Sunday, April 5, 2009

I hate being a girl.. sometimes.

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I need to rant today. I was having my menstrual cramps yesterday (yes, I have to put that in) and a talk about women shouldering all the burden of probably the whole world. First off, sometimes I hate being a girl. Why? I list them all below!

  • Dysmenorrhea. Under this, a woman experiences menstrual cramps; aching of the lower belly, sometimes vomiting and err, constant pooping or a really bad case of pooping. I experience the cramps most of the time and I go crazy like I roll on the floor and well.. I roll around the house hoping there must be one furniture or some space in the house that can make me feel better. Guess what, nothing did! I started to calm down when I asked my Mom and my little brother to massage my back. Good thing I fell asleep. The pain lasts for 2-3 hours every time. Translation: I go totally ballistic for 2-3 hours.

That's just the morning sun - it gets even hotter at Lunch.
  • I forgot to say above that we have our monthly period and during those days, women are usually irritated or they really have short temper. Like now, for example, I'm ranting and I'm irritated and I hate this stupid humid weather LOL. I hate the sticky feeling, I hate the roof, I hate the sun, I hate that we don't have snow, I hate the cloudless sky, I hate the stupid rain for not coming around! LOL. But I love you for reading this!
My nephew when he's really hungry LOL.
  • Next, giving birth to a child. Not only do you have to walk around having a huge belly for 9 months and having a restricted diet and activities, giving birth to babies is painful! According to my Mom, it's really painful to give birth to a child but after it comes out of the womb, it seems like all the happiness rained down on her or something LOL. Now that's an incentive! She told me she's like the happiest woman ever when she gave birth to me and my brother.
  • Household chores and taking care of the kids - we all know what happens in those 2 responsibilities. I kinda hate how the society goes like, "Oh, you're the woman, you have to do this and that while the men have to go to work and blah blah!" Wash the dishes, change the diapers, the list goes on and on! I admire guys who do household chores and change diapers. It's never gay like some people might think.
Shopping for clothes the other day. Ended up buying 2 tops for school!
  • Clothes and shopping. Guys can just wear some jeans and some shirt and they can still look good. Women have to wear accessories, match the color of this and that, look presentable, shop for clothes for an eternity, wear this or that because it's the "in" thing, buy signature brands because it's cool and the list goes on and on!
There are a million other reasons why I sometimes hate being a girl but this will suffice for now.

It's funny because I sometimes like the idea of monthly periods because it cleans whatever it is on your system. My Mom gave birth to me and she was happy; according to her, I turned out well, a good kid. I think she's not saying the truth LOL. According to Moms, it is hard work to do almost everything but for some reason, fun. For whatever that reason is, it's one of the world's greatest secrets. I like clothes and shopping (yes, sometimes) because I feel like it is appreciating what the Creator (or whoever it is up there) has given me. Society just makes it worse and fun too, I guess.

There are advantages and disadvantages.

I still love being a woman. Wait, I think I like the term girl or lady better LOL.

If I Was A Man - Jessica Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls

- - -

What are the things you love as a woman? Maybe you find everything above really awesome while I'm very bittersweet at it! As for guys (lucky!), what are the things that you hate being a guy?

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Sidney said...

I love being a man because I can sit in front of the TV all day long while drinking beer ! :-)

shadowmoon said...

Oh, the harsh times of being a woman.
Though I disagree with some of your points.
First I don't think woman have to take care of all the house chores nor of the kids alone. Guys should do that too since it's the couple's house and the couple's kid (I suppose).
Being a guy I don't mind taking some house chores. Yes, I don't mind cleaning and cooking nor washing stuffs. For kids I don't know since I don't have one and I don't expect to have one in the near future.
And talking about kids, there's really nothing we can do about pregnancy since this was "decided" by nature. Though I admire woman because of that. Being able to carry a living being within them for 9 months and being able to resist the pain of birth is something admirable.

Now, clothes? Guess I'm among the minority who prefer girls with more plain clothes, without accessories nor make ups. Come one, woman are beautiful naturally, there's no need for adornments like earrings or make ups.

Obviously I don't know what's like to have a monthly cramps, dysmenorrhea (what?) and similars so I can't say much about but aren't there medicines to help reducing the pain?

