Saturday, March 28, 2009

About blogging.

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Cottage Farm Villa: Kitchen Inspiration!
P.S. Check out how she patterned her kitchen after her dream kitchen!

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I blog to express and to have a record of my thoughts and things that happened in my life because I know I'm gonna look at my old posts and probably say how silly I was and so that I can refresh my memory too. I'll be discussing some parts of blogging in here, sort of like a FAQ and lots of blog-related things. I'm not an expert but I've been blogging for almost 5 years already (a good slice of that, I blogged in a gaming site). No, that doesn't make me an expert, still!

You probably notice a lot of people having more than 30 comments and wonder why you only have 5 views a day or less and no one is commenting - and you have really good entries, you know it!

In a hundred views, only a handful of people comment. It's not really about the views - it's all about wanting people to notice you and knowing what you have to say! For some it may not be important but for many who want comments, they need to let people know that they have arrived and ready to start kicking some serious ass. The key in here is networking! Go out there and start commenting on people's pages! Always make sure to leave meaningful feed backs. A "Nice blog!" comment would not help. If you don't have anything else to say, do not comment and move on to another blog.

Okaaaay.. you tell me that I should let people know I have arrived in the blogosphere but where are they? I don't know where to start!

Good question. Join networking sites and participate in discussions. Just plugging your blog straight away would not help you very much and people would probably ignore you. I recommend to start in Blog Catalog. Register, have your blog in their directory, participate in discussions and check people's blogs. I guarantee you, once the ball starts rolling (when you start commenting on various pages) it picks up speed and might not stop (they'll begin commenting on you)!

Meet other people through your new found friends; connect with them by joining in various activities - you'll meet loads of people in the process and an unlimited supply of awesome and new blogs!

Cool! How do I maintain my blog?

Don't write when you don't have anything else to say. Don't be pressured or intimidated by those people who seem to churn out blogs every single day! What's important is that you update often, blog about 3-4 times a week (whichever way you want it), set some boundaries and let people catch up with what you're up to. One blog per 2-3 days is fine, no need to push yourself!

Have a layout and make sure the content is readable, think of those people who have problems with their eyes! Their retinas are probably burned every time they come to your page if you have a black layout and a very bright text! Also make sure that people can navigate your page easily!

Keep a list of your blog favorites and visit them often (they are your favorites after all!). It's really nice to comment back to the people who commented on you and reply to those people who commented on your blogs. If you comment back, they will probably return the favor and maybe start a conversation and get to know each other more! NOW THAT IS NETWORKING! If you reply to their comments individually, they will feel appreciated. I know I feel appreciated when people reply to my comments! We all love that, right?

To monitor your page views, get some counters. Add applications here and there if you feel like it. Just keep in mind that if you put too much stuff in your page, it's gonna load slow!

Thanks. You talk too much. I know I talk so much but these are all so essential, just some basics!

All about you now!

I think I went overboard and talked too much to myself up there LOL. Anyway, the things I wrote up there are just basics and are my experiences, of course we all have our own style and principles when it comes to blogging!

Now I want you to answer some questions!
1. Do you leave comments on other people's pages? Any set number of blogs you're going to visit everyday?
2. Do you reply to comments in your blog? If not, why not?
3. What motivates you to comment on a certain blog?

Any other feed backs? I'm always here and happy to listen! :P

- - -

By the way, yesterday was Earth Hour (in this side of the world anyway) and yes, we participated and I harassed a few people to switch off their lights to vote Earth. We should have Earth Hour every week! An hour a week would not hurt! If you ask me, it should be a total blackout if we really care for our planet. Seems like almost everyone in my neighborhood cared, some are probably oblivious about it LOL. Like what are their TV sets for?!

Did you participate in Earth Hour? What about your neighbors?

Much Love,


John said...

Wow, I didn't know you blogged for 5 years! No wonder you are so good at it! You always get so many comments...haha people I made the first comment this time LOL

I leave lots of comments on my favorite blogs. I'm like you in that I like to look back at the old posts after awhile. Believe me, time flys by the older you get. It's nice to be able to have a record of what was going on.

