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Me and you against technology.

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It's currently Summer here in the Philippines and I really don't have anything to do. Some plans I wrote about in my Summer Blog might not push through, most especially on those Piano and Drum Lessons and owning a DSLR but that's alright, I have thousands of days to go lol! So I'm just gonna present to y'all my routine which is probably the most useless and boring routine ever hahaha!

Morning. 9AM.
I usually wake up at 9, open the computer before I actually get to open my eyes and sleep again for 10 minutes then wake up, do some stretching and some sit-ups if I feel like it. I use the computer for like 10 minutes and I go check my blog, reply to comments and comment back. I know that's not in 10 minutes but almost close to an hour lol. Then I go downstairs, step on the weighing scale (I now have it!) and always discover that I'm 84 pounds LOL. But yesterday was pretty good as I'm now on 85 pounds! Okay that's not a huge feat but I'm trying to reach like a hundred pounds in here. After Breakfast I estimate calories that I got from Breakfast and write them down and my goal is always 1500 calories a day. The websites I checked out said so! After that, I take a bath, face the computer again, continue commenting back and finding new blogs and chatting with friends. What a very productive life.

My computer.
After Lunch. 1PM.
After Lunch I record my calorie intake again, face the computer, get bored and take a nap and daydream for an hour lol. After that, I'm just gonna face the computer again and watch movies. That or I read some books (I'm currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, I love American Civil War books!) From there, the productivity continues until Dinner. After Dinner, I record the calories, take a shower and yes, you got that right, face the computer again and before 12AM, I get ready for bed, read a few pages and sleep.

And the routine goes like that for the whole Summer. Is that fun? Are you snoring now? I did say it's the most useless and the most boring routine ever, right? I hang out with friends whenever I can, they're always one of my top priorities, especially when I have the money to go out lol.

- - -

I have my Cellphone, computer, PSP, NDS, TV, iPod, blah blah, the list goes on and on. I do remember the days when I go out and play with kids from my neighborhood and hang out with them but that gradually changed when I got into High School and started meeting new and more people, the ones that are gonna stay around for a long time. At least I get to experience running around the roads and being one of the.. old school kids.

Now I know a lot of you will say that I lead a very wasteful life and that I always surround myself with electronic gadgets and times are different compared back then. I don't blame it on the Technological Advancements we make but I blame it on me and maybe the rest of us. We let these things control us and we really don't do anything, probably because we're happy already because everything is more convenient.

30 years or so, I wonder what will happen to us, what kinds of diseases will appear, technological breakthroughs, attitudes and everything else that surrounds us, including us, of course. Maybe we would be like the folks from Wall-E.

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What are your routines? Do you think your life revolves, most of the time around electronic stuff?
Do you think we have gotten so lazy? Have you watched Wall-E? Do show some love!

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Monkey Wrench said...

I really really try not to let it. Basically, I look at technology from an objective standpoint first. Technology is labor-saving (and in this respect I mean labor-saving for the assembly line worker, the miner, etc.), so I commend and encourage the progression of technology in that respect. Also, technology has improved infrastructure exponentially. The internet and computers have allowed me to connect with people I would have never met otherwise (ahem!).

But, as we increase technology to the point where we don't have to live, and our communication skills suffer because interpersonal relationships are shunned in favor of chatrooms, forums and the like, we are losing out. There is nothing better than a face-to-face conversation over coffee, or something similar to that.

Technology, like everything in this world, should be used in moderation. We mustn't be reduced to junkies dependant on our technological fix for pleasure. there's a lot more to life than sitting behind a compuer screen.

In general, I love technology, but we continue, all over the world, to blow things out of proportion. More Moderation is Necessary.


(Wall-E was another computer generated favorite. I remember when Toy Story came out....favorite childhood movie!)

Faisal Admar said...

Too many gadgets around is not good you know? :) Electronics... that's it.