Anyway, I think as a guy it's normal for me to admire woman and get fascinated with their beauty.

HalfCrazy said...

@Sidney - Seems like you don't do household chores, you lazy bum! LOL. Alak pa! :)

@Shadowmoon - I stated on my post that I admire guys who do household chores - it's not gay like what some people think. I also agree that women should not do household chores, men have to help them too. What happens sometimes is that men don't do household chores because according to them, they're earning money for the family. I salute and admire you for doing household chores without going "I'm a guy, it's not a job for me!" :) OMG, I so agree too when you said girls don't need makeup or any of that adornments to look beautiful. I prefer the natural way, that's why I don't put any makeup on LOL. As for menstrual cramps, there are medicines to reduce the pain but taking these medications would probably stop the menstruation and push through next month. There's an even bigger possibility of menstrual cramps if that happens so you ALWAYS have to take medication and that's not good! Thank you for your insightful comment! :)

John said...

Do you know what TMI means? LOL Actually I didn't mind reading some of that, because I raised my daughter. Her Mom was hardly ever involved in her life growing up. Anyway, I was always hearing "Dad, I need pads!" So I would take her to get her pads all the time. She didn't go into any detail about that time of the month, just that she'd have bad cramps.

As I read your post, I had the Madonna song going through my head "Do you know what it feels like for a Girl?" I hope you can find it and listen to it, might make you feel better.

What do I hate about being a guy? The only thing I can think of is that I hate having to shave! I don't want a beard & mustache though, so must shave. Other than that, I have no complaints!

and hey, love the blog's new makeover! great work!

HalfCrazy said...

John, I don't know what TMI means, tell me LOL. Hope you wouldn't mind my asking, where is her Mom? You can choose to not answer, it's alright! :) LOL your daughter got used to you around she's not ashamed asking pads from you! I do it to my brother and my Dad every time they are the only ones around. Sometimes I ask them to buy pads for me LOL. There's something adorable about about guys shopping for pads LOL. As for Madonna's song, I looked up the lyrics earlier. Now I'm listening to it, it's awesome! I like the lyrics LOL. Thanks for the song!

It's annoying how to shave like once a week for those pesky hairs LOL. I observed it's really quick for some guys to grow beards, mustaches, etc.! Glad you love the new layout, I was looking for some clean and bright, I found this LOL. My previous layout was looking kinda sad!

Anonymous said...

you know what is crazier? i actually end up being hospitalized due to dysmennorhea.

Panaderos said...

Household chores and the care of kids ought is a shared responsibility between the man and the woman. Both are not just a woman's sole responsibility.

My sister also has those stomach cramps whenever she has her period. It's a tough experience.

Sardonyx said...

You know why we are experiencing those whatever you mentioned here? Because of Eve hahaha, she got cursed by God, let's all blame it to Eve hahaha.

Genesis 3:18

16 To the woman he said,
"I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
with pain you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you."

Sardonyx said...

Ooopps Genesis 3:16 not 18 LOL; for me I learned to accept whatever I have right now....but I'm still blaming it to Eve LOL

HalfCrazy said...

@Prinsesamusang - LOL that is crazy indeed. I only end up with cold sweat, vomiting, constant pooping, dehydrating and stars in my sight LOL. Looks like yours is more malala LOL.

@Panaderos - Yeah, I agree with you about the household chores. Besides, they're a family! Isn't it heart-wrenching seeing your loved ones going ballistic because of menstrual cramps? LOL.

@Sardonyx - LOL haha! Korek ka dyan! Actually, I really want to write in my blog (insert super mura here), Eve! Nang dahil sayo pinahirap na lahat ng babae LOL.

zman said...

First off the header pic is phenomenal (did i spell that right) awesome pic. Cant say I understand the female pain cause I dont, but I empathize my penelope goes through it and she gets crabby. Women do carry on the natural order in that no women no population. I try to do household stuff, couples should act as a team thats what makes a relationship work. I like the new setup its fresh and new....zman sends

shadowmoon said...

So you also decided to change the looks of the blog? This new layout is pretty nice, I liked the chromaticism. :)

And I think it's so ridiculous to use the bible as a justification to woman's submission. But I won't go any further with this discussion since religion always brings some wars.