Hey, I appreciate all the advice and will definitely check out Blog Catalog. I think I do pretty much all the other things you mentioned. I have to admit, I do not usually return to a blog to see if the blogger commented on my comment.

If I comment, and then the blogger comments on my comment, do I then comment on their comment about my first comment? See what I mean! And some people (won't mention any names, AHEM) don't show an archive, so if you snooze, you lose I guess! Once I did go back to check comments and I was too late, the blog POST was gone.

I started blogging because I kept reading more and more blogs. I patterned mine after one of my favorite blogs that I read a lot.

I used to blog on yahoo360 until they changed their photo system to flickr. After that I moved on, but it took me awhile to get used to blogger. I didn't make too many posts my first year, then I decided to really update often and start networking.

Yes, I did Earth Hour! Of course, you know, since you left a comment on my blog...thank you! I wish I had more readers like you!

HalfCrazy said...

@John - I forgot to put the link to the site where I blogged for years. It's now up there anyway! I think it's alright if you don't always return to a blog you commented. I mean, you have your own life too, lol! I'm making you feel good LOL! At least you tried to return the favor! :P About your posts, you update so often and that's good! I try to catch up with all your blogs LOL. I wish I had more readers like you who leave an insightful comment!

shadowmoon said...

Nice way of writing. Kind of reminds how I write :P
Anyway, I do agree and reinforce when you say "if you have nothing to say, don't say" be it for comments or posts. I'm dead tired of seeing comments with no meaningful content out there and note that I'm on the blogsphere for what? 2 months? I think I started on the end of February so no, less than 2 months!

Networking is essential if you want to grow, not only on the blogsphere but on anything. Too bad I'm not that sociable :(
But I try.

Now let's answer your questions:
Q1. Do you leave comments on other people's pages? Any set number of blogs you're going to visit everyday?
A1. I think you already go the answer for this right? :)
Though I don't have set a number of blogs I visit a day. I visit when I'm the mood and until I have something more important to do.

Q2. Do you reply to comments in your blog? If not, why not?
A2. I try to but I fail sometimes. Though I should do this because, just like you and many others, I like when people reply to my comments.
If I see that the comment is too old (like one week old or more) than I don't reply, else I'm always try to reply to meaningful comments.

Q3. What motivates you to comment on a certain blog?
A3. Hmmm....first is my mood. Second is my urge to say something about the issue, be it positive or negative. Third is my knowledge on the topic being presented. Guess that's it.

Extra Q. Did you participate in Earth Hour? What about your neighbors?
Extra A. No and no. At Earth Hour I looked through my window and saw the city completely lit...also I was dead tired so I went to sleep in the middle of that hour. Well, so I guess I could say I kind of participated :)

zman said...

Great post ..its too the point and very helpful to someone that may just start blogging...thats why your one of my favs...Zman sends

REDLAN said...

May ebook akong ganito guidelines into a successful blogging. And I agree with you. Kung gusto mo kasi may magcomment sau, comment ka muna. Gaya sa business, spend ka muna ng money inorder to earn/gain money. Hindi na ako nagrereply ng comment sa comment box ko kasi sobrang busy ko ngayon. Minsan pwede ka magreply sa comment box noong nagcomment sau para hindi mawaste ang time mo. Honestly, namotivate akong magcomment sa blog ng iba firstly dahil nagleave siya ng comment sa akin. Minsan may nadiscover akong blog tapos i like her/his post, magleave ako ng comment. Tapos kapag hindi niya ma-appreciate o hindi siya magcomment sa blog ko, it means hindi niya nagustuhan ang blog ko o wala siyang time magcomment so ang ending niyan, tamad ka rin magbisita ulit o bumalik sa blog niya, ganyan ang tinatawag na motivation. hehehe. Dami pang tips yan.

HalfCrazy said...

