Monday, February 16, 2009

The curious case of why you and me are still single.

Sorry about the title, I'm just not very creative! Maybe you guys have noticed that I changed the title of my blog to "Stupid people shouldn't breed." (some people don't have to be reminded as..) to "If the past is the problem, our future could solve them." (too long) and now, "An ardent cosmic journey." which is the permanent one! It sounds so intelligent (to me anyway. It means "A passionate and grand journey"), disguising the not-so-intelligent me lol! Also, I know this is a fairly late post concerning Valentine's but then this is my blog, not yours so I can do whatever I want. Okay, don't take that seriously, I was just messing around with you! Okay HalfCrazy, stop babbling so much and start your post already.

I've been pretty much 'single' all my life (by all my life, I mean 17 years old) with a few serious and not-so-serious relationships here and there but I have never, so far, fell bad for somebody. There are a few reasons I could think of that I'm sure a lot of us can relate to and here they are:

There are a lot of things I want to do by myself. I enjoy watching movies alone so I can focus on the film and the message. I love reading and the slightest noise would irritate me. These are just some things but there are a whole lot more. It's not like I don't want people around me; I'm actually afraid of being alone and no one to talk to but there are some things I would rather do without anyone's company because they're just distracting!

Commitment. Commitment with friends is alright but a commitment in a serious relationship is something I'm not good in. I'm not really afraid of commitment, it's just that I'm not too good at it.

When I'm in a relationship, I hate having to text him every single day of forever answering his questions that he already asked the other day (and preceding days) like "Have you had lunch already?" "What are you doing?" like seriously, don't you have your own life lol? It's sweet sometimes but I just don't want to go and answer repetitive questions that lead nowhere! I love "Good morning, sweetie!", though. It brightens up my day! But then they follow it up with "Have you had breakfast already?" LOL. It's nice but not all the time!

I hate it when he always hangs around me. It's nice to be together but I always make it clear that even if we are in a relationship, he should still hang out with his friends and me with mine. We both need space otherwise we would look alike as we are always together! Our faces might trade without space! Besides, missing each other is better as being together all the time spells boredom later on. Life must go on with added responsibilities here and there. We must not close the world behind us, it doesn't work that way. We should continue to develop individually.

Oh, and there are times when you have to split the bills or he pays the bills or sometimes I do. I really can't save much when I'm in a relationship LOL.
  • My ideal Commitment. Seeing him 3-4 times a week is ideal. Whenever we meet, we have loads of stories to tell and we miss each other more. Distance makes the heart go fonder but not a really LONG distance like once a month LOL. There is a lot of room for self development that we must continue to develop and not stop just because we entered a relationship. As much as possible, we should not go to the same school or have the same schedule. I always value space for our own good. I don't want us t o be in each other's necks. If we're not together, we should consider our limitations, we should be faithful and honest to each other.
Guy Requirements.
  • I want an intelligent guy and has an adequate knowledge of the world. And no, there is no Educational Requirement like "He should have straight A's!" or "He shouldn't have any failing grades!" as I failed a lot of subjects myself LOL. Just as long as he is intelligent (not really Academic based), then he is qualified! I want someone who cannot live without books. (Regards to Thomas Jefferson!)
  • We should have some same interests. (Preferably a lover of music, books, films and technology)
  • Is properly groomed. (Hair, clothes, etc.)
  • Has a good sense of humor, preferably the same humor as mine.
  • As for the traits, I don't know what I want but I know what I don't want.
  • Must start as friends and decide later on if it's gonna be moved to the next level.
Yeah, just looking at this and you might say, "Incredibly picky!" but it's not like I want my every requirement to be there. Of course I make some considerations! Sometimes, I wonder if I can ever find a guy who possesses almost all of the requirements. If I ever do, I swear I won't stop until he's mine! Go me!

Not showing much interest to almost all of the guys who make their move. Yeah, most of the time, I don't give them a chance to show how serious they are. Probably because they're not my type and/or I don't know them that well. As I've mentioned before, I want us to be friends first. I want someone who loves me for who I am, someone who can accept my negative traits. I ignore a lot of things they say that is related to them liking me. Sometimes, I don't know what's wrong with me!

That concludes mine. What about yours?


