Saturday, October 23, 2010

Without A Trace and The Hunger Games.

It has only been almost two months but the feeling of being single is so good, I totally forgot how it feels like. Though I am saddened of closing another chapter, somehow it feels right. It's time to focus on things I neglected like my friends, meeting new people, studying, and other stuff. I deleted him on my Facebook, I rarely talk to him even though we're on the same classes and Student Council Officers, my phone, online messenger, his pictures -- no trace of him and that helped me move on and grow. It's not that he did something so unforgivably wrong; it was my choice to want to forget about him.

But I'm not denying the fact that there's always gonna be space for him somewhere. I'll let Future HalfCrazy deal with that.

For now I'm just gonna put it aside and continue to get to the place where I want to be. I'm excited. I'm getting there. I hope to get there.


A few months ago, I bought Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I'm glad I did. This book is so compelling and addictive that when it came to my knowing that it spawned two more sequels, I was excited to purchase but had to fall back cos the two books are way out of my normal price range for buying books.

Actually, I think this is a marketing strategy and a pretty good one at that. The first book (softbound) was so affordable, at par with three Big Macs from Mcdonald's (or maybe less) while the other two, both hardbound and not having softbound and paperback copies costs $18 a piece. Having no choice, a lot of readers bought the two books even if they are expensive. No, I wasn't one of them. Even if the first book was SO GOOD, I had to restrain myself. Good thing there's softbound versions of the series on Powerbooks but with different covers.

Nonetheless, go out and buy the first book! Know the Battle Royale movie? If you liked it, you're going to like the Hunger Games series.

Much Love,


Mokong™ said...

Thanks for posting this... wala na kasi akong mabasang libro ngayon, wala akong alam na maganda pang basahin, natapos ko na rin kasing basahin lahat ng libro ni John Grissam, Twilight Saga, Harry Potter Series, LOTR...hehe


gillboard said...

im in the middle of catching fire. ang ganda. the story gets better with every book. tapusin ko to today, and mockingjay this week. hehe

Stephanie said...

I'm looking for something to take along to Mexico to read...may go out and look for this!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh! What timing! I"m addicted to those books. I think about them incessantly. It might be bordering on unhealthy, actually.

ahmer said...

Nag cut off sale na sila yang mga books na yan : D

yvonne said...

There's up and down in one's life and don't let a single hiccup stops you. Yes, carry on with your wonderful life and leave the sad one behind.

You are one strong and determine woman.

MinnieRunner said...

Yes, moving on! Go girl! You can now face the things you had been taking forgranted :)

Don't know about the book, really.

MarcoPaolo said...

Moving on... that's nice! Hope you can get there. :D

Hmm... magaganda ba ang book niya?

mumsified said...

Hmm i don't if those books are available here but i'll try to look for it. But then again my bedside table is brimming with books i haven't read hehehe. so baka next time nalang ulet..

Alice Law said...

You are a very clever and tough young lady, being able to handle and leave your past bravely, and to get engrossed with something more valuable and practical to you!

Have a pleasant weekend!

Rob said...

I see it has almost been a week since you posted. Unacceptable!!! I don't comment often but I do take attendance!!!

Love that you put book pricing in terms I can understand. Three Big Macs or a book? For the price of four Big Macs I wouldn't bother, but three Big Macs might be enough to get me to check out your pick.

Now where are you this sort of absence really is unacceptable!

Trotter said...

Hi Half! Hey, don't engage in another one and leave us alone here for ages... ;))

Recovering from the flu and other viruses, Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you with views, palaces and gardens in Algiers... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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