Monday, March 9, 2009

Plans for Summer. Hopefully.

Okay, taking a little break from History and on to personal life! Well, it's not very personal, these are just thoughts the past few days. Summer is coming up, just a few more days and my classes will end so I have things lined up for the pretty long break, which is about a month. So here are the things I'm planning to do:At least get one of these DSLR things and maybe take Photography classes or have a mentor. I know almost everyone goes through the Photography phase and I guess my time is now! Well no, it's not because I want to be in the "in" crowd like some people say about people who jump in the Photography bandwagon. It's because that for some reason, I know I can take some pretty good photos and I see beauty in just about everything. Okay, does that make me qualified? Or I'm not being humble here? Hahaha!

Actually, I already told my Dad I want one but he told me a bought another Digicam because all the 3 digicams he bought in the past are now broken lol. But he didn't say anything about buying one or not.Keep track of my weight. No, I don't wanna be one of them really skinny girls but uhm, I guess I'm one, for some reason. I exercise sometimes in the morning because I'm either running late for school or I'm just too lazy to do some stretching and sit-ups because I'm probably glued to something else. Like, the internet! So for summer, I'm gonna pack myself with Calories, Carbohydrates and Protein being my primary targets. I'm gonna eat more rice, bread, potatoes, fish, drink more milk and water, etc. And maybe go to a fast food once every two weeks for extra cholesterol and saturated fat LOL. AND OF COURSE, take notes of my weight.

Hmm? What about height, you ask? Nevermind about that. I'm gonna be 4"11 for the rest of my life. Shit, that makes me a hobbit, right? But hey, I don't mind! At least it's easy to find a guy without looking down. But yes, I'll be spending a lot of time looking up LOL.Another plan is to have Piano and Drum lessons. A few years ago, I had a few Piano sessions but I was not even interested in Music that time so I cheated by counting the keys instead of actually reading the notes. LOL. Maybe my Piano teacher knows about it so she maybe played along and played dumb too lol. But hey, I learned quite a few stuff. Anyway, I'm now very interested in the Music Industry and I can now appreciate whatever song gets thrown on my lap. But I really don't understand Metal! Ah well, I guess it's not for me.Photo taken by me. Pack my head with more Literature. I'm not even halfway yet in Song Yet Sung but it's very compelling, I just don't have much time to read it but like all my other books, I'll always finish it! So anyway, I have one pending book to read and three National Geographic magazines LOL. I'm subscribed to Nat Geo, by the way. So for vacation, I'll probably buy like 2-3 more books before school starts. So many books to read, so little time!I recently watched Super Size Me; yeah I know, I'm late in watching this! Anyway, I'll watch more movies for the upcoming Summer than ever before. Maybe 3-4 movies a week is fine! Yay, I can't wait for vacation! Sometimes, I don't understand why I'm so interested in many things and I wanna gobble them up the moment I see 'em!

In other news, I now have Twitter. Follow me!

So these are my plans for the upcoming Summer, what are yours? Do you like Photography and if not, would you indulge in it someday? What do you think about people jumping on the Photography bandwagon? Are you underweight or overweight, what do you plan to do about it? Feedbacks about the things I rambled?

Hope y'all are safe. Much Love,


OrLaNd said...

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AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

wow..a lot of plans...hope you'll have fun:)

Prongs said...

Wow we are basically the same person. I know a lot of people do go through the photography stage, I guess I never grew out of mine (hence why it is one of my majors.) I have been bad about taking pictures lately ad I really need to give me self a kick in the ass.

I also have a giant list for my spring break of books to tackle. I won't have a job since my break is only a week so I am going to be a full time reader haha.

Michael Rivers said...

Sounds like you have some great plans! I have to start planning some summer fun too. Spring is almost here, and then summer is not far behind!

Monkey Wrench said...

Inspired me to post some ideas for summer!!

Nice post, and show some of your photography on here! I'd love to see it.


Johnny Boi said...

I wish I had a month long break.

