Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some bottle popping and Slumdog Millionaire fever!

Before you read this, I suggest reading the little wall of text under my blog title 'If the past is the problem, our future could solve them' After that continue reading this. Got your attention? Great! Well first off, I don't just blog about a single topic in one post. I blog about 2 or 3 (or more!) topics per post as I love variety and sticking to just one topic would be very boring for you and me! Now as this is my first blog, I don't want to go into the 'getting to know me' segment thing as it would be better if you know me through my blogs and my personal opinions and that's better, right? You agree? Then we'll be good friends! Hahaha.

Now let me start off with my first topic, The Pussycat Dolls! Hate them or love them, they don't care! For the record, I love them and I'm a fangirl and don't worry, I won't scratch you to death with my Pussy-cat claws if you say you don't dig them! Now whatever. So they recently released their video, Bottle Pop and here it is:

Here is an HQ one:
(Big thanks to PCD World)

I'm a fan but I absolutely don't like this video. Yes it's shiny and can be awesome at times and it could have been better with proper camera handling! The Dolls look great, they really do; but their props are wasted for this pretty mediocre video. Director Thomas Kloss, if you're ever reading this, please put more effort next time and maybe fire your camera crew or whoever it is who filmed this thing. If it's you, then pardon me but it's a pretty crappy take. The Dolls would have been better with Director Francis Lawrence (Buttons) and it makes Director Diane Martel's take on Whatcha Think About That make sense! Dolls, please go back to Director Joseph Kahn (When I Grow Up, I Hate This Part) for a more professional and respectful video!

P.S. Please buy Doll Domination, the 2nd studio album of the Pussycat Dolls. Also buy Top Of The World and I Hate This Part. This is a recommendation!

Rating: 6 out of 10.

Yes, this might be the 13246th time you're gonna read something about Slumdog Millionaire. I have seen it a good 2 or 3 weeks ago and like what people are saying, it's a damn good movie! Yeah it's kinda of unrealistic (with the boy winning and everything) but it's very original and the execution of the actors make up for it! Go see it. It deserves all the awards it won and props to Director Danny Boyle for a damn good job! Worried whether to see this or The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button? See this instead or maybe watch both but Slumdog Millionaire is something you shouldn't miss.

Rating: 10/10

Now I've been reading loads about Slumdog Millionaire and this little trivia caught my eye:
+ Mercedes-Benz asked that its logos be removed in scenes taking place in the slums. The company, according to Danny Boyle, did not want to be associated with the poverty-stricken area, fearing that that might taint its image.

I promise to not buy a Mercedes-Benz product in the future. Not because I live in the slums but because I think what Mercedes-Benz did is sort of offending. If I ever become a millionaire someday, I'll remember my promise to not buy a Mercedes-Benz!

So what's cracking?
+ I'm currently taking up Computer Science. I love it but it brought me down (numerous failed subjects and Math ruined it all for me). So I thought of shifting to Psychology instead and I'll wait for the approval next week! I have love for Psychology anyway. If I could only take Communication Arts instead or something related to media!
+ A lot of people piss me off right now because of their ignorance when it comes to certain things. If only everyone could just read books and stop talking just for once and listen to the world and the people around them!
+ I can't think of anything else but I'm pretty busy these days because of tests, reports and whatnot.

Much Love,


Marit said...

Hey! :-)
It's Marit, I was extremely curious about your 'You gotta love this link right here.' so I clicked it! (was a bit affraid to end up in a pornsite, no just kidding I know you;))
Great you're start blogging, you're really good at it!:-) Seems like you always have alot on your mind. (maybe I should start blogging too)
Psychology? That's funny, I do a study for nurse and right now I'm learning the business by 'working' in a nursehouse - and I work in a department for psychogeriatric people, which is old people which memories aren't that well... And I think it's pretty interesting too!:-)
And hey, fortunately I do read books. ;-) Next time you should tell us what your frustrations are, I might recognize them?! :-)
Can't wait for your next blog. ;-)
Much PCD Love, have to agree with you on your Bottle Pop opinion ..

