Saturday, April 23, 2011

Part 2: Holy Week @ Bonifacio High Street

It's the night of the Black Saturday here in the Philippines. Traditions are not observed anymore. Throughout the holy week, my neighbors still went on with their lives - buying liquors and cigarettes from us. Yes, we run a small business. We got no choice but to sell to these people, times are tough nowadays. Again, while I'm not religious, it's kind of sad.

I covered half of the stations in my previous post, check it out if you have time!

Station 8, The Two Simons. In this station, there's a table with a lamp, pieces of paper, jars, and pencils. One can write their prayers on a piece of paper and drop them on the jar. One can read the papers in the jar and pray for those people. I didn't write anything. While I think I have many problems, a lot of people have it worst. I picked some papers, went through them and prayed for the others who deserve it. One message I can't forget was, "I wish for my husband's success in his career. I wish for the good health and blessings of my family. Hopefully, one of these days, we can finally have that wedding - not just in my dreams. I will not stop hoping."

Station 10, The Mother: Jesus Entrusts Mary to John There were pictures clipped showing mothers with their children.

Station 11 The Promise, Jesus promises Paradise to the Thief. Aside from Jesus, there were two other men crucified on either of his side, both were criminals. The other one threw him insults, the other one believed in him. He then promises paradise to the latter.

Station 13, The Cloth. My favorite station! One can write in a piece of paper about people they are thankful for. Wrote about my friends in high school and college, people I've met elsewhere, and everyone in between.

Much Love,


Ginny said...

These continue to be so interesting and creative. My favorite is the one where you can write prayer requests. Maybe because I am the prayer lady at our church and I record on our prayer and information line several times a day, mostly prayer requests. So you oen a small store. Is it like a 7-11 here? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Regina said...

Aloha..well cheers, that makes two of us! I'm not really religious either but I like to read the scriptures (more into the spiritual I guess). I was raised Catholic though, so I guess I can relate a little. I appreciate your sincerety and think you put your post together nicely. Wishing you a wonderful Easter-

Dave King said...

There's much here that's new to me. Thanks for that.

Diana said...

How interesting! I wish that we had something like that here. It looks very beautiful there. Happy Easter!
Love Di ♥

Mom Daughter Style said...

very interesting. I used to be religious pero di na ngayon.I remember yung mga nagpepenitensya sa Philippines before. My grandma used to own a sari sari store. I miss those too, very convenient.

witsandnuts said...

Thanks for blogging about this. I didn't know they have this in Boni High Street. Extra special talaga ang observance ng Holy Week sa atin.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Finally came back from a long Lenten vacation. How are you?

Hope you are fine.

I know what you mean when you said that people still went on with "their" lives even if it is Black Saturday. It is not bad to go on with our lives during the Lenten Season. What is bad is we continue the bad parts of our lives during that season and the days that follow.

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