Photo taken by Yours Truly
Dad sent 3 boxes (24 pieces each!) of Ferrero Rocher to me, my Mom and brother!
Still addicted to Lady Gaga's The Fame.
Current favorite: Summerboy

Much Love,


Linda said...

Actually, I think that's a pretty good list of requirements that you have there and I don't believe that you are being overly picky at all. What you want in a relationship is to be with someone who won't strangle the life out of you and there's certainly nothing wrong with that! I would think that your willingness to not be clingy and have to be with your guy all the time would appeal to men as they claim they don't want to feel like they can't breath either.

Just bear in mind, as I speak from a little bit of experience here, that there may come a time, though, when you meet someone whom you find you suddenly throw all of that other stuff out the window! True love has a way of making us do thing that we never would have thought we would do before and act in ways that we previously thought impossible. In other words - it can rally mess you up!

Sounds to me like you and Thomas Jefferson would have been an ideal match except you missed each other by a couple hundred of years! Perhaps what you need then is a true Renaissance Man, though I have to wonder if they even make them anymore?!? Perhaps you could find one on eBay?? Lord knows everything else is on eBay!

Oh, and before I forget, the funny thing is with the nurse recognizing me from Facebook is that I really don't spend all that much time on Facebook (or Twitter) at all! I've pretty much got my hands full just keeping up with my blog but I figured I'd go ahead and sign up with Facebook in order to play Scrabble and the like with my friends. I thought it was quite funny that she recognized me from that!

Michael Rivers said...

I spent Valentine's Day without a date too. Granted, I've always spent Valentine's Day alone. haha. But, before we find love, we have to enjoy our lives! Don't put off what you really want to do. I don't think we ever know who we will fall in love with. I have so many friends who say, "He/She was not my type at all. And we fell in love!"

Marit said...

Hey again!
I know, I know .. I haven't been so active on your blogs! But it seems like all the time I'm on the PCDWorld forums there's just NO time to click on your link to read the blogs ..
Anyway, another great blog, though you do write ALOT! Haha, but that's alright - you can't blame someone for anything if it's something you do yourself even worse!
Hmm, I haven't really been in a relationship like, ever (that's my American imitation). Honestly, I only figured it was valentines day when I was up like 6 hours later! Which is also due to the fact I have vacation and I really have no idea what day it is .. Well, mostly I do but I have to think about it longer, lol!
I totally agree with you on the things you want to do alone. I too can be very much annoyed if I'm watching a movie and then my dad (most likely) comes in to bother me by talking through it - always at the moments you're really into it and he just throws you out you know! I always really want to see a movie with like full concentration, not just for fun but also cause I just really wanna see it.
As you may have noticed I always see alot in videos, so also if I'm like watching liveperformances (most likely of course PCD) I notice every tiny little thing lol. But I just really want to see it and not just skip through it like I know some people do do, and they even do that with music as well! I'm like 'how can you enjoy music if you're skipping from song to song w/o really listening them?!' So yeah, I'm always very serious about the stuff I like to see and read, haha!
I want to give you one great advice, if you wanna make time to read make sure you go to bed early and read there, and if you wake up a bit early and you can't fall asleep anymore it's a perfect timespender as well! Which brings me to my other bothers: always if I'm reading something in my bed in the evening there's my parents that just keep talking and talking in the bedroom, I mean you got all day to talk about stuff and they shut their mouths, and just at a moment you'd say should be quiet(er) they start talking!
So yeah, I totally agree I can enjoy stuff by myself so much. Do you watch Friend-DVDs? I'm sure you do, they're brilliant! I remember watching episodes with a friend that lives next to my grandparents (I'm staying there for a week now - vacation, no parents!), and she's alot of fun but then if we were watching the DVDs and something (imho) funny happend, I was like laughing out loud (or lol'ing) and she was quiet and I just felt like stupid cause she didn't laugh!
That big laughing I think I have from my dad by the way (we have alot in comment so I hear), if he's watching some regular english comedy show you can hear him laughing in Japan! It's amazing but it usually gets you laughing too in the end, it's pretty loud and goofy, haha!