=( but all i have is a week to cramp my partying

Im not that much into photography, but more into filmogrophy (lol,i just made that up). I dont know, after taking a film class, i was inspired to do the best i could in that class. and it wasnt the teacher, cuz he wouldn't give crap of what we did. I just liked it, plus what i had a great time filming downtown pheonix.

Wieght? really? ur skinny as it is, u shouldnt be worrying bout it. And good thing ur not worried bou tur height. Im sure lots of guys would prefer a shorter girl like u than one thats 1/2' taller than

And i would to learn how to play the piano! idk why, but all of the sudden Ive come to loved it.

Helen Hunt said...

Nice blog, I love the look of it, and should add it to my list of favorites.

Keep it up girl :)

jackc50 said...

take as many pictures as you are good at it and its fun. you sound busy, that ought to keep you out of trouble...heehee. rember photography is not just taking pretty pictures, it's about capturing the light. it's amazing how the same object looks different depending on the time and your instincts, bye 4 now, jc......old school dancer..haha

John said...

Hi! Enjoyed the blog...yes so much to do, so little time! Hey, glad you watched SuperSize Me (especially since you want to gain weight)! I used to have the same problem all my life was so skinny! I am only 5' 7.5" and now am in my perfect weight (with a lot of work involved) at 148...which is the recommended top weight for a male with a "small frame." My top weight was 160, with a lot of belly fat that is soooo hard to get rid of, so avoid those donuts, etc. Eat really healthy and just supplement with protein drinks, like soy, etc...I prefer Jay Robb egg white protein mix, as it is organic and also has the needed amino acids. I gave up all the junk food years ago, and most sweets, sugars, and of course fried foods...rarely will I eat those things. Just remember to load up on protein, and not calories. Trust me, once you get that belly it is hell to get rid of!

I have always been a camera bug since I was a tween! I bought a new camera last Fall that I couldn't be happier with...takes great night pictures and has 30 "presets" including "anti-shake" It's a top of the line casio. When digital cameras came out, I got one immediately and paid OMG like $750, it still works, but nothing like the 10 megapixel I have now. 4x optical zoom is enough for me and my camera is very small, which I love...just wish I'd got one like this sooner! I had the best cannon 35 mm out there, and one day dropped it! it would never load film again, and makes a rattling sound...I never got it fixed, it's bulky as a camcorder!

Noticed your new pic...nice! You're so cute! Of course I just mean that in a friendly way...not trying to flirt LOL

Hey another great movie (a comedy, but about fast food...may make you go vegetarian!) is called "Fast Food Nation." Try to rent it, when you get a chance!

How on earth did you get so many followers? You sure are popular. You sound so fun, would be a great friend to hang out with, I'm sure!

Well, don't want to take over your blog with my comments LOL have a great week!

jackc50 said...

me again....just wondering what time is it there when its 8 o'clock monday night here? be careful what you eat to gain don't want to clog your arteries do you shortstuff? heehee, couldn't resist, of course i'm old school, and hugs, jc

Linda said...

Sounds like quite the plans! I don't have to worry about getting my weight up, it seems to that on it's own. I just wish it would go away on its own but alas, my fat appears to be quite comfortable where it is and shows no signs of vacating on its own. Perhaps I'll have to consider forcible eviction??

I really enjoy going out with my camera and trying to take pictures that I think will look nice. I wish I had more of an idea of how to do things with my camera but unfortunately, the class I was going to take at Adult Ed this past winter got canceled so I'm still trying to learn on my own and failing miserably! I hope you get the camera - you'll have a really good time with it I'm sure!

Jeni said...