HalfCrazy said...

Hi fellow PCD fan! :)) Hi Marit! Omg you're the first ever person to comment on me here LOL! Good thing you followed the link, I started advertising this blog yesterday, hahaha! Well this isn't my first blog, I started blogging in a videogame community, yeah I know, kinda nerdy stuff but it was awesome and I met a lot of friends there, especially American gamers, hahaha!

Well enough about me! Yes, you should start blogging too! It clears up some space in one's mind, clearing up those cobwebs and most importantly, having your opinions aired! You know you could earn money for this LOL! I assume you also have a lot to say so why don't you start blogging too when your schedule permits you! Yeah, I have read that you're a nurse or training to be one or something of that sort lol! And that's really great as you would be helping a lot of people out there. Again, quoting Kim, you must be a beautiful and awesome person! Wait, is that what she said? Well i remember it was something along that line lol! Hmm, you're working in that sector? That's really interesting as you're surrounded by old people who can maybe tell you stories or give you lectures for being 'bad' lol! What I said about Bottle Pop there was kinda mean but hey, it's true lol!

Hope to see you some other time! Thanks for visiting! I'll make sure you're gonna love this space of mine more in the days to come! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Grabe ang haba. Galit na galit ka pa rin jan sa mercedes-benz na yan wth. =)) At kamusta naman. Kilala mo talagam mga directors ng mv ng PCD. =))

Fanatic ef.

Anonymous said...

Ew shit typo.


Anonymous said...

Aw. Pinanuod ko yung vid. Ampanget nga amf. Parang kuha sa cellphone tapos mauga yung cam tapos pota. Ampanget! Hindi ko nafeel yung song nung pinapanuod ko yung vid! Samantalang pag pinapakinggan ko yan sa byahe napapa bop ako eh! Haha =)) Lame amf.

HalfCrazy said...

Whoa Mena meron ka namang Livejournal dyan! Bastos ka! Speak English! =')) Talagang kilala ko, ganyan talaga pag fan. Siguro wala pa yung calling mo na maging isang hardcore fan. What the, calling? =))

Pinanuod mo ba yung high quality? Kasi mas ma feefeel mo yun eh. Yang nasa Dailymotion parang lame bastard lang yung director. Hahaha ansama ko lang. =)) It could have been better talaga. Pinakahihintay pa naman ito ni Mike! Mas maganda pag yung PSP cam nalang ginamit eh noh. =))

Anonymous said...

Awts. Hindi ako marunong magsalita ng wikang ingles eh. =/

Nway, yeah. Pero 'di ko pa rin feel. Basta iba eh. Parang... okay. Video. Yung ganun. I don't like it. =/

And lolz. Super tagal na nyang LJ ko eh. =)) Saka 2 post lang tapos wala pang kwenta. =)) Pero ang cute. 2006 saka 2007 yung post ko. =)) Sayang 'di ako nakapagpost nung 2008 haha!

HalfCrazy said...

Di ko rin feel eh. Ang cheap nga ng set eh. Medyo cheap nga rin yung moves nila minsan eh. Lalo na yung gumagapang si Nicole. Sassy but classy sila, diba? Ngayon parang na lolz eh. Lolz kasi yung wardrobe tapos parang nagtatakbuhan yung camera crew habang nag fifilm. =))

Subukan mo kaya mag blog ulit. =))

sarcastic0ne said...

Whoa ayra, akala ko naman kung ano yung link sa signature eh. Go keep it up, talk about random things haha!

Anonymous said...

"If I could only take Communication Arts instead or something related to media!"

- Bakit hindi mo kinuha ang isa dyan instead of Psychology? Hindi offered?

HalfCrazy said...