Okay, what do I want in a guy? Well, most things you said honestly!
But I'm totally insecure, I really don't even like myself - I think I'm the most annoying person in the world and other people make me feel that way even more! I'm so stupid, I don't know how to do the most simple stuff, lol!
So yeah, I wouldn't want a guy to date me, I mean that would just be sad for him - I'd feel so sorry for him cause everyone would be teasing him.
I know, I sound totally depressed but I'm sure if you'd ever meet me in real life you feel the same way!
Well, there's people that accept me too though. I mean it's just that I'm pretty shy but then if someone makes me feel comfortable I guess I can be a pretty fun person, or at least normal. It's all my classes fault who make me feel like a total dumbass!
WOW, I have a feeling this comment is longer than your post ..
And hey, I've been trying to read some of other peoples comments but WOW, that language you speak!!! It's awesome, I want to learn it right now! So, tell me what language that is! (as I said I'm totally stupid and I tend to forget stuff) That's the language Nicole should sorta speak too right? (I'm talking the Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls for the y'alls who are clueless) If you meet her, you should just start talking that lanuage to see how she is at it, I do totally dig that accent she sometimes uses, lol!
Okay, I'm gonna stop now, I don't want to torture you any longer!
Have a nice day! :-) And I have 2 Just Dance performances by Gaga and LOVE them, she's like the coolest person EVER but my music store does not have her freaking CD, AARGH!
Also, might be something nice to add to your blogs: what's your favourite food?! I love to eat (and you can see), so I always enjoy reading that and I'm sure lots of others do too! I just ate a spaghetti which my grandmother made absolutely THE BEST!

Antonio Estevez said...

Hey tiger! I learned a lot about you from this post! You have some pretty good points, and I dont think you listed any unreasonable traits. I am grateful that I am not one of those guys that needs to text every 2 seconds to ask what my chic is up to. Im a big fan of SPACE, and need oodles of alone time to get stuff done. By the way, that comic strip is hilarious! "I feel our relationship is overstaffed and over budget" classic....

John said...

Loved you your blog post too! I can totally relate to the needing your "alone time." I wish I had MORE "solitude."

I love books too...wish there were more hours in the day! I carry a book with me on every kind of trip and try to get out of driving as much as I can, so that I can read. Unfortunately I have this terrible habit of reading like 5 or more books at the same time, and taking forever to finish one!

I think it's great that you put so much thought into being in a relationship. You are definitely very wise for your age. And believe me, there is no have your whole life ahead of you, so there will plenty of time for that later.

Texting...oh yeah, that would drive me nuts to have a bf/gf that texted and called all the time! I don't care much for texting, but then if I had a qwerty keybd I might, who knows. I just think every time I get a txt msg that they could have just called me, but they didn't really want to talk to me, you know what I mean?! Maybe that is just me, since I only text people as a last resort.

Hey, Lady GaGa is on world tour, but nowhere in the States! Has she been to your city? Are you going to see her show somewhere? I'm still playing that same cd (The Fame) more than any others, and of course it's on my phone (which is like an ipod). And you have the new Brandy! That's on my wish list LOL, I actually have 2 of her songs from the new cd on my myspace playlist.

looking forward to your next post!

avideogameplayer said...

I worked V-day. It wasn't a big deal. I had no one to come home to anyway...


HalfCrazy said...

@LINDA - Yay because you think I'm not overly picky at all! You're right about guys and clingy girlfriends. Maybe if guys knew about that little trait of mine, maybe they will clamor over me LOL. Thanks for sharing your experience, I actually came up with the requirements above because of past experiences! I have yet to meet someone who can really mess me up and my darn requirements lol! But I hope I can be like that to someone! LOL That's really funny about eBay LOL. And yes, I kinda asked God (or whoever Divine Figure up there) why I wasn't born during the Renaissance period! I would have met loads of painters, writers, intelligent people! Well I hope a Renaissance Man reincarnates for me but that's just wishful thinking..

Yeah, it's really funny about the Facebook thing. For some reason, your face is kind of unforgettable LOL. Your smile and the nervous look before your wedding photo are the most remarkable ones for me!

@Michael - Hi, haven't seen you for a while now! :P You spend Valentine's Day alone? What about with your friends and family? They are the best company, in my opinion! I'm sort of lucky I guess as I have two Valentine's wherein I was occupied with a boyfriend lol.