@Shadowmoon - I believe I've been here for 2 months already and I'm enjoying my stay so far! I've met some awesome people and now you're one of them! :) glad to know your feedback regarding those questions! Seems like we're going to be good friends LOL. At least you turned the lights off halfway. I'll kick your neighbors if I can! :P

@Zman - Thanks! You're one of my favorite people too, Zman! You keep it short and sweet! I'm not kidding.

@Redlan - Haha, nakakatulong talaga ng malaki mga ebooks. I rarely ebooks kasi di ko kaya ng masyadong matagal na nagbabasa sa PC. Haha, agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo, balikan lang naman yan eh! Saka na experience ko nga yung ganun, dati super visit ako sa certain blog eh parang di nya pinapansin comments ko, di rin sya pumupunta sa blog ko at nag cocomment. Kaya ayun, tumagal di ko na sya ni-Follow. Ansama eh noh, haha! Kahit replyan lang nya ako sa blog nya okay lang eh! Kaso I feel like na di ako na-a-appreciate.

jackc50 said...

wise words from such a young lady. good points about blogging. you have to let people out there know about you and the best way is to drop in on theirs. take good care my friend and enjoy your summer, jack c

Monkey Wrench said...

Another great post. I will take what you said to heart. I have signed up for blog catalog, but haven't really posted or discussed stuff on there...

To Blog Catalog!!!



Reena said...

you've been blogging for 5 years?! so that means you started at 12? :)

i started blogging last year just to keep me busy during idle time. then other bloggers started making comments. and soon i'm addicted! hahaha.

in my case, i still comment on SOME blogs even if i don't get comments in return because i really enjoy their posts. :) though it does feel good getting substantial comments and replies back because it means that they've really read your posts.

anyway, so does this mean you have to visit my blog soon kasi i left a comment here na. LOL. see you!

Shey said...

When I was new to blogging, it was more of a diary for me too. I just enjoy writing and that was it. There were even months when I won't post anything. I was getting lonely after awhile, so I started reading other blogs and left comments. That started the cycle.

I only follow blogs which has similar interests with mine and will not give me a headache: fonts too small and too many ads at the top.

I'm glad you are for earth hour too. I know we should not be mindful of the environment ONLY ONCE but we must DO IT ALL THE TIME. Like I said, turn off the lights when you're not using it.

Thanks for visiting my page. I know I will beat him at scrabble next time! hehehe

Patty said...

You wrote so much I forgot what the questions were.

You have some great rules. I don't want tons of people leaving me comments like, "Nice." Sometimes, I get busy, but I want my friends to know I am not forgetting them, so an occasional quick sentence is necessary.

I also have my favorites that I try to visit at least 3 times a week; sometimes more, if only to say, "Nice post. I'm soooo busy." but I think that once you get to know who your friends are, and they know you are their friends, not just people surfing for popularity posts, they don't mind.

We shut everything off for three hours yesterday. We were gone, but we made sure to shut down the computers and everything else that would normally be running.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Neat blog, lol (sorry I just had to throw that one in).
That's so cool that you added the ditty about Earth Hour!! I hope that everyone participated. Prince and I did and found it quite romantic as a matter of fact......a few candles, a little wine....
I sure hope that you can participate in the next Friday Shoot-Out. I can't wait to see your picture's. Show us around Manila girl!!
Me thinks that you're not Half-Crazy....Me thinks your one smart cookie :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

First off I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog and a BIG thank you for featuring me on your blog today! How sweet of you! I am glad that you have enjoyed my posts.

This is a great post, I also did not know you were such a long time blogger. I just started in I am still rather new...though I took to it right away...constantly improving. I really like your suggestion not to have a black background with bright is hard on the eyes! I personally like blogs that don't have a lot of junk on the sidebars....but a lot of really nice pictures. I use a "stretch" (wide) template with two columns which seems to work well for me. No wasted space. I am really liking my medium background with the white lettering. So many things to learn and try. Thanks for the great info here!!

REDLAN said...

