Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Banana Split.

If you look at my previous blog, I ranted, the first in a very long time, now I'm feeling all good, I just had to write this post before I go with Mom to buy ingredients for a Banana Split because of the awesome blogger at The MAIN ingredient who blogged about a Banana Split LOL. I really have nothing to write today so I'm just gonna keep it short, just a little update about what's going on with my life - it will also serve as a filler for the Town Shootout this Friday, I encourage you to join us, just take a photo of your Main street and improvise a little! It's gonna be fun, free town/city trips.

  • I hope y'all like the new layout, I like the header, it's more appropriate for this Ardent Cosmic Journey. Haha, that sounds funny.. for me anyway. It sounds a little cheesy! I wasn't the one who created the layout, credits go to Pannasmontata.
  • It's the Holy Week. While everyone is out of the city, (it's sort of a tradition here in the Philippines to go to the provinces and spend Holy Week there) we'll stay in. We really don't have anywhere to go to! Even if we plan to go somewhere, there are too many bills to be taken cared of.
  • It's a good time to go to Philippines, by the way. You'll see the Senakulo the Philippine version of Christ's suffering. It starts with someone carrying the cross, some people slashing their backs with some sort of a cilice, someone getting nailed on the cross literally. It's crazy but it's a sight, I'm sure there would be Filipino bloggers who whould be featuring these things in their photo blogs.
  • I have a new boyfriend, I can't believe he waited 9 months for me. I really have no idea LOL. That's one of the reasons I'm feeling all good now, I think I want to party LOL. I have someone new to boss around!
  • Just a few more days to go before school starts, April 20! I'm practically bored and this is the first time I said that for this whole vacation. I thought movies, books, music, etc. will keep me happy for the whole month! Wrong!
  • I watched a few movies these past few days: Baler (Pinoys, watch this, it won Best Picture sa Famas), Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (Sort of rude, funny but corny LOL), Marley & Me (A real family movie, there's something for the parents, there's something for the kids, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson make a perfect couple! By the way, 17 dogs were used as Marley in the movie LOL), Role Models (Paul Rudd is hot, he's like my new favie actor), The Bank Job (It was okay, Paul Statham was good), The Fall (Lee Pace, you're the man and the cute little Catinca Untaru is such a sweetie pie!), and The Savages (I'm loving Philip Seymour Hoffman more).
  • I'm still reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, haven't been reading much these days!
As promised, I'll be keeping it short, you're probably bored right now, having to read all those. I think this is my shortest post ever.. for the meantime. I'm gonna take a bath and go with Mom to the Market now!


TriNi said...

LOL aww.. I cant believe you have a boyfriend. That's too cute! :X Good luck with the relationship. I hope it lasts :)

and woahhh that's some serious stuff about getting nailed to a cross. I don't know if I'd be able to watch that. :/

I still like your post even if it was short. We finallyyyyy invested in a DVD player here haha.. so I'm sorta hyped about watching a few movies I hadn't gotten the chance to see in the theatres. Maybe I'll check out a few you posted.

And well.. enjoy your banana split! :P

Patty said...

I love your new banner. Very nice!

I also love banana splits, and have not have not had one in quite awhile. The store is closed now, but tomorrow I will be eating a banana split!

So you have a boyfriend, eh? Good for you. Train him well, my friend.

Look forward to the Friday shoot out. Always love seeing what you come up with.

witsandnuts said...

I liked your new header. I miss Philippines especially during this time of year because our clan are gathering informally. I liked Marley and Me, too. I've downloaded Baler because of the good feedback. I hope to watch it soon.

John said...

You can't write a "short post!" That's all good! Congrats on the bf, lucky guy! When do you have the time!?

Wow can't believe your time off went by so fast OMG!

I have actually heard of Senakulo, something on tv once. I don't think I could bear to see it. Thanks for reminding me, it's time for me to find my "Passion of the Christ." It's in my dvd collection...if I think I'll watch it more than once, I usually buy it. I found that for that movie I enjoy watching it with the directors comments on...it made so much more sense. Not that I didn't know the basic story already! Senakulo made me think of that movie, hard to watch the suffering.

ok, don't want my comment longer than the blog post! TTYL

REDLAN said...

Banana Split ha. sige post mo yan dito kapag luto na. kala ko tv series. hehehe.

ngayon, i know you know how happy the feeling of a girl having a new bf. goodluck.

HalfCrazy said...

@TriNi - Thanks, I hope the relationship lasts too LOL. I like the fact that I would not be seeing him often on school. LOL weird! Foreigners who visit here for the Senakulo say "The Filipinos are crazy people!" or something along that line, haha! But that's okay. Cool, a DVD Player, have fun messing around with it! Now you can spend some of the money anywhere you want LOL.

