Monday, April 13, 2009

Trip in the City.

Yesterday we went to Alabang, Muntinlupa (also a part of Metro Manila) to pick up a package for my brother as it was also his birthday yesterday. He got some sort of an iPhone called Samsung P2.

It was unbearably hot yesterday, I don't understand why some people can stand the heat! I don't know why but every time I go out of the house for the whole day, I come back sick when I get home in the evening LOL. It's the first time we got out of the house ever since my vacation so I was happy to go out even though it's hot!


Sky looks like this yesterday before we went out. The clouds look a bit gloomy but trust me, it was so hot outside!

As you can see, Alabang is a little barren but if given a decade more, it would boost and grow like Makati with all the office buildings and maybe Malls. Right now, the place is pretty green. This part of Metro Manila is actually so clean I had a hard time to spot candy wrappers - in some parts anyway LOL.

People under the shade of a tree. Even if under a tree, it's still so hot I'm surprised they haven't taken their clothes off!

We don't often see this kind of architecture here in Metro Manila. This one's situated beside the Highway, I dream of having to hang out in there someday!

One of the busy streets in Alabang. If you click to enlarge, there's actually black fog amidst the roar of vehicles LOL.

A little zooming on one of those Philippine Jeepneys and we get this. The Jeepney is the primary mode of transportation here in the Philippines. And the primary smoke belchers! They're the King of the Streets. Jeepneys are public transportations and if I'm not mistaken, the National Vehicle of the Philippines or something like that LOL. Jeepneys can have a capacity of 18-22 people, depending how long the seats are. They have different routes.

Pretty garden in Alabang Hills. We're on the way to that building in the distance. It was a good walk but still so hot. Yeah, how many times I've used 'hot' in this post LOL.

So anyway we got home, rested for a while and went out for Dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday. He asked his two best friends to come, we ate at Guilly's Island in Glorietta 5, Makati. I didn't take any good shots of the restaurant because there were many people around, it would look weird for me to just snap photos while they talk and dine with their friends and family LOL. I had some shots of the foods prepared but I'll be saving that for the upcoming Friday Town Shootout!

In the meantime here's some photos of the Makati at night.

Okay, hope you guys had fun and see YOU at the Friday Town Shootout. Topic on Friday is restaurants around town and food.

Much Love,


Jay said...

Those Jeepneys are very cool. I would have to go for a ride in one if I was ever there.

The city looks very modern and prosperous in those areas.

witsandnuts said...

Haaay, I can't take my eyes off those night shots of Makati. I miss Makati, I miss my friends.

Patty said...

Wow! I love the whole package. I especially love the Jeepneys and the night scenes. I like the photos taken from the moving car, too.

Thanks for inviting us to go on your trip to the city. What fun!

Veronica said...

Loved the tour around Alabang and the night shots from Makati - great to see your part of the world and I LOVE the heat! warm wishes to you, Vxx

Linda said...

It's so hard to think of it being really hot somewhere while I'm sitting here freezing still! Well, maybe not freezing per say but darned cold!

Love the night shots the best out of this batch!

Garando said...

Nice photos!
Garandee loves the summer and the heat, because she's had enough of winter in Japan... while I'm about to shrivel up and die in Manila. You know, like a dried prune.

Photo Cache said...

great drive by shoots. just dropping to say hello

Mark said...

Great photos and commentary, thanks for sharing.

Butler and Bagman said...

I loved the night shot. There was one mystery -- when I blew up the bus (probably a bad choice of words) the motorcycle guy had no face -- only an abstract white thing with blue stripes. Very weird. I guess I'd better get shooting food shots...I don't have any old ones and this is a busy week. My selection will be small. By the way, you don't seem random at all.

MIZZ KEY KEY said...

those are really nice pictures...where is this?! o_O

shadowmoon said...

Nice photos!
Well, I know how it is to live in a hot country :P
It's so sad when it's summer and there're no means there won't be any shadows and it'll be even hotter! Only under some trees or behind/inside buildings but those aren't available everywhere so it's really discouraging to do anything right?
The day yesterday had a completely clear sky there and here the sky was completely covered. Today in the morning was the same thing here.

And Jeepney? Is that public transportation or is it from a private company? What about buses?
That Jeepney looks kinda old and small. How may people they can carry at once?
Looking at one of the pictures it looks like there are lots of those running in the streets right? How are they organized and identified? I mean, how do you know where each one is going to?

And those pictures taken during nighttime are amazing! The city at night have a completely different face and atmosphere it surprises me. And in the last picture, are those little lights on the tree (left side) x-mas lights?

Sidney said...