HalfCrazy said...

@Marit - That is an absolutely long comment so I have to separate my reply to your comment from the others LOL. I REALLY appreciate long comments and while I was reading yours, I can't help but smile because you talked so much LOL. But it's really great, I encourage you to write more! :P Come back for my reply alright? Or we can stop being friends now. Hahaha, just kidding!

Anyway, it seems like your Father loves messing around with you! Especially how he pronounces 'Pussycat'! Whenever I watch something, my Mom pops up and starts to ask questions and then I lose my concentration and end up talking to her instead lol! And I know how observant you can be, I hate having to skip through the concert or else I might miss some important stuff! I actually didn't notice when Nicole kissed Jessica's head in one of their concerts (Birmingham?) until you pointed it out LOL. I was busy looking somewhere else! So when I checked the concert again, I kept replaying the Nic/Jess part because it was so sweet!

No, I don't watch Friends but I happen to watch a few ones and the blond girl (not Jennifer Aniston) I think her name is Lisa Kudrow, always makes me laugh! She's just so silly with her antics LOL.

You say you're not a very interesting person and you don't like yourself? And you are a PCD fan? What's wrong with you!! LOL. No, just kidding. You know, at some point in my life, I felt those things you talked about. But then eventually, since stepping into High School, I came out of my shell because of my friends. You can express yourself whenever you're with friends because it lightens the burden you have inside. Then there are the PCDs who encourage people a lot. We know how Nicole (she was also VERY SHY, also used to hide behind her Mama's dress!), Melody (didn't have friends in school but a teacher encouraged her), Jessica (girl dancers hate her so she went with gay friends instead) and Kim (no one wants to play with her back at Louisiana) at some point in their lives, didn't have friends. But then they found sanctuary in music because they can express themselves by dancing, singing and acting. You just have to explore yourself more and everything around you until you crack your shell!

The language we use is Tagalog. Well the comments in my previous entries are not pure Tagalog, it's just Tagalog mixed with English! Our language is heavily influenced by Spanish so if people in my country would take Spanish lessons, they would find it easy! I bet your language (Dutch, right?) is interesting too! Say something in Dutch LOL. Nicole is really amazing sometimes when it comes to languages. She once greeted the crowd in their previous concert in here some Tagalog words and barely with her to-die-for accent. I have also read somewhere she spoke fluent Dutch (your language, right!?) when she greeted the Dutch crowd!

I'll do Food Blogs when me and my friends try a new restaurant sometime! Thanks for the long comment! Keep em coming! :P

HalfCrazy said...

@Antonio - Hey antonio! I love saying your name out loud! I agree with you, you're a guy who loves space so you can concentrate on your awesome works! There's plenty of time to be together once you finish a painting anyway!

@John - You read 5 books at the same time and you take forever finishing them? You should feel guilty for the Authors! :P But hey, you must be really excited to start everything LOL. I tried reading 2 books and the names/places, etc. jumbled in my mind! So I learned my lesson and promise to read one book at a time! lol! Actually, Lady Gaga along with Neyo and a new girl band, Queensberry are the opening acts for the Pussycat Dolls in the UK! I live in Asia. So if Lady Gaga is still the opening act for the Pussycat Dolls when they come here, (Philippines) that's gonna be the first time I'm gonna see her! I'm anticipating a new Lady Gaga album!

@avideogameplayer - At least you don't feel lonely about it?

Anonymous said...

Natameme ako sa haba ng comments. =))

HalfCrazy said...

@Menatsu - Ako rin eh. Pagkatapos ko mag reply humiga kagad ako. Ansakit sa ulo. Pero kk. =))

Anonymous said...

Meh sakit sakit sa ulo ka pang nalalaman eh taena mo ang haba mo rin mag reply. =))

HalfCrazy said...

@menatsu - Syempre. Anong gusto mo, mag reply ako ng parang katulad mo na isang sentence lang? Bastos. =))

Anonymous said...

May pa@menatsu2x ka pa jan. Piling mo naman.


nevermind. Umurong yung english ko haha!

HalfCrazy said...

