Monday, April 4, 2011

Something about flying away and on being a quitter.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a quitter. I'm not proud of it. The reason for being at first, being obsessed with the idea of a particular thing, could be due to a lot of things. The hype surrounding it, the glory after attaining that goal, and my dreams, hopes, and attitude of wanting to be versatile and skillful in a lot of areas. I am interested in a wide array of things so I tend to get confused and overexcited over what I really want to do with my life.

The idea of wanting to get into med school. I took the test that serves as a requirement for all medical schools in the Philippines. I got a really low score. I feel like I can't take the hardship that I have to go through med school.

Being an officer of the Student Council. I was head of the Sports committee then promoted to Secretary. I quit because I wanted to focus more on my studies and my internship that time.

Enrolling in a private institution for Spanish classes. I attended a few classes but then decided it was too hard for me, I need to be immersed in a place where I could really practice the language.

Shifting from BS Computer Science to BS Psychology. Calculus and analytical subjects shot me down.

For most of the time, I am great at the start of these ideas but then after a while, I quit before I hit the finish line. I could have had a shot at being a Doctor, I could have organized and helped BS Psychology be recognized and appreciated in my university, I could have been speaking and understanding Spanish now, or I could have been a Computer Programmer instead of a Psychotherapist or a Human Resources person.

I have a lot of regrets but there's no use sulking over them. I do not promise any more quitting in the future but I would like to redeem myself and make use of what I have now, take things one day at a time, do time management. I wrote and posted this on my blog to serve as a memory and a guide for a lot of things that I gave up.

What have you been quitting lately?

Much Love,


Jay said...

I've kind of done some of the same things. Not really quit, but not attempt things that would take lots of time and effort that I wasn't willing to do. But, we can't sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or punish ourselves for the past either. Gotta just keep moving forward.

Lynilu said...

I'd like to encourage you to pursue your goal. You never know till you try, and often those things that we earn by hard labor are the sweetest of all. Perhaps it won't be easy, but again, that is the best of victories!

Another idea is just the opposite. When I was 18, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I decided to not go to college at that time. I ended up getting marriage and having children, and honestly, I didn't think about college for many years. Then, in my 30s I realized what I wanted to do, and that's when I went to college. I never regretted it. I worked for about 18 years in my chosen profession, and retired happy! So you might take a couple years, work, experience the world, and consider what you *really* want to do. Then, you will make a more informed decision, and it will probably be a good one!

Whatever you decide, good luck and work hard to achieve your goals!

nuts said...

pursue your dream! don't quit!

Diana said...

Don't be so hard on yourself sweetie. You are so young that you have plenty of time to try new things. How else are you supposed to know what really makes you happy. Try many things. I guarantee that you will find at least one thing that you will stick with.
Life is a long journey. You may not find out what really interests you for many, many years. Or you may get lucky and find it tomorrow. Whatever the case, don't think of it as quitting. Think of it as trying all sorts of interesting new things. Some of which you just don't care for! Thanks for visiting me today, have a great weekend! Love Di ♥

Alice Law said...

Wow, it has been really quite sometimes you have deserted your blog! Missed your good write up a lot!

Don't give up, keep going to pursue your dreams... take your time and enjoy the journey, you will be successful!:)