Alabang is nice... the only bad thing is that you need to use the SLEX to go there and the traffic is just horrible!
As always a well documented entry...
and yes, I agree, it IS hot !

steve said...

great pics...the jeepney where can I get have a wonderful eye....its like I am visiting when you post the pics.....i love the heat...Zman sends

HalfCrazy said...

@JAY - Yeah, ride in one, get caught in a traffic and you would probably burn loads of calories LOL. There were shacks in some parts but I didn't get a good shot of those! Can't take shots while on a Jeepney, someone might snatch it!

@WITSANDNUTS - Sorry for bringing you nostalgia LOL. But guess what, you'll be seeing more so I guess you'll miss Manila more LOL.

@PATTY - Glad you liked those shots, I would probably be posting more Jeepney photos when I get a good view someday somewhere. :)

@VERONICA - Trust me, you wouldn't love it if you were here LOL! Warm wishes to you too, Ms. Ron! :)

@LINDA - I really wish we the rainy days come again so it will be colder again! Maybe not as cold like in your country but at least not hot LOL. Those nights shots are my favorite too, the others are bland and boring LOL.

HalfCrazy said...

@GARANDO - You and Garandee are definitely extremes! At least you could do something about Winter. In here we have to turn on our aircons, gastos pa.

@PHOTO CACHE - Those are definitely drive by LOL. The day shots were taken from a moving Bus! :)

@MARK - Thanks!

@B&B - I think you're a much random person than me, B&B! Oh it was like a moving picture when you said something about the motorcycle guy blowing up but only seeing a bright light LOL.

@MIZZ KEY KEY - It's written in my post. Some of the photos were taken in Alabang, Metro Manila. Night shots were taken from Makati.a

HalfCrazy said...

@SHADOWMOON - Yeah exactly, I find it hard to do anything! I can't even use the PC for a whole hour without going down and freshening up a little! I can't even read my book LOL. I don't wanna turn the air condition on because it would reflect on the Electricity Bill massively, hahaha! I answered your questions in my post, glad you asked 'em, it would be helpful. Thanks! Buses are owned by private companies but still a public transportation. They cover long rides. Maybe that light you were talking about in the last photo is just a lamp post LOL.

@SIDNEY - Didn't experience any traffic for some reason LOL. And thanks!

@STEVE - Thanks for taking this trip with me! :P

TriNi said...

I love looking at pics from your little town!

It looks really clean and beautiful there. I really wish to visit someday!

Seems just as hot as where I came from in the Caribbean tho, but honestly, it's been so cold here in New York, I really wouldn't mind a little heat right now :(

Anyway pretty interesting post as always! Keep up the good work!

Reena said...

thanks for the birthday greeting.

HalfCrazy said...

@TRINI - Actually, this is not my town, this is inside the capital, hahaha! Isn't it usually cold in New York? I really like the fact that NY people always wear coats, boots and stuff because of the cold LOL.

@REENA - Hi Ate Reena, glad to see you back! :)

Faisal Admar said...

to me, makati looks so beautiful :)
hmm... i wonder when will i put my feet there! :P

Chynna Dantes said...

Waahhh... I miss the Philippines, especially Manila. Thanks for sharing.

Monkey Wrench said...

The night shots are nice, I always enjoy looking at urban places at night, when the lights of the cars and buildings almost rivals the darkness. Great shots overall, as always!!

And I know what you mean, the heat kills me too! I much prefer snow and winter, things I've become used to in the states.



Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

Thank you for taking these pictures, in spite of the heat. Very informative.

Calico Kate said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the Jeepneys, great name too.

HalfCrazy said...

@FAISAL - Ha, try to when you get the chance! Besides, we're not far from each other! :P

@CHYNNA DANTES - Hang around some more and you'll miss Manila more LOL. :P

@WRENCH - Ah thanks, I rarely go out but the city at night is just incredible and the place is still hopping as always! You're not in the States? Then where are you LOL.

@EBIE - No problem, you'll see more. Very hot indeed!

@CALICO KATE - Thanks! Also enjoyable to ride in them! :)

syel said...

jeepneys!!!!! kaka-miss! scorching hot pala, but i heard there are days where it rains din daw.

Darla said...

It looks very busy there.

Anonymous said...

What interesting photos. It does look very HOT and very busy! Hope your brother enjoyed his special day and I look forward to more about the FOOD! Thanks for visiting my blog.

buffalodick said...

Thanks for the tour! Interesting to me...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Thanks for the tour... I enjoyed seeing all of it--but I love those Jeepneys... The night lights at Mikada are gorgeous also...

Thanks so much for sharing..

Wendy said...

I wish we had cool looking cars like jeepneys. (But I'm glad we don't have a lot of smoke belchers.)

TriNi said...

thanks for stopping by and I really like my new layout alot better too :)

shadowmoon said...