Sounds a bit like me -all kinds of plans. THe key will be to see if you act like me and just make these great plans or if you act like a regular person and take action on them! Doesn't sound like anything too outrageous to do but it does sound like you'll have a full break and lots of fun in the process. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayra! Good to hear that you have a lot of things in mind to do this coming summer! [haha parang tanga lang. stranger. ='))]

The things you listed are almost exactly the same with my plans for this summer--except for that gaining weight part. Haha. Since my mom utterly rejected my musings of going to Saudi this vacation, I've no choice but to just do what my doctor orders me to. Lose weight. So, I'm going to workout with my friend and, of course, balance diet! I actually fasted for about a week just last month but I learned that fasting just causes low metabolism so I stopped. Haha! I just hope that it would end up in success. It'd be nice to be able to wear my old clothes again.

And, you're right. Everyone goes through the photography phase. I've gone through mine last year. My uncle lent me his DSLR cam for like, 2 weeks or so, and taught me how the aperture works and the effect of the shutter speed to the photo and the combination of the two and stuff.

As for music, I don't get it why you like drum so much. It's too loud. I'd still go for piano but I doubt I'll ever be good at it. I've taken a lot of lessons before and just gave up on my recent one but I'm still no good. My left hand always fails me!

Anonymous said...

Is there no way to edit the comments here? I forgot to proofread before I submitted my previous one.

Stupid grammatical error.

HalfCrazy said...

@AlpHa Buttonpusher - That's Summer, just having fun!

@Prongs - That is what I envy about America, if you're ever in America, lol. You guys get the chance to have Photography classes even if it's not really related to the career you picked! Let's read a dozen more books during our breaks! I can't wait to turn those pages!

@Michael - Oh, I forgot, you guys have Spring! Lol we only have Sunny or Rainy days! So I guess my blog is not that appropriate for Americans or Europeans LOL.

@Wrench - And you gave me an idea for my upcoming blogs! Yeah, I'll do that! I'll only show the best ones LOL.

@Johnny - Just a week? That sucks! Well you gotta make the most out of it! But still, that sucks LOL. I think the proper word for that is Cinematography? Or I'm wrong LOL. Anyway, it's great you had a chance to shoot your own film! We never really have 'em here. Our Movie Industry sucks balls!

@Helen Hunt - Hi there, thanks for dropping by! :)

@Jackc50 - Oh, you are so right when it comes to the lighting! There are times certain objects look so great under a moderate light and not very beautiful if the light is too strong! Well, it's almost 3PM here, Tuesday! We are tons of hours apart!

@John - Yay that's cool, I hope you maintain that for the rest of your life LOL! Hahaha, it's funny because I eat donuts like twice or thrice a week, usually after lunch. All of the things you said, sweets, sugars, fried stuff... I always eat those things! Thanks for the advice, would always go for Protein foods! $750? That's really an OMG moment, hahaha! See, I'm already downloading Fast Food Nation! I always try to watch every movie recommended by friends! I love your long comments so keep 'em coming! Don't know about them Followers but they're awesome because they followed me LOL.

@Linda - Hahaha, well, it's hard to slim down at your age (I'm not saying you're old! LOL) but it's possible! Maybe? Okay, I'm not so sure. Aww, hope your next Photography class won't cancel and I adore your photos, especially your latest one, the Moonlight Monday! :)

@Jeni - Yeah, I really can't wait for the one month Summer break, I'm actually crossing out dates on the calendar right now LOL. Not sure if I could do all these but I know I can fulfill like one or two!

@Marielle - Hi Marielle, thanks for dropping by and leaving your awesome comment! You know how I love reading and responding to your comments! Hahaha epal lang rin. =)) Why did your Mom rejected you? Maybe she's got a family there or she doesn't love you anymore. =)) How are you gonna lose weight if you always just stay in front of the PC most of the time? When you go to school, you always just eat, study, talk, go to Starbucks, repeat process! Go and totohanin mo yang Exercise thing mo na yan! How much membership sa kung san mang Gym yan? Kidding aside, I hope you can wear those old clothes again. Wow, nose bleed ako sa pinagsasasabi mo about DSLR. =)) And silly you, anyone could be good playing piano. But of course, some are better than the others. Try and try until you die. =')) Tumitigas pa daliri mo sa left hand?

Faisal Admar said...