Reena said...

you were born at a period when everything can be accessed and completed with the help of technology eh. i wasn't. although technology is good in work, in operations, and in production, some things are still better when done manually or with little help from technology.

plus the way i see it, kids now have less personal interactions with each other. i actually don't see kids out playing patintero or tumbang preso anymore. they need exercise!!!

maybe it's good, but in the long run there could be bad effects especially on the way the society works.

naku, everything has pros and cons naman eh. what is important is knowing when to balance. :)

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Love that you've put that pic from all laugh about it but it is an issue that should concern us..we aren't doing what we're suppose to do on our own anymore..we have things done for us :/

HalfCrazy said...

@Wrench - Oh I have no objections with regards to making labor easier because of technology. Just as long as work will be easier for the laborers then I'm all for it. I love technology but I prefer hanging out with friends lol. I would ditch my computer for 24 hours in favor of my friends. I agree with everything you said! I love Toy Story 1 and 2! I love animated films.. sometimes haha!

@Faisal - The computer produces radiation, a leading cause of many diseases. So nowadays, I try to minimize my hours in front of the PC! But I guess I'm not too disciplined LOL.

@Reena - Tama po kayo sa lahat ng sinabi nyo, Ate Reena! Mind if I call you Ate? Haha! Wala na rin akong nakikitang mga batang naglalaro nyan pero before I went to High School, I play with my kapitbahays and we actually play Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Moro-Moro, tagu-Taguan and a whole lot more. I say mas masaya yun kesa mag Dota LOL.

@Alpha - Seems like you've watched Wall-E. I sure hope we don't be THAT lazy. I can't go around in hover chairs just facing some kind of touch panel screen something LOL. Wall-E = eye opener.

Linda said...

My computer figures way too prominently in a lot of my daily routine as trying to keep up with the blogs that I read regularly is a lot more of a task than keeping up with my own! Then there's the fact that I work behind a computer for my job along with the phones and radios and all the other electronic gadgets that dispatch centers use.

Now if I'd be a history teacher I could stand in front of a blackboard and use books for my job but alas, I didn't go that way. Dumb me!

HalfCrazy said...

I just imagined all of the electronic stuff around you and it's amazing how you keep up with those! I understand what you mean with regards to keeping up with other bloggers, I spend a lot of time on other people's blogs than mine!

Garando said...

I admit I'm one of those who spend majority of the day in front of a computer. My job requires it, and when I get home, I spend the remaining hours visiting my favorite sites. I'm not proud of this, and hopefully I get to do something more meaningful in the near future! :D

steve said...

the way you tell a story and use the pics to do it is fabulous...i hope some of your plans you get to do...Zman sends

Butler and Bagman said...

You are welcome to the 35 extra pounds I'm carrying anyday! I wish there was a technological gadget whereby I could send them to you. Although you probably only need a very small number of them. LOL.



What happens if your PC breaks down? yay!

But seriously, if my time permits me, I will BFF my PC 24 hours a day/ 365 days per year too!

jackc50 said...

you do need to get outside, walk, meet with friends. your routine has become routine. are you gonna work this summer? nag, nag, nag, i probably sound like your father...heehe, bye 4 now, jack

Barry said...

There is no escaping the fact that electronics are playing a greater and greater role in my life, computers and cell phones and ipod and pagers and power point projectors.

Glad I was born too late for gaming.

John said...

Routine? What's that LOL! I always eat a healthy breakfast as early as possible. I eat a light lunch usually late in the afternoon, and dinner is rarely before 8:00 p.m and 10:00 p.m is not uncommon! Then it's hard to wind down, especially if I get online, which I usually do. I know I don't get enough sleep, but I sleep in late as much as possible!

I'm in the flower business, so every day is different. Sometimes there is nothing going on and I take as much time off as I can...other days we have tons of orders, like for funerals, and I may have to be at work before the store opens and may have to work late. For holidays I work very late into the night sometimes. We are closed Sundays, but even that does not guarantee the day off, if there's lots of funeral work. Tuesday is my usual day off from work, but, you guessed it, that's not guaranteed either. So, it is very difficult for me to have much of a routine. I actually like that though...never a dull moment!