@Ms. Patty - Ha, got you craving for Banana Split too, haha! As for the new boyfriend, I'll boss him around - it's what I do best! Poor guy. I'm really excited for the shootout too, I have a feeling there would be more participants!

@Witsandnuts - Haha, I actually downloaded Baler too, from the Wingtip guy in Torrent LOL. Aww, hope you get to visit the Philippines this year!

@John - Yes, my vacation went by so fast but it has been a little slow these days because I'm excited to go to school already! New people to meet haha! I've watched Passion Of The Christ too and it was downright gruesome lol. Especially when I see Filipinos slashing their backs even if it's already bloody! They say they do it to repent for sins! Brave people. TTYL haha!

@Red - Gagi favorite ko rin yung Banana Split sa ABS. Favorite ko si Christine Reyes, si RR pati si Angelica! Ang kulit eh haha! Yun lang sinusundan kong palabas sa TV.

HalfCrazy said...

@John - I have just read your reply on my previous post, lol! Haha, that's cool about the TMI. I always do that in my blogs even if I try hard not to! At least in this latest post I didn't talk much, haha! Also, glad to know you're open to tell me about your daughter's Mom. I have to agree that there's nothing to be angry about, there would be no use for that, I guess. It's cool you accompanied her on buying the first bra LOL. That's cute!

@Red - Btw, thanks for the PR info!

Tabor said...

Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I feel honored that you would read anything. When my children were teenagers, they never listened to anything I had to say! Where was the photo taken that is in your header?

Butler and Bagman said...

Nice header! Nice photo! And Bagman thinks your new boyfriend must be very lucky even if he is going to get bossed around.

HalfCrazy said...

@Tabor - That header was taken in Rotterdam, I wasn't the one who deserves the credit, though! I don't listen much to my parents but I heed their rules LOL. Wait, isn't that sort of the same?

@B&B - Of course he's lucky. Where else could he find someone like me? LOL.

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

You call this a short post? Well, its longer than mine. I thought you were just kidding when you made a comment on my post on the banana split. Haha! Yummy. I have things to say about this post. I may not know what you call the term, (newbie) thanks for the link, you are the youngest commenter on my new blog. Most of them are my daughter's web friends, her age. When I opened your blog, I thought I got the wrong site, well, new header, and I love it. Lastly, congratulations to you and your boyfriend.

HalfCrazy said...

Well Ms. Ebie, I talk a lot most of the time so even if I don't want it, my posts get longer for some reason LOL. I try to avoid writing long stuff so my readers can move on to the next blog! Good to know I broke a record in your blog LOL. I actually haven't found a lot of people my age!

doggybloggy said...

good movie list - I need to catch up on this blog and see what you are all about.

HalfCrazy said...

Hope to see you around again, doggybloggy! There's lots to see, I think. LOL

foongpc said...

You call this a short post? I think it's quite long already! Haha!

No wonder so happy, somebody got a new bf! : )

How did you find Marley & Me? I heard the dog died in the end, so must be pretty sad ending?

Btw, you are tagged! : )

buffalodick said...

A new face on my blog- well, courtesy demands I visit yours! You cover many subjects!

Mark said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy!

shadowmoon said...

Well, this is quite a long post. Though I don't mind since some of my comments are quite long too :)

And how did the banana split turned out? Since this was the main reason (or at least the first) of this post I think it's fair to hear about it right? :)

So people like to act Christ's death on Philippine too? I think it's something so...gross.
I don't see why people worship a man dying! It's such a gross idea for me that it doesn't fit in my mind. For me worshiping someone suffering and dying is something almost sadistic. It would be if people enjoy it. Blargh.

Well, the only good thing for me about this week is that I don't have classes tomorrow nor Friday! Yay!
But I have a test on Monday... :(

Ah, a new relationship is starting. Good news! Hope it lasts too :)
For me I'm alone and I don't think I'll be in a relationship so soon but life is a surprise so who knows? It's good to have someone you can call special right? Though I miss it, sometimes I feel relieved I'm single. Well, life is strange.

And I guess I'll stop here because this comment is looking a little too big :P

Lu' said...

Hi thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment. I like the header pic on you blog, very nice.

HalfCrazy said...

@Foong - In my world, it is kinda short already LOL. I talk so much sometimes! Of course the dog died in the end. It was not very dramatic but it was okay, didn't wow me but was alright!

@Buffalo - Thanks for being a Gentleman, Sir!

@Mark - Yeah, even though I'm a little bored already. I don't have anything to do! I don't like being idle for a very long time lol.