Reading the comments it feels like Jeepneys would be popular elsewhere besides Philippines.
Though I think they could at least try to do something about the smoke right? Pollution is a great problem nowadays, it's well known yet not much is done.
At least the Jeepneys are opened so I bet it's not an oven inside. It's not like the public buses from Brazil which are closed and don't have any form of cooling besides windows. Jeepneys don't even have windows, or am I blind?
For some reason this automobile seems to have become the main point of this post :)

I do believe that the lights I'm seeing aren't light posts, unless those have a completely different shape. Take a look again. It's in front of the building, on the left-bottom side of the photo, between the trees, right at the corner. They resemble x-mas lights a lot.

And just a silly question that I should know the answer but I already forgot (since the last time I had a geography class was like what? 3 years ago?). When is winter in Philippines? Or even, does Winter exists there?

Dennis Villegas said...

Very nice road trip! The sweltering heat is really unbearable, which reminds me I need some nice Halo-halo. LOL
Happy Birthday to your brother!

rica said...

I was hanging out around Gorolietta aria two days ago. :) I was surprised at the fact that all the malls around there are now connected! I started walking from Greenbelt 5 and walk to Glorietta 5 and return. Exhausted!

HalfCrazy said...

@SYEL - Yes, scorching hot nga. There are some days when it rains pero sobrang saglit lang. Mga 5 minutes lang minsan tapos mawawala na LOL.

@DARLA - The streets of Manila are always busy - it's the capital!

@MILDRED - It would be awesome if you visit on Friday for Food photos.

@BUFFALODICK - Thanks, of course it's interesting, it's Manila! LOL.

@BETSY - Mikada, is that in Japan? I'm sure you were thinking of something else LOL.

HalfCrazy said...

@WENDY - Jeepneys are the primary ones who cause pollution in my opinion, glad that you guys don't have it there or the world would be a much polluted place!

@TRINI - Glad you changed it! More appealing than the dark one! :)

@SHADOWMOON - Yeah, everyone is saying that they love the Jeepneys! Jeepneys offer free transportation by the way. The Government doesn't focus much on Pollution, I think there's little budget for that. Glad to know there are Jeepneys in Brazil too. We also have public buses in here who are not air conditioned! They are cheap but I don't want to inhale all the pollution outside! Jeepneys in the Philippines have openings on the side so yes, you could also inhale pollution. Some Jeepneys are air conditioned! I don't know what are those lights LOL. Winter doesn't exist in here because our country is a tropical one, meaning more on sunny days and less than half of that, rainy days. We're included in the Equator line so that's the reason behind that.

@DENNIS - Now I want some halo-halo too. My problem is that it's scary to just buy outside kasi baka di sila gumagamit ng Mineral Water LOL.

@RICA - Whoa very cool, now I know you traveled those parts sometimes! I agree, all the Malls are connected which makes it really awesome! I mean, from Greenbelt, walk the overpass, to Landmark, pass through Glorietta and then SM and again, Glorietta 4 then pass through the pedestrian underground walkway then you're now in Glorietta 5!

John said...

I love your pics! It's amazing how you laid them out in such a way it makes the viewer seem like they went on that journey with you!

I have never seen or heard of a Jeepney before (except maybe in one of your earlier posts).

I can only imagine the heat there. It must be hot & humid, which as you know the humidity makes it feel even hotter. We have days like that in the summer here in the midwest. We call those days "muggy."

I have lived in Las Vegas and Phoenix and it is not uncommon to be 115 degrees in the summer. We would tell people, "but it's a dry heat." LOL But you know it's still hot! I'd rather have that kind of hot than the humid hot!

Maybe if you get sick a lot going out, you are sensitive to pollens and it goes without saying the pollution from the Jeepneys alone cannot be good for you!

I said it before, but will again, the Philippines is so beautiful! I never knew how beautiful until I saw your pictures! (Since then I have searched and found many more and videos...I never realized your country had so many islands too, wow). ok, enough rambling LOL

As always, thanks for sharing!

Tammie Lee said...

Nice that you got out. I don't care for HOT either! I wilt. Drink good water and plenty of it. You sure had a gorgeous day.

the donG said...

that's where i spend most of my time during weekdays. it's nice to see it featured here. it will be booming soon. next time you go there, allow me to bring you around.

sheng said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, it's nice to be here...

Ron Centeno said...

I like you alabang garden shot and Your night shots are beautiful. Great exposure! Keep up the good work!

HalfCrazy said...

@JOHN - If I can, I'll take a photo of what a Jeepney looks like inside and its sides because it seems everyone is intrigued by it! It's actually good to know that we are not the only ones experiencing this incredible heat! Pollens? I don't think so but after spending a tiresome day outside, there's a 70% chance I'll get sick, how weird is that? LOL. If I'm not mistaken, the Philippines has 7,103 islands? That's depending if it is high tide or low tide!