I do all the accounting at work, so I am in front of a computer almost all day long...sure I mix it up and jump on the internet, but I don't abuse it. Usually I just get online during a break or lunch. I do a lot of my work from home, like payroll, website, etc.

When I'm not working, there are plenty of chores, as you can imagine. We never stress out though, if something doesn't get done.

If I could, I would have every electronic gadget there is LOL. I'm not so tied to my computer(s) as I am my cell phone--it goes everywhere with me.

I used to have a best friend that would come over several times a week and we would watch dvds and have a few drinks. That ended when his work schedule changed from 3pm-midnight. I would hate his routine schedule! I hope he gets a day shift sometime in the future.

I like your nice relaxing schedule for the summer and it's only boring, if you think it is boring. If I could offer a bit of advice, I wouldn't weight every day...maybe like once a week at the same time--would be more accurate. And unless you are underweight for height and small frame, I wouldn't worry about calories, etc. It can become an obsession, if you let it. Enjoy your summer, and keep on blogging!

Patty said...

My routine? Wait for the newspaper to call me at the last minute to cover a story. Go out and take photos while I am waiting (cell phone, you know?).

Take photos for several companies, organizations, and people.

Take photos in my sleep.

I think I eat and sleep somewhere in there.

Are people beating you up for having gadgets?

How 'bout two laptops, one PC, two Ipods (3 with my husband's Ipod-I just got the second generation, and I love it), and a cell phone. Oh, and don't forget TIVO.

In the summer months, coming up soon, I spend time on our boat, but I take the darned things with me.

Sometimes I just want to through everything out the door and become a hermit. But then what would I take photos of?

Lawstude said...

30 years. wow. i could only imagine. iba na talaga mundo ngayun kasi dami na gadgets but at the end of it all, all i want is just to go back to basics and enjoy the untouched beauty of mother earth.

Mav said...

First, thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I really appreciate it! As stated, I finally got another movie review posted to my blog. (Rachel Getting Married)
Anyway, I am on and off the computer several times during the day. Much like yourself I weigh myself every morning. It's a habit I just can't seem to break but it keeps me in check. I also try and fit in at least some sort of exercise daily.
What can I say; I'm addicted to my gadgets! My computer, cell phone, xbox, etc.
Sounds like your summer is going well so relax and enjoy it!
Take care HC,

foongpc said...

All I know is that I must have my handphone with me at all times especially when I'm out! But I switch it off when I sleep as they say it's not good for health.

Try not to have too many electronic gadgets around you. Apparently, it's not good for health : )

HalfCrazy said...

@Garando - Not proud of whatever I'm doing either lol! When school starts I'll seldom use it anyway!

@Zman - Thanks, my plans that are already put into motion are: pack my head with more literature, watch more movies and reach 1500 calories a day!

@Butler and Bagman - I just need ten pounds and I'll stop eating everything I see LOL.

@Kris Jasper - If I'm not mistaken, you're a newcomer! :P What if my PC breaks down? I think it's already on the verge of breaking down! I have to buy a computer part to get it working fine again but I'm too lazy! BFF LOL.

@Jackc50 - I can't work this summer, I'm a minor, only 17. The law requires that one should be 18 before getting accepted for a job. I'll give room to those folks who lost their job due to the recession instead! I meet with friends when I have the money LOL.

HalfCrazy said...

@Barry - If you were born in my generation, you would be probably hooked on games and would be.. fatter? LOL. It's a great generation to be a gamer!

@John - I find your everyday tiring but I guess it's fun as you get to make money and meet some people. Good luck with the flower business. And your farm! 3PM-midnight? That is a pretty weird sched lol! Those hours are for nap time, hanging around with friends and.. resting! But not working LOL. Haha, about my weight, it's funny that I would be having a disease related to eating so much and the others are suffering because they don't eat anything!

@Patty - I get it, Photography is like your life LOL! Not to mention how you love Crisfield so much! You have more gadgets than mine! I don't even bother with a Tivo and one iPod is enough for me LOL.

@Lawstude - I love nature too and I'm sure we can live without all these technological advancements but we're already living with it, sanay na tayo.

HalfCrazy said...