And thinking about it, I have to clean my room since it's been what? Almost two weeks since I last did...yes, it's kind of dirty :P Guess I'll do that tomorrow when I have some free time during the afternoon.

Ah, shaving, such a hassle. Though I don't mind that much since I do that so sporadically...yes, how many times I forgot to shave? I have lost the count :)

Guess I'm pretty fine being a guy.

HalfCrazy said...

@Zman - Thanks, the header fits my blog title more. A journey! You're so right, Zman, I appreciate your thoughts! Couples should work like a team!

@Shadowmoon - Yeah I looked for a new layout after you updated yours LOL. I think I will be keeping this look from now on. I like the clean and not so depressing look, unlike my last layout! I think he was just kidding when he said something about Eve. It's pretty funny when I have read that particular passage too. Very ridiculous but maybe it wasn't, during that time. Also, we're not so sure about the Bible anyway. I don't know where my faith is, actually LOL. It's cool that you clean your room LOL. My Mom cleans mine - I never clean HAHA. Just.. sometimes.

Mav said...

Hey there HC,
I really like the new look of your blog.
Hmmm..what do I like about being a woman? Too many things to list! I love that fact that as a woman we can be both feminine yet strong!

jackc50 said...

ah yes the joys of womenhood. being born a male or a female is not generally up to the person being born. there is good and bad to both sides.and thats all i'm gonna say on that....heehee. ps. women do on average live longer......bye 4 now, jack c

ALiNe said...

Well I like being a woman because of fashion... wider variety... lol!
Ang make ups and shoes...haha!

jackc50 said...

oh yes, one more thing.....nice new layout you have chosen,jc

HalfCrazy said...

Mav, glad that you liked my layout! I agree with you, I can walk around acting like a guy and I wouldn't care if people call me a lesbo or gay or something haha!

HalfCrazy said...

@Jackc50 - Wait, don't guys live longer? That's the first time I have heard of that! Is that based on scientific facts? LOL.

@Aline - I like it too, sometimes! LOL

TriNi said...

I LOVEEEE the new look of your blog!!!

So classy ;)

And you featured my blog. How sweet! :) Thanks...

and thanks for always stopping by and showing support and leaving sweet comments and yes I think my newest pic is "bitchin'" too! haha!!

Now to your post.. in simple words, I couldn't put it better. I also suffer from really bad cramps when I have my girly thing. It's horrible and yes I hate being a girl for that time too.

Sometimes I like being a girl, but most other times, for all the reasons you outlined. I hate it! It's just not fair.. especially the part about guys being able to wear whatever they want and look good. But so much is expected of us...

See.. now I'm ranting too haha..

Anyway great blogpost and I'm glad we share the same views on this lol!

Women (girls) united!!!!

HalfCrazy said...

Thanks, girl! Glad you liked the new layout, along with a few others LOL. You put so much work in your blog someone needs to do something about it LOL. Hope you wouldn't mind!

I forgot to say that I love your black nail polish! I paint mine black too from time to time but usually it's red!

I don't mind you ranting haha! Especially during parties - women have to look "Bitchin!!" and guys look okay with simple tuxedos or whatever it is they wanna throw on.

Michael Rivers said...

Like the new layout!

I wish guys had more options when it came to clothes, accessories etc. There isn't much we can do but maybe get a bit wild with a tie. Not too exciting. Women have so many options!

foongpc said...

Oh, your blog has a new look! I like it! : )

Sorry you hate being a girl, but really, you shouldn't.

Women are able to withstand pain more than men that's why they are chosen to get pregnant and give birth.

Women also live longer than men, this is already a fact.

Women can multitask, men can't.

There are many more positive things but I guess there also many positive things being a man. So really, there are pros and cons whether you are a guy or gal : )

Louise said...

Yeah, but if you were a man, there's a good chance you'd be a jerk. (Though not all are, I'm going to rate it above 50%!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mark said...

Love being who I am. Don't think it is a man or woman thing.

shadowmoon said...