@TAMIE LEE - Yeah exactly, I love drinking water, not only is it refreshing but good for the body too, especially in this incredible heat.

@DONG - I see a lot of big plans for Alabang, maybe it will be the next Makati, a business district, but who knows? Thanks for the offer!

@SHENG - Glad to know you like it here!

@RON - Thanks! Of course I'll expose Manila more. With this, more people might come to the Philippines to have a taste of diverse things.

Helen Hunt said...

I like this post -
Hey, did you change your blog theme? The last time I was here, it looked different to what I see now.

Nice work girl :)

Andrea said...

Excellent pics...I love the snapshots into your corner of the world!! :) The night shots are fantastic! :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Did you say you tripped in the city???? Are you okay, lol...
Great, wonderful, fabulous snaphots of your town. You have a great eye Miss Lady.
I can't wait to see your awesomeness tomorrow at our gangs "Friday Shoot-Out".
Please don't make me feel inferior now okay??

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Missy said...

Nice shots and thanks for the tour, I miss the jeepneys and Makati now :-)

Reena said...

ayan, binasa ko na siya...:)

since i live near this neighborhood, i can really say that it has made a lot of progress. although i notice that in the last 5 years medyo bumagal yung development bec ause the fort global city took over eh.

did you know that the entire filinvest area used to be government property. And Marillac Hills, which is under DSWD used to be located there. it's a place where single ladies with unwanted pregancies are kept or rehabilitated. (i.e yung mga na-rape na nabuntis, etc)

but if you notice, there is one stretch there right in front of alabang town center which the DSWD is managing already. i'm not sure if nandun na yung facility na yun, but they have kids there.

ayan, may history ka pa ha.

nice night shot of glorietta. i find glorietta 5 magulo.

HalfCrazy said...

@HELEN HUNT - Yeah, changed it! I like this one better as it has an easy interface and welcoming to the eyes. Now easy to navigate around!

@ANDREA - Thanks! Hopefully I'll have some more of them! Thank you for dropping by! :)

@REGGIE GIRL - I always trip in the city. In fact I trip almost everywhere LOL. I have already written the post for tomorrow's shootout, schedule to be posted tomorrow morning, Friday! :)

@MISSY - Nostalgia ha? Balik na kasi. Haha!

@REENA - I just hope na you're feeling all good na. Stressed ka pa ata, na force kang basahin yung blog LOL. Haha, salamat sa History, mukang batang Alabang ka ah! :) I find Glorietta 5 magulo rin. Parang medyo cramped yung place! Okay sana mga kainan pero medyo dark yata lol.

InfoWebExplore said...

just a curiosity,,,the frontpage picture of your blog was taken in Amsterdam? Maybe I am wrong but it looks pretty similar as A'dam landscapes:) almost recognizing the location.

shadowmoon said...

I think you read wrong or I expressed bad. There are no Jeepneys here :)
Pollution is already a big problem here and there's just no space for any other cars in some cities. São Paulo (a city here) once registered a traffic jam of 120km or more, I don't remember. Unfortunately the public transportation here is really poor and can't cover the demand so that's what we get, cars with only one person packing the streets.

And it's interesting to know that Jeepneys are free. That's really strange in a capitalist world. Here the public transportation is so expensive sometimes it's cheaper to go by car.

Yes, I asked about winter because I remembered that Philippines was near the line of equator and I forgot how seasons worked there :P
Like I said, it's been a long time since I last had a geography class so I forgot a lot of things...not that I had learned something to be able to forget something :)

HalfCrazy said...

@INFOWEBEXPLORE - If I'm not mistaken, the name of this layout is Rotterdam. I thought it was Amsterdam too. Rotterdam is located on the Netherlands.

@SHADOWMOON - Whoops, I forgot to mention that Jeepneys are public transportation but they are not free! They are actually the ones who bitch a lot when it comes to raising the fare and other things. Why is public transportation so expensive in there anyway? And at least you guys have Geography classes. We don't have that! There's just one portion in History wherein we know the different capitals of the world, a country's currency and a whole lot more. Some may thing it's boring but I think it was awesome LOL.

Kris said...

galing mo tlga kumuha ng photos ha! sana ma-bless ka ng DSLR para lumabas na yang talent mo sa photography.. hehehe! nga pla, behind thos trees nung kinukuhanan mo yung mga jeeneys is the new firestation ng muntinlupa, sana nadaanan nyo din yun, kasi ang ganda ng building nila and bagong mga firetrucks.. =) la lang, kwento ko lang..


khengsiong said...

The Jeepneys are interesting. Do they have ticket conductors?

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I like the truck, someone creative seems to have designed it.