@Mav - Summer only comes once in a year LOL. It should be a 2-month break but due to my school's system, we are only given one month and I think that's better. I can't go the whole summer doing the old routine! Haha, you game too?

@Foongpc - Haha yeah but they said you don't have to switch it off, just keeping it about a meter from your brain is good. I don't turn mine off because it's my alarm clock LOL. Damn radiation!

Today's Blah... said...

You're right, I'm almost always hooked with my laptop these past few days, blogging, blogging, and blogging...but to top it all, I still do my stretches, meditation, read good books mostly on buddhism, listen to audio books (another techie), but I still get to ride my bike around the village I live in. It's just a matter of discipline (which a person develops it in her/his own pace. :)

Good Day and Happy Blogging! (Take on days that you don't have to open your pc) I have thursdays and saturdays as my blogging day off. :)

Faisal Admar said...

Btw, I've watched Wall-E and it's such a good movie. So are you the one with those who aren't discipline in the movie?

Wall-E has a pure heart. White. Innocent.

I want to be Wall-E!

HalfCrazy said...

Haha yeah, I'm with you, it's all just a matter of balancing! But there are times when you really don't have anything to do so you end up staying in front of the PC lol! Are Audio books enjoyable? I always prefer books, of course! Cool that you have your day offs, I'm gonna try to do that, haha!

HalfCrazy said...

@Faisal - Lol your reply came up when I posted the other reply. I say I'm not gonna be one of those fatties lol! I still do other things! :P I don't want to be Wall-E if I'm gonna clear up all the trash, poor thing LOL.

Faisal Admar said...

Wall-E likes to keep thing and he does what he like in life.

So, why not? :)

HalfCrazy said...

Wall-E would fix things himself. I can, but only a handful of things! Wall-E is a machine. :P

Reena said...

hahaha. well, sure you can call me ate. but don't push the obvious na. hahaha...

HalfCrazy said...

Okay, I won't. Pero kasama sa principles ko ay: Respeto sa mas matanda. LOL

Faisal Admar said...

If a machine could live life to the fullest. Why not human? :P

He has no brain and heart even tho at last it seems like he has one :)

But us human... brain and heart is a must! Sometimes we just never act like we have them.

TriNi said...

nice computer! and awesome blog post.

my routine is sooo almost the same lol.

i even turn on the pc as soon as my eyes open.. and then go brush my teeth and have breakfast and everything haha.. funny stuff.

yes i know i am lazy but i try to do some active stuff once in a while.. and weekends i'm never really on the computer so yeah..

but hey.. i'm actually making money when i'm on the computer so can you blame me for being there all day? lollll

anyway nice post and nice picture. ur pc desk is way neater and cleaner than mine haha.

much luv kiddo.


Well, if the PC breaks down, I hope you'd still be fine.

khengsiong said...

Haven't been to the Philippines. I thought Manila only has dry and wet seasons?

Antonio Estevez said...

I absolutely feel like humanity has become very complacent and too dependent on machines. I'd like to think that Im not less wasteful than anyone else. I spend most of my week investigating naughty things that naughty folks shouldnt be doing. When Im not doing that, Im painting, watching movies, blogging, or loving my loved ones. Actually, i got it pretty good, when I think about it.:P

Missy said...

You're really a lucky girl! :-) Everything is within your reach. I think now, most people are in front of their laptops/pcs and don't have much time to socialize with other people, just make sure you have that, to maintain your healthy life naks hehehe

Mikes said...

thanks for sharing. in my opinion, i think from tiem to time we need to be in touch with nature. we have been so attached with technology and everything is just one click which is sad. It makes us fat and unhealthy. for me i make sure that i walk several meters everyday to exercise a bit.


Reena said...

i tagged you. get your tag from my blog.

Faisal Admar said...

next! :P

Pamela said...

thanks for visiting me last week -
I wish I could figure out a way to give you 40 lbs. ha ha!!

REDLAN said...

Wow, napakahectic ng sked mo everday. joke lang. i wish ganyan ka peaceful ang araw ko palaga. parang walang hinahabol na trabaho.