There are lots of factors that makes woman live more than man.
Among others we could say, work accidents, traffic accidents, violence in general, and others. In the past we could say also that man used to work more hours than woman which shortened the life span of the males but I don't think that this is a factor nowadays.
I don't know if man are more propitiate to alcohol and other drugs addiction but this could be also another reason.
Obviously that the difference of the average time of life between man and woman varies from country to country but I believe that in most of the countries that's what happens.
At least in my country the average death count of people between 15 and 19 years old for man is almost 100 times higher than for woman of the same age fraction, just to have an idea. In other words, in every 101 death, 100 are man and 1 is a women. Crazy hum?

And I guess I'm diverging a little of the topic of the post :P

Oh, you can dress as a men. Some people like tomboys too. Guess I can include myself in the group of the ones who likes :)

REDLAN said...

if i were a girl. hehehe. i can help you in money making. just for now focus muna sa post. at blog traffic. hindi pa naman 3 month old blog mo. may ka pa pwede makapag umpisa para tataas ang pr mo. saludo talaga ako sa mga babae. pero buti na lang wala akong matres. hehehe. i even hate to be a gay.


Well, they said youre not happy (always) with what you have... Look at me, I change my names/ style often. LOL!

HalfCrazy said...

@Michael - Glad you liked the layout too! It's cool that you're looking for some ways to improvise whatever you guys wear. I expected that from you, you're stylish anyway LOL! :)

@Foongpc - I hate being a girl sometimes but I also love it just like what I stated in the last part of the post! Ooh, I really learn so much from you - you portray the females in such a positive light and I think I'm in love with you haha LOL. I still think guys have more pros. >:)

@Louise - Haha, that's funny LOL. I sort of agree with you. If I were a man, I'll probably be a really good guy because I know how it feels like for girls when something is up LOL. Talk about a second life.

@Mark - The ever appreciative you! :)

@Shadowmoon - I think a lot of guys are into alcohol and drug addiction than women. A lot of women have sense and fear of getting caught and getting out of control so many of them don't try it. I don't know, really. That's an interesting computation even though I didn't sort of get it the first time I read it. I'm a complete dunce when it comes to Math LOL. Guys like tomboys probably because they can hang out with them and treat them as guys too while being a little careful and more protective! That's cute LOL. On the other hand, a lot of women love gays LOL.

HalfCrazy said...

@Red - I'm not really into making money online through blogs. If it's pay per post then that's cool. You should try the link in the featured blog post, she's now earning $500 a month and more. I'm interested sa Page Rank thing na yan, tell me more LOL. Gays are awesome! :)

@KJ - Yeah but I learn to love it anyway while.. hating it LOL. Labo! Yeah, sometimes, you're a weird guy but cool, haha!

the donG said...

these are the exact same reason why man should love their wives.

HalfCrazy said...

Yeah and people like you who appreciate women! I think the world needs more guys like you LOL.

Cza said...

just blog-hopping.. :) it's THAT time of the month for me too this week... I'm hating it already. Hehe. I even scolded my S.O., telling him guys should have this kind of thing too. He hugged me (as if it makes a difference.. but yeah, it did.) :) nice site!

HalfCrazy said...

S.O.? What's that, secret on? LOL. It's irritating, I can't sleep on my back! Your S.O. (whatever that is lol) is sweet!

Shey said...

Love your post! I agree with dysmenorrhea being awful.

Loving the new blog template too! COOL!

But there's a joke I want to share about menstruation:

"Don't trust a person who bleeds for 5 days and still lives."

LOL! That's right guys, better watch out!

HalfCrazy said...

Now I think I know what it feels like to be shot whenever I have menstrual cramps LOL. I don't like spelling that word, I have to look it up in a dictionary or something!

Haha! That's a funny quote! Where did you get that from LOL.

Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

Just visiting!

Cezar and Léia said...

Very interesting post!
Many thanks for your visit in Luna's blog!

REDLAN said...

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syel said...

cool header for your blog!

what i just hate is being crabby during that time of the month. and overly moody as well. laki ng topak ko talaga. what i love being a woman???? ano nga ba??!!! hahaha!

HalfCrazy said...

@Red - Pano mo nalalaman PR ko? Parang may ganyan ako sa Firefox, haha! Di ako masyadong masipag mag post, ayos lang! Pero masipag ako mag comment! Sige papataasin ko yan, salamat sa tip!