Sorry menatsu, nasanay lang ako. =)) Ewan ko pag menatsu, naiimagine ko kagad mataba at mataray na babae. Before pa kita ma meet yun na nasa isip ko. =)) Ichura. =)) Umurong English. =')) Taena minsan nga nalololz ako mag blog kasi mamaya andami kong wrong grammar. =))

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

*stealing your bookshelf*

Anonymous said...

gago ka ah. =))

Anonymous said...

Oh btw, mas dig ko yung "stupid people shouldn't breed" kesa sa ngayon.

HalfCrazy said...

@Alpha - Give em all back!

@Mowrit - =)) Kasi yung Stupid People Shouldn't Breed, kanta yan. pag sinearch mo sa Google, hindi lalabas yung blog ko. Try mo "An Ardent Cosmic Journey" lalabas yan. =))

TriNi said...

Hey there.. I love your blog! And your randomness! :) And your pics are very cool.

PS. Being single is not so bad and I love the level of maturity you approach it with.

You've got a great head on your shoulders I think. Keep up the great work! :)

HalfCrazy said...

Trini, thanks for the compliments and appreciating my randomness lol!

Johnny said...

Just checking out ur blog. hey, ive missed ur randomness in ur blogs back @ 1up, Randomness=

I kinda feel sorry for the guys that hit on you. lol, you must make alot of guys disapointed in themselves. But Im kind of the same way, I dont want my gf's to hang around me everyday. Ive got a life, school, and video gamesto play...she should too. lol.

hmmm...Im actually trying out blogspot, seeing if its better to blog here than in 1up.

TriNi said...

awww thanks for your sweet comment. I'm now following your blog. Maybe your randomness will make me smile when i'm in not so much of a good mood :)

btw your ferrero rocher pics are hottt lol. you should totally become a photographer! (Ps. I probably spelt that wrong lol)

Travis said...

Thanks for cruising by my place this week. To answer your question...DWTS begins on March 9.

Garando said...

The things you hated about commitments made me smile because you just described a typical teenage boy. Wait till they get older, around late 20's or early 30's. Then they'll act exactly like what you described in your "ideal" commitment. There's light at the end of the tunnel. ;)

HalfCrazy said...

@Johnny - Hiii! You're the first 1upper to visit me! Hahaha, most guys who 'hit on me' are not so interesting people. Well they are, in a way but most of the time, not my type! I'm sure you'll find yourself a not so clingy girlfriend! :P Do inform me if you ever feel like blogging here. It's harder to gain comments in here, though lol.

@TriNi - Thanks for being one of my followers! Well I really hope to make you smile! Or everyone who visits my blog, for that matter! I have interest in Photography but I can't get my Dad to buy me one of those DSLR things or whatever you call them lol! I'm too shy to ask because it's kinda expensive!

@Travis - Thank you, Sir! Then I'll wait for that!

@Garando - Shoot! Then I have to wait THAT long? Lol well I'm sure there are guys my age who are qualified for my ideal commitment!

InfoWebExplore said...

Of course, you are single because you are too young. But you have still plenty of time. Just get your independence first and everything comes by itself.

HalfCrazy said...

@InfoWebExplore - You're right, I'll probably see more of these guys by the time I'm working and I'm on my 20s!

TriNi said...

hey there! i dunno why but my computer is acting dumb and refuses to let me post a comment on your recent post :/

Anyway yup I think Chris Brown really slipped up. I really thought he should've known better since he was exposed to it as a child and all. I mean things happen and I understand that, but damn.. he really hit her hard.. it wasn't just a one time slap or smt. He really went off..

Anyway, feel better!
Happy birthday to your dad!
and I love american idol.. I love that Adam guy too! He's one of my picks. I like Danny Gokey or whatever his name is as well!

Anonymous said...

*looks at Guy Requirements*

I totally fail. :))

HalfCrazy said...

@TriNi - Aww, that sucks. I tried commenting there and my post comes up, maybe try again later? lol. I agree about Chris Brown and RiRi, I thought it was just a slap too or something. But her face went kinda obliterated from the attack lol. Danny Gokey is awesome! He's the one with the glasses, right?

@Barry - Loko ka ah. =)) You'll find the right girl for you? ='))

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Erin said...

gago ka ah. =))

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