@Shadow - And another long comment from you, but I LOVE that better. It turned out alright, the Ice Cream sort of melted as our fridge wasn't that good LOL. So we decided to just throw some ice cream on top of sliced bananas LOL. About Senakulo, a lot of people participate in it because they believe it will wipe most of their sins away or something LOL. The Church said they don't have to hurt themselves! It was gruesome but it is tradition. Haha, you have classes, I'm on vacation. >:) I know what you feel about being single. You miss being with someone but you're relieved too because you're free to do anything you want.

@Lu - No problem, thanks, glad you liked it.

GAGAY said...

haie half crazy! i found yer link from foong!! i found yer site interesting..mind for ex links!?!?

pardon me if i put my unrelated comment to the post here..i dunno where to leave this comment..got no shout out..if you want to delete this, just fine..

am looking forward for your postive reply..

Antonio Estevez said...

Congrats on the new boytoy, Hap! Awwwwww yeah! Dont boss him around too much! He might run and jump into the bushes! :)

mmmmm. banana split.... I havent had one in 2 billion years!

Lend Me Your Eyes Art Blog

Raft3r said...

Have a Blessed Holy Week, halfcrazy!
That all in things God may be glorified.

Garando said...

I like the new, clean layout! I think the image on the header needs to be fixed though so your blog's description will be easier to read. ;)
Wow, new boyfriend? Congratulations!! So how is the new relationship going? :)
Have a blessed holy week!

Missy said...

Nice header but it's hard to read the texts of your post :-) (try to change the color gray) congratulations that you have a new bf now hmmm what happened to the old one? hahaha

Do you like Korean dramas? Did you watch Twilight? I like that ,maybe try to watch that one too. I'll try to read "Baler," looks interesting.

HalfCrazy said...

@Gagay - I really don't know what exchange link means. You mean you follow mine and I follow yours or something like that? LOL.

@Antonio - Nah I won't, I'll control myself. He's actually doing a goob job of bossing me around too!

@Raft3r - Have a blessed week to you too.

@Garando - Okay, I'll try to find my way to change the description under my blog's title LOL. We're doing pretty okay, I think we're biting each other's ass off already haha!

@Missy - I don't know what happened to the old one, I forgot LOL. Okay, I'll change the color, I'll make it clearer but still cool to the eyes. I tried to read Twilight but I just can't get into it, not my thing! I like Oriental dramas sometimes too, haha! I say Meteor Garden started it all.

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

I am back, I take my word back, you are not the youngest reader anymore. Haha! I got one 11 year old kid who made a scrap (smiley Box) in a few minutes,not like me who is struggling to make one, who joined my daughter's scrapping meme! BTW, I cannot see your reply to my comments, until I return to your site.

GingerV said...

Now that I am of 'an advanced age' I no longer eat Banana splits - but I will have OFTEN um bolo sorvete de creme com caldo chololate - that is one ball of vanilia ice cream with cholocate topping....

don't let B%B throw you all men that have a woman to boss them around are lucky!

HalfCrazy said...

@Ebie - Ugh! An 11 year old kid? Okay, she's YEARS younger than me! I miss those days, not having much problems and stuff to think about! It's alright, just come back when you can to read my replies if you have time. No need to reply to them or anything! :)

@GingerV - Ooh, that's also yummy! Looks like you prefer the original flavors! Some guys bossed around by their women are unfortunate sometimes LOL.

GMG said...

Hi HalfCrazy! Is this keeping it short? Irt seems you're too busy... ;)

Blogtrotter is showing you Brasilia. Enjoy and have a great and long Easter weekend!

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

Yes, I'm back.

syel said...

uy new boyfie! to be young and be inlove! i have seen those who make "panata" (penitensya and being crucified) long ago. it was a bit shocking, seeing all the blood. and i was also forced to sing in "pasyon". better enjoy your vacation now! have a happy easter! :D

shadowmoon said...

Thinking about it...I never tried Banana Split :P
I wonder why they call it that name?
The banana part I understand since there's a banana in it doh. But why split? Is the banana...split? Or is it the ice cream that is split?
Why not Banana Ice?
Mysteries of life.

Well, college classes aren't that awesome. At least not mine :P
But I do have fun at the campus with friends and colleagues so it's not all that bad. And I hope to start a band with them soon so hopefully it'll become even more interesting. Though the classes will keep as boring as they are :รพ
But I think that the main problem of those boring classes is me. Yes, myself. Why? Because I still haven't learn (or don't want to learn) how to enjoy them. Sometimes I wonder if it's even possible but when I think about people enjoying seeing others being crucified it comes to my mind that nothing is impossible to be enjoyed so yeah, maybe I'm just too lazy to try :)
And don't worry, the anxiety and the desire to have classes will probably disappear in the first two weeks, after that period you'll only want your vacations back. At least that's what happened to me though I never really had the desire for classes :)

leafless said...

I would love to visit the Philippines someday--perhaps even on holy week. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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