DSLR is cool. I'm going to get one too when my ASB reach RM250k. Haha I know I sound ridiculous now :P

Weight is just figure dear :) Don't you worry. What you should worry is whether you're healthy or not.

Anonymous said...

Well done, photography is a wonderful medium to express yourself in.

HalfCrazy said...

@Faisal - WTF is ASB? Or RM250k? LOL.

@Jesse - Right on! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, whatever. =)) You're all amazing. I love you. Haha. =))

Alam ko ASB bank sa NZ eh. Anu kaya yang RM250k. =))

Faisal Admar said...

LOL. It's an investment :P Supported by government ;)

TriNi said...

thanks :) yeah I try to help as much as I could. I think of it as though I was new too, I would want someone that's had experience to help me. So I put alot of time into helping others :)

by the way lovee your new pic. very cute :)

and photography is great! i also love taking pics. but i dont think it might make me a good photographer lol.

but hey! that ferrero piece you took was amazing! so there's hope for you ;)

I've been putting on some weight recently... gonna work on gettin back in shape for summer :)

your post made me all excited about summer now! lol.

oh and i followed you on twitter :)

I'm TriNi1227 there.

k well catch ya later.. i'm off to my busy little online life lol.

ZMAN said...

Sounds like you have some fun plans for the coming future...enjoy and relay you have earned it...Zman sends

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Noble aspirations for summer. The summer season is short here in Northern Canada so I plan to spend as mch of it doing nothing as is humanly possible. I never got in to photography but still admire the skill and patience it takes to develop film. A dying art?
Have fun with it all. Don't forget to read a classic once a month. I recommend... The Aeneid, given that you already enjoy the Iliad and Odessy.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ayra may plano ka pala sa iyong pyutchur eh. =))

HalfCrazy said...

@Marielle - Oo gago ikaw rin meron. Magpapayat ka na! =)) Hayaan mo nga sya, buti di nya nababasa to. =))

@Faisal - OOH, RM is your uhm, currency? I have no clue what Malaysia's currency is called. But I know that once you say it, I'll remember. 3-4 years ago, we were made to know the currency, capital, etc. of ALL the countries around the world.

@Trini - Haha, thanks for the encouragement! Come to think of it, haven't seen any of your pictures! Maybe you just love taking pictures with friends LOL? I forgot that you guys have Spring so maybe Summer is still like what, a couple of weeks away? In here, by the time we get to the middle of March, it's already Summer and Graduation! Have a great day, girl! :)

@Zman - Damn right I'm gonna enjoy it! Vacation just comes once in a while!

@Get Off My Lawn! - That's a 'cute' username. Hahaha. In Photography, most people don't really print nowadays, those days are sort of fading away! I'm sure all the good photos are maybe printed and get to be framed or something! I've read The Aeneid, Odyssey and Iliad, great masterpieces indeed! Would probably read the classic Little Women this summer if I'm up for it.

Anonymous said...

Little Women is a great book. :)

HalfCrazy said...

Have you read it? I'm reluctant to read it because the version of the book I saw was of... poor quality. =))

Anonymous said...

Yup, I've read it already. I suggest you buy the one with the purple cover, it's around P300 and the quality is good compared to the other one.

Faisal Admar said...

Dang! Yes. Now I've made you ring the bell hehe. Anything your dad says lately?

Lawstude said...

Supersize Me. Yup I have watched and it gave me reason not to indulge in fastfood. Although I must say I cheat sometimes coz I really could not resist to snack on their french fries or have hash browns in the morning. But I limit them as much as I could.

Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving a wonderful comment. May we have many returns in the future. :)

HalfCrazy said...

@Mena - I saw two versions, both look ugly. =)) I didn't see a purple one. Just the green one and the other one.

@Faisal - No, I don't remember LOL. So I searched the net for it, hahaha! Actually, he still have the Digicam, I don't know how to approach and ask him why he is still not giving it to me LOL. He's in Saudi, by the way. Maybe he's scared that the Digicam will have some complications if it's shipped here. Expensive too.

