and fluids and exercise helps it.

Sidney said...

Hope you feel better now... yes... we needed some rain. We need even more rain...
Cute title for this book.

hitokirihoshi_kawaii said...

yeah i think may impact na ang stress sa akin. hindi na ako madalas na nadadalaw. pinakamatagal na ang three months.

mas gusto ko lang ang malmig na weather. It's okay to rain when you're gonna stay in your house. pero since pumapasok ako sa malayong lugar from my place at dumadaan sa EDSA. parusa ang traffic.

mabuhay sana nga ay maging okay ang iyong health (ako na rin). check ko yang book na yan. time lang ang katapat.

mabuhay! (medyo napaisip ako kung ikaw ba talaga si half crazy, mga foreigner ang mga naunang nag-comment sa akin e. hehehe)

domjullian said...

I thank God I'm not a girl. I'd probably be the first one to curse having a "period" should I become a girl.

HalfCrazy said...

@Marja - Wow, it's like that in Holland? Well I don't want it to rain everytime else I wouldn't be able to go out and do some stuff. Haha! But I really wish it's not too hot here in my country.

@Hitokirihoshi_Kawaii - Haha ay nako, kailangan active ang lifestyle natin. Mahirap na rin ma-delay, baka mamya may kung anong sakit na o nagdadalang tao na LOL! Kapag umuulan pa naman, parang lalong sumisikip yung kalsada, asahan mong ma lalate ka kapag ganun! Haha wag kang mag-aalala, hindi ka naman nawawala, ako nga to. Haha!

gillboard said...

hope i could share your sentiments pagdating sa ulan... i hate it when it rains..

nuts said...

i so can relate with PMSing dysmenorrhea.
rain? i love the sound of the rain..but not heavy rain as it caused flood in manila.
the dog in the night? sounds interesting!

nuts said...

btw, i didn't know you're just 18..omg, it flashed back in my mind what i was like and how i looked when i was your age.. u are full of wisdom at your age! you're so amazing!

Anonymous said...

glad to know you're a bookworm. it's rare now for someone to love reading books. i, myself have been dependent on surfing the www rather than spend time reading good stuffs. time is luxury for me, that's why. anyway, have fun reading!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I don't mind rain - I think it can be a nice atmosphere. Just as long as you don't have to go out in it without proper clothes! :)

HalfCrazy said...

@NUTS - Oh yeah, I love the rain but sana wag na maulit yang si Ondoy! Grabe yung pinsala. Saktong ulan lang siguro okay na. Thanks for the compliments but I don't think I'm 'amazing' katulad ng sinasabi mo, haha! Wala pa akong achievements!

Yj said...

ako nga na bakla nakakarelate sa Dysmenorrhea, madalas din kasi ako inaatake niyan... yaiy

natatawa ako minsan sa mga classmates kong girls na pala absent dahil daw sa dysmenorrhea. pero pag isusulat na sa re-ad ang rason, nagiging headache o fever na... hindi kasi alam spelling nyahahahahaha

tnx for droppin by.... balik ka at i-reclaim mo nawala mong ka-inosentehan hahahaha

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, ganyan rin ako dati. Pero ang nilalagay ko nalang "Disminoriya" para kunyari tagalog. Haha!

Raft3r said...

PMS, books, rain
3 of my most dreaded things

Tinsie said...

I hate rain, always have, although no one said anything about angels crying to me. I just don't like getting wet (unless I'm in the sea or the shower).

I thought A Spot of Bother was very good, but my friend couldn't get into it at all and gave up after the first 30 pages or so. I'd be interested to hear what your verdict is :-)

Reena said...

the book sounds very interesting. i diodnt know u were a psych student. all along kala ko eng'g kinukuha mo. or did u just switched courses? :)

oo, good thing it started rainig. grabe na ang init eh.

i can so relate to your dysmenorrhea. i have the same too. sabi nila, it's usually caused by unhelathy eating and lack of exercise. :)

Skyler said...

It’s a good article which describes about the symptoms of the Aspergers in the children. If these are not identified at the right time, it can affect the child future. By showing proper care and love towards the child parents can identify these problems.

Skyler said...

It’s a good article which describes about the symptoms of the Aspergers in the children. If these are not identified at the right time, it can affect the child future. By showing proper care and love towards the child parents can identify these problems.