Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something extremely useful and the doppler effect.

Recently, I've been searching for places to go to and things to do when I finally get to be at Baguio by the end of this month. It's looking good so far for my itinerary and budget. Google Blog Search has been extremely helpful. Blogs are more helpful because the prices are out in the open and pictures are shared by the writers. You can even refine the search by choosing publishing dates, if you are looking for more accurate information.


A panoramic shot of the pool

Blurred shot of Antipolo Skyline. I can't get a good shot. Haha

I got back from the Antipolo trip last Sunday night. I had an awesome time with my best-est friends, as well as their best friends. One breathtaking thing about Antipolo besides the cold climate that will surely take your breath away, is the breathtaking overlooking view of the city skylines from certain standpoints in Antipolo.

Want to go that Restaurant but not quite sure of the budget? Want to explore a new dining place? Want to share your favorite restaurants or drop bombs on restaurants that suck? Live in Metro Manila? Well you better head on over to MunchPunch if you said yes to all of the above!

I review restaurants in there, I go by the name of ASoprano.


Smart is indeed sexy.

I finished watching Community Season 1 a few days ago. While the series is not a barrel of laughs, it has good writing. So overall, it's worth it, so go download and watch! They've been renewed for a third season.

I recently started on The Big Bang Theory. I do understand the scientific jargon going on but like Penny, maybe someday I can get the hang of listening to the other guys talk about subatomic particles, molecular positronium, the doppler effect, and well, a lot of other big words. It's an okay show for me, I chuckle here and there.

Use the Holy Week to reflect and spend time with your loved ones!

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Yvonne said...

Oh yes, nowadays when I want to get a review of any place/item, I just google blog it. A list would be available almost immediately and I could then make my decision.

How I love savvy world!

Nishiboy said...

Ako na lang yata ang di pa nakakapanood ng The Big Bang Theory. Lol.

Alice Law said...

Big Bang Theory reminds me of Prof Michio Kaku!^^ You are certainly brighter then me, when he talked about the theory of molecules I was like *thuh*( don't know which planet he was come from)!:p

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