Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Update and a Tagaytay Trip in a week!

Wow, I can't seem to keep up my appearance here even though I've said like twice that I'll be back for good. Sometimes, one just gets tired of blogging, runs out of things to say due to lack of excitement or other things that can prevent the aforementioned activity. Then there will come a time when one suddenly gets this urge to write something. Maybe after all that time, I may have a lot of interesting stuff to post about.

I have a lot of things to say but I'm just not in the mood right now. Just checking in to the blogging world. Hope all of you are safe and happy. And just for the record, I am safe and happy.

On a side note, I'm going to Tagaytay in about a week. Any information would help. I already know how to get there, I already reserved a lodging for me and my friend and planned other things. Other suggestions would be welcome, like places to visit, to eat, etc. Thanks!

Much Love,


Ebie said...

I love your blog make over!

Happy Easter and have a nice time in Tagaytay!

Jama said...

I remembered eating in a restaurant called Sonia's garden in Tagaytay, the vegetables are fresh and the spagetti sauce is so delicious. I know it's in Tagaytay but not sure where as I was brought there by our driver/guide.
To prevent people from littering, the government imposed fines for anyone caught littering, that's why you can see Singapore being so clean. Plus we got lots of cleaners going around cleaning even the road side! that's how we managed to keep our city clean! lol

HalfCrazy said...

Oh yeah, I've read about that place! I'm only a student and I'm on tight budget, not sure if I can handle that, haha! But yeah, that's what they say, they got some fine food and a good ambiance!

It's weird cos we have that law too but only in some parts of the country, I think. But of course, Filipinos are not really disciplined, a lot see the streets as their big garbage bin, haha!

Interesting to know how Singapore gets to be one of the cleanest in Asia!