@sarcasticone - Hahaha kumpleto tlga pangalan mo. =)) Salamat! Lols member ka na pala since November 2007. =))

@Az - Huhu! Sadly, hindi! Kung mag transfer ako, sayang kasi yung educational plan ko LOL. 2 years and 3 months nalang yung natitira dun. Saka pag sa Mapua pa rin, sobrang dami yung ma credit. Ayun, dun na ako mag Psychology sa Intra.. I'm leaving all my friends! =))

TwistedSolace said...

I have to agree with you about the video of bottle pop. I just can't see the sense of the vid plus I think it doesn't have enough creativity and it's shot too close! The song has some pretty awesome moves and the director failed to show it on the MV (umenglish talaga ako =')) )

Ang epal buti ka pa nakapanood na ng Slumdog Millionaire! Gusto ko na din panoodin yan ._. at ang epal nga ng Mercedes benz dahil lang sa reason na yun pinatanggal nila yun logo ng company nila. Ang babaw at ang sama lamang nila.


Yan din tinanong ko kay Ayra dati eh. Papano kung biglang di din pala Psychology yun "true calling" nya diba?

true calling ='))

HalfCrazy said...

Oo walang creativity. Parang, "Tara sayaw tayo sa harap ng cam, let the camera guy run around, filming us!" parang ganun lang nangyari eh. =')) Oo, yun nga rin ang aking kumento sa MV. Hindi pinapakita yung dance moves!!! Pano na tayo nyan?? Hahaha ganun tlga eh noh. =))

March is coming na naman, Mike! Pagdating mo sa shop, DL Slumdog Millionaire kagad. And hindi pa naman sya showing dito sa Pinas eh. Panuorin nalang natinsa big screen kung feel mo. =)) And I don't know kung mag showing pa yun dito, wala kasing nakalagay sa IMDb.

Eh Mike! Baka nga hindi iyan pero kailangan ko ring magtapos and yun ang magiging daan para makapag aral na rin ako ng CISCo!! ='))

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, you are fun! I look forward to reading more from you.
I feel I will take you up on the Slumdog Millionaire recommendation, a lot of my friends have seen it and proclaimed its awesomeness, so I guess it's my turn!
As for computer science, don't give up yet!! :-) I am a programming and mathematics major myself, and yeah it is hard and I hate it at times, but it is so fun too! Ill be happy to help with math, in fact my next Blog I think is gonna be a calculus walkthrough of some problem I hated! LOL

HalfCrazy said...

@thatryan - Hi, thanks for commenting! :) And because you're an awesome person who is a programming and mathematics major, I have to salute you lol! I've given up already. It's sad but my IQ goes zero just seeing numbers LOL. A calculus walkthrough? Just reading the Calculus word makes me sleepy already! But hey, I'll check it out anyway! :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm I see. Just be sure to finish that, mahirap na masayang pa yung educational plan. :P

@TwistedSolace: LOL @ True Calling. :))

HalfCrazy said...

@Az - Unga eh! Lol nag dedecline pa naman na ngayon yung mga Education Plan companies! omgomgomg! OA. =))

Anonymous said...

wow! I didn't know about that Mercedez-Benz thing! But I think they might have thought that they will be seen as hypocritical or ironic since it's an expensive car company and advertises itself in slums.

But why do it anyway in slums in 1st place is a mystery... or rather some overzealous idiot's idea! ^_^;;

HalfCrazy said...

Hi Lunais! Well, they should have just bought another car! :P

InfoWebExplore said...

Just wanted to make a remark about Slumdog Millionaire. Indeed it is a great movvie as many said,,,it kept me in front of the screen without taking break for cigarette or coffie (abnormal for me, haha). I did not read the media yet, but suppose this movie will be nominated for some Oscars. What film do you thing is gonna win this year? (i think 22 feb). Slumdog..., or The Curious case of Benjamin Button (another great movie)? Greetings.
@thatryan: I will join your club, but in physics field,,,just performing my PhD in molecular dynamics:). Greetings.

HalfCrazy said...

Ha, that's easy. Slumdog Millionaire would bag the award. Curious Case is too.. I don't know, draggy? It's still a good film, though. But I really prefer Slumdog!

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