@Lawstude - Hahaha! I absolutely love their hash browns! But I always go for their Omelettes during Breakfast. Can't resist 'em! Thanks, I love your blog and finally, another Pinoy blog! Not a lot of Pinoys blog.

Faisal Admar said...

Hehe patient. That's the keyword of the day hehe. You never know... I believe your dad will hand it to you soon! :D

Life Ramblings said...

I''ve keen interest in photography. But it takes a lot of practice to learn a new kind of seeing, and I'm not able to deliver those photographs I have been planning to take.

thanks for dropping by:)

Anonymous said...

Then find one you stupid biatch. Haha. =))

TriNi said...

Hey thanks :) yeah I can't believe it either. I've been really puttin in my research so it's kinda paying off and all :)

And I'm usually up late in the night haha. I'm an insomniac lol.

Butler and Bagman said...

I followed your blog over from Barry's Explorer blog. Good summer plans. I look forward to the photos. My plan this summer take a couple of days off...similar to the winter. Since I don't get summer vacations, I try and give myself lots of little mini-vacations...30 minutes here, 60 minutes there. Breaks up the day. Post pictures!!

HalfCrazy said...

@Faisal - I always try to be patient but I always end up irritated because uhm, I get impatient. LOL. He'll probably give the camera to me on August, when he comes home lol.

@Life Ramblings - Yeah, you just need more practice! You go, girl! Everyone can get better at something!

@Marielle - Find that book for me. =)) Go bitch! ='))

@Trini - Just went to your blog and saw that you made more than a hundred bucks! Now there's some money for partying lol! You should get some proper sleep, you might get sick from lack of sleep! I was once an insomniac but I found out I could get something like Anemia then Leukemia. That is scary.

@Butler And Bagman - Glad to have you here, Sir! Hahaha! 30-60mins won't get you anywhere! :P but then again, it seems like you're a busy person lol. Yes, Imma post the pictures soon! :) They are not THAT good so don't expect too much! :P

leafless said...

Have fun learning about photography! This is something I always want to do; I never have enough time to.

Siam said...

very impressive and great ..

HalfCrazy said...

@Leafless - I'm sure that if you put loads of time into it, you'll produce more amazing photos. You've got a lot of them in your blog! :P

@Siam - Thank you! :)

Mark said...

I have not eaten at McDonalds or any other fast food place since watching Super Size Me over two years ago. This was a very powerful movie.

Ron Centeno said...

Hello Half Crazy,

Summmer is short and you must be "half crazy" to want to do all that in one summer, hehehehehe!

Hey thanks sa pagbisita at pag-iwan ng mensahe. Added you to my blogroll on both my websites.

Enjoy your summer! See you on your next post!

HalfCrazy said...

@Mark - Whoa, really? Well actually, I started minimizing my visits to McDonald's too. I rarely eat there anymore! But then I started to go to Shakey's more LOL. Wait, are they a fast food? Haaha.

@Ron Centeno - Hahaha yeah, I know I can't do all of that but I'll try! I'm not too sure about the "taking music lessons" part. I'm half crazy because I can be immature and mature LOL. Nagulat ako nung biglang pag comment back ko, iba na yung blog mo. Dalawa pala accounts mo LOL. Anyway, both are very interesting, thanks for adding me! Hope to see you around here more! :) Flips should stick together!

Helen Hunt - Free Link said...

Don't you just love it when you see another lovely looking lady showing the guys how its done?

I have now started using ideas from here on my blog too.

Keep it up girl - you rock.

Faisal Admar said...

In August? Not bad then :) Eh gime updates! Need more to feed my soul... *wink*

Patty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you have a Nikon. Is there any other camera?! Heehe. I have been shooting with Nikons since 1985.

You should join us in our photo shoot out tomorrow. It is "people" day.

We usually post around ten photos, but a few will do if you don't have a lot of have time. It is a nice way to show off your town and your people.

