Monday, October 18, 2010

Jinx and Drinks.

In a few months, if things go really well, I can fly to the US for an on-the-job-training and stay there for a year, and maybe meet up with friends and family living there. The thought of leaving my life in here for a year scares me but then flying out of here excites me too. Also, when I get back, I'm excited to know and see the changes that took place when I was out - not to mention changes that happened to me.

When I get back, I wanna go to med school and pursue that plan of contributing something awesome to the world.

I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Most of the time, things don't really turn out the way you planned them to be, but something else. Just talking about these things, I feel like I'm jinxing my plans. Here's a quote that I really liked:

"You can't design your life like a building, it doesn't work that way. You just have to live it and it will design itself. It's not that you shouldn't do anything - listen to what the world is telling you and take the leap."
- How I Met Your Mother

It's good to have plans to guide you but I'm just saying there are a lot of decisions and circumstances in life that would not make your plans happen or not. I might contribute to the world but not become a Doctor but someone and something else. I might end up living in the US or I'm just gonna be stuck here.

What they are, I'll know, just not now.


For Pinoys looking for a good bar..

Nowadays, I frequent this one bar: Central. Which branch, preferably Makati. But I have also been to Central BF Homes Paranaque, Central Angelo King, Central Adriatico, and I want to visit the others!

What's great about Central is everything is certainly of the highest quality, may it be food or drinks. Don't forget to try their "Bad" drinks: Bad Trip, Bad Boy and Bad Girl (Ranging from P180-P190). Also their Squeeze Me and. Also their nachos and Cheesy Potato (Around P150). And uhm, 2+1 Thursdays (Order 2, get 1 free!) and.. that's it. You can also order take out, just add P20!

Squeeze Me.

Much Love,


Mokong™ said...

Ang sarap ng nachos... nacurious ako sa lasa ng squeeze me at bad drinks...

Ingat na lang sa biyahe mo pag nag OJT ka na sa US. Pasalubong...(kwento)

Reena said...

omg! i often go to Central BF because i live in BF. hehe. i love "badtrip" and the kropeks. subtle lang ang drink na yan pero nakakalasing. hahaha..though ingat ka lng sa lugar na yan becasue madami away lagi. :)

don't hesitate to travel and explore the world. you discover yourself and understand yourself more when you are away from home. goodluck on your journey.

nice quote by the way. haha... in my case though, i can't design my life so i might as well design a building. lol. (very applicable!)

Trotter said...

Hi Half! It's always exciting to fly out... Forget the scares...

Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu... ;)
Blogtrotter Two is still in Algiers... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Ebie said...

I love your blog makeover.

Congratulations to your aspirations. If you are coming to Southern California, pwede tayong mag EB. Just email me.

Redlan said...

I like your new template! changes and choices wow. It's not easy pero kaya mo yan kasi as i can feel naman strong ka.

And i love nachos!

syel said...

hi ayra! haven't "seen you in a while". hope that everything goes well with your plans for your OJT. moving out of your comfort zone will do well for you (it did for me! :D). i agree with reena, you will discover and understand yourself more. and travel and enjoy life while you're young. :)

i've "graduated" going to bars na ata. hehehe. getting old na k'se. pero interesting ang drinks ah! :D

Barb said...

I see you're a blog friend of Ebie's who is also my friend. Good Luck on the plans you're making. Keep the wonderful smile I see in your profile, and I believe that will take you far.

Faisal Admar said...

is that liquor?

well, you should fly there. or maybe you wanna try your luck there? who knows there might be a better place? i always dream to go there but until now, the dream never come true yet =)

my friend who works in one of the factories in penang, will fly again to usa. for training. 3 weeks top. few years ago he was there for 6 months training.

how lucky some people eh? =)

Rachel Cotterill said...

That's so exciting! :D

Alice Law said...

LOL... funny name for a drink, " Squeeze me(my wallet?!!)"?!!

Anyway, wishing you in advance for your undertaking, all the best of luck!^-^

Raft3r said...

US trip
take it, take it

bad drinks
gusto ko i-try
libre mo ako!

rochambeau said...

So much to look forward to! Don't worry, you will NEVER regret or look back. With your spunk you are going to make an excellent Doctor!


suituapui said...

Go! Venture into the unknown - it certainly makes life more interesting and exciting than getting stuck in the rut...and later in life, sighing over the road not taken.

P.S. Tnx for dropping by my blog. I've linked you in my blogrool. Do come again...