@Syel - Grabe moody rin ako. Baliw baliw as in, haha! Hoy masarap rin maging babae haha!

TriNi said...

yup. you have to purchase the domain name.

i did it for one year.. after that I'll see if i wanna renew it.

it's not that expensive tho. it only came up to like $8 a year lol. I spend wayyy more than that on junk food.

Butler and Bagman said...

I didn't know how to respond to your question about scheduling blog...after you have written on, click on posting options. It will bring up a screen where you can put in a date and time. Then save. Then return to list of posts and when you are ready, publish it. It won't appear right away but will say "scheduled" on it. Then when the time comes, it will appear!

shadowmoon said...

My bet is that S.O. means Special One.
Makes senses in the context of Cza's comment.
And yah, for some reason woman loves gays. Maybe because gays don't have other interests with girls besides being friends and it makes the relation more comfortable since there won't be that problem of "someone wanting to go to the next level", you know.
And tomboys, I don't know why I like tomboys. They have their own charm that I seem to be unable to explain.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love being a woman just because.........I love b~e~i~n~g darling girl :)
What a doll you are ('ll feel better in just a few short days, lol).

Steady On
Reggie Girl

HalfCrazy said...

@TriNi - I think that's pretty cheap, Google really makes a lot of money LOL. Stop consuming junk food, girl! :P

@B&B - Haha, thanks, now I know! I'll try it when I'm dead.. which will be a couple of decades from now, I assume!

@Shadowmoon - Ooh, haha, maybe you're right! She's a Filipino like me and S.O. usually means Secret On. If it's special someone, then it should be SS, then? LOL whatever! I studied in an all girl school when I was in High School, there were so many lesbos, haha! You would have been charmed by them. But I think a lot of them changed when they got to College and became girls again LOL.

@Reggie Girl - Yeah, I feel better now, haha! I always love your comments, they're so sweet! :)

khengsiong said...

Invention of washing machine, and to a smaller extent, dish washer, greatly relieve the burden of women. So maybe it a few years, new medicine will relieve your menstrual pain...

Being men is not all fun too. A woman, after quarrel with her boss, can tender resignation letter. A man can't! (At least not in conservative society.)

John said...

Hi, sorry took so long to get back to you! TMI = too much information !!! When you don't want to hear something being said just turn your head, hold up your palm and say "TMI!" LOL I hope you realize I was only kiddning with that to you.

Yep, I was the Dad that had to deal with those female issues, but I was always there to step up to the plate. I even drove her to another school after school--since her school didn't have enough interest in scouting, so that she could be a "brownie" (jr. girl scout) and I was like a den mother, but only a den Dad! I had to take my kid to buy her first bra too! Thank God for helpful sales clerks!

No, I don't mind you asking about her Mom, first of all she lived in a city 35 miles away...well, she dropped her off for a weekend visitation once and never got her back, which was fine with me. Always had an excuse, mainly being that it was only temporary, so that she herself could go back to college (which she never did) Plus she had her hands full with 2 older daughters from her 1st marriage.

Oh well, life went on, and goes time to be was not easy though, but I'm so happy I got to raise my daughter. We were always close and still are.

REDLAN said...

you can check your pr sa google.

Bina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

And you are 17???? I am amazed. You seem much older than your age. Very intelligent. You write very well. And wow! You have a lot of followers! LOL

I like being a woman. I have never, EVER let a man think that I am the one who is supposed to do everything. If he doesn't want to hear me "rant and rave" he better help!

And there is nothing better than having babies. I have four. And I loved every minute of being pregnant. Well, aside from the throwing up. And yea, it hurts. But when you look at how long you will have your children, and how long you have been alive, those few hours to have the baby are really nothing at all in the scheme of things.

Mike Peligro said...

I'm a man who love doing household chores like washing and ironing clothes, cooking, going to the public market, etc...There's nothing to be ashamed when doing these things. As long as I'm helping my wife ease the burden off her shoulders, then I'm happy. Doing household chores is my way of expressing my love for my wife.

Garando said...

Garandee goes through horrible dysmenorrhea every month. Almost each time she has to take some meds to ease the pain.
As for the men, it's our duty to support and comfort women as they endure each item on your list. ;)

araon said...

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Anonymous said...

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