Don't let photography be a phase! It is something you will get better at each day, and will enjoy for a lifetime.

Johnny Boi said...

cinematography! yep thats the word. I feel so retarded smetimes =P

I jsut found out that my spring break is gonna be cut short! gonna have to come back early for court hearing. god i hate this city! well not really, just their traffic cameras

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a fantastic blog you have going here little lady!! I'm quite impressed ;)
If you have a minute or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog and say hello!!
Take good care and..........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Antonio Estevez said...

hello dear! I am digging this post. I like to see people make plans and goals, try new things. You should definitely try photography. Ive seen some of you pics on here and I think you have a good eye for composition. Although I dont know if thats saying much, because I just bought a camera a few months ago and am learning myself. I mostly use the camera to take pics of my artwork, but am planning to take more outdoor pics when the weather starts getting warmer. But DSLRs are real expensive. I was going to get one, but I got a Luminx FZ28 10 MP instead. Its a very high rated camera, and not expensive at all for all the features you get. I wrote about it in one of my old posts Making Love to the Camera

If you learn drums that'd be awesome! We could start an international jam band!

Garando said...

Definitely go for the DRUMS!! Girls on drums are rare, and is SUPER cool. Have you seen Paramita play? Their lead vocals / drummer always makes my jaw drop each time I see her pound those skins. So cool!

HalfCrazy said...

@Faisal - Ha! Will update later, I just need to get some sleep so when I wake up, I know what to write already! Magic LOL.

@Patty - Oh, no, that Nikon is not mine! I don't have a DSLR! :) Photography will only be a phase unless I get me a professional camera that makes everything beautiful LOL.

@Johnny - Court hearing? For that? You didn't do anything, did you? :P

@Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... - Thanks Ms. Reggie Girl! Already left you a comment on your thought provoking blog! :)

@Antonio - Thanks for the tips and your "Making Love To The Camera" blog; I'm waiting for the digicam, can't wait to mess around with it. I don't know if the quality will be as good as a DSLR, though, But I gotta try and enhance my "Photography Skills"

@Garando - That is what I think about girls who play drums too! But my Dad thinks it's better for a girl to play Piano or Guitar lol. Ah well, I guess he doesn't appreciate the music drums produce. Not into Paramita, I rarely see them lol!

lvs said...

I finished school long ago but if i were to make a list of things to do in summer, it would include a lot of the things you have listed :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Memory sure is becoming cheaper these days. I wonder when we will eventually hit the rate of 1c to 1 Gigabyte.

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Anonymous said...

Как говорилось на Девочки, третий день часто бегаю в туалет, подозреваю, что простудила мочевой пузырь(вечером перед этим очень сильно насквозь промочила ноги и еще час ходила с мокрыми ногами по холоду, в тряпочных балетках, когда пришла домой думала , что они у меня атрофировались)Рези при мочеиспускании нет, но вчера сильно тянуло поясницу.Может ко что порекомендует?я понимаю, что лучше сходить ко врачу, но все же))Раньше был цистит и один раз также самое,пила курсом фурагин.И вот вновь.

Anonymous said...

Как говорилось на Помогите советом, очень нужна поддержка. Мне 26 лет, замужем. Так вот, случилась у меня неделю назад задержка. Ну особо я не припаривалась, поскольку до этого принимала Диане-35 и решила, что это как-то связано с отменой...Тем больше, тест с самого начала показал одну полоску всего. А сегодня решила сделать еще один, для самоуспокоения...А он лестный!!! Вроде и новость не из самых плохих, какие бывают, и благоверный рад.... А мне как-то не по себе...просто до слез почему-то(((( Учусь в ВУЗе заочно (получаю второе воспитание), не работаю. Как сейчас я буду учиться: все экзамены сдают, а я с пузом или же хуже - рожаю. Искала работу - сейчас никто не поймет...Вроде надо как-то веселиться и готовиться к материнству, а ничего этого не хочется. Как себя настроить на неплохое? Как успокоиться?

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