Ako hindi rin tumatagal sa pc magbasa. Kaya i printed out the whole article, naging libro siya dahil pina book bind ko. Binabasa ko siya paulit -ulit. Nakakapagod kaya na walang may nagpapansin sau kahit pasasalamat. Kapag deadma aba eh, iwanan na. Baka yung idea nyo hindi magkapareho. Baka iba hilig niya. Ako kasi i learned to prioritize people na binibigyan ako ng pansin. I learned a lesson kasi nun eh. Kaya ayun. Dami nga nagko-comment sau. Nakaka inspire talaga yun sa pagpatuloy ng pagblog. Goodluck. Keep it up!

shadowmoon said...

Yeah, hope we can be friends :)

My first blog post was on the last day of February 2009 so I'm not even blogging for one month :P and I'm already tired of people requesting comments and visits and all that stuff.

And regarding the Earth Hour, it really wasn't promoted on my city as far as my knowledge goes so it's not a surprise for me that the city was all lit at the time. I knew about it because it was a hot topic on many blogs but I didn't know whether the city I live in was going to participate or not. In the end I found out that it wasn't, at least not officially.

John said...

Hi HalfCrazy! I agree with are far from half crazy! I came back to read the comments ;-) I checked out your previous blog too, wow I am so impressed. I can't imagine you being a "mean girl" either!

I guess I'm not a "gamer." But, I do have the first color version of gameboy (does that count?LOL) and several games. I still play tetris on it always trying to beat my own scores on all 10 levels LOL Gee, I just realized I used to be a gamer, since I had the original Atari and about 18 games! I used to blow $ like crazy and still have what is called a CDI and a dozen games. The CDI also plays cd's and displays the artist & title, etc (if YOU key in all this info! It will remember it the next time...very old technology!) I would hook this unit up to my bedroom tv, if only I could find the power cord to it! of these days!

Sorry you missed out (showing my age here), when I was your age it was so fun to go to arcades and play PacMan, Ms.PacMan, Donkeykong, etc! They even had these machines at Pizza Hut & everywhere. The first game machines were just plain old pong and it still cost a quarter to play!

One of your followers now follows my blog! Thank you and thank you my new follower. I love reading blogs from all over and guess what, I love Filipinos...ok I said it! One of my Mom's best friends is from the Philippines and MMmmmm she is one great cook! She has brought delicious unique candy to us from Manila. till next time!

HalfCrazy said...

@Jackc50 - Thanks, I am enjoying my summer even if we have problems here in the household. You see, my brother failed big time and had to repeat a whole school year in Grade School.

@Wrench - Enjoy! You might want to check out people in my blog list too lol! They're pretty awesome! :P

@Reena - Yeah, around that age, 12 or 13! Haha, nakakaadik nga pag merong comments, mas nagaganahan ka! Haha, same here, even if some blogs don't comment back, I still return kasi I enjoy their posts and they entertain me by replying! People who leave comments in my blogs always gets a comment back so yes, after I write this reply to you, I'll head on over to your page. You'll probably get another visit sa gabi kasi blog hopping time ko mamaya, haha! :) Dami kong sinabi HAHA.

@Shey - Good thing you were somewhat motivated to leave comments on other people's pages! I went to your site earlier and you have a handful of commenters! :) I hate pages with too many ads too! I want to see their content, not their ads LOL.

@Patty - Haha, the "Nice!" comment and just that is really annoying! Quick sentences are fine, I mean, it's not like you have all the time in the world! I agree with you when you said friends wouldn't mind if they just leave quick comments. I don't mind too! It's cool that you turned off everything for 3 hours, I'm sure Crisfield participated in the event. :)

HalfCrazy said...

@Reggie Girl - At least after you said "Neat Blog!", you left a wonderful comment! :) I have no idea what will be the topic for the shootout! Thanks! :)

@Cottage Farm Villa - I really enjoy your posts! I am not a homebody, I don't even know a thing about cooking or doing some household chores! I love coming over to your blog and other blogs that are similar because I want to learn some 'Mommy' stuff LOL. I like your layout! Brown layout to calm the eyes! White looks readable in it!

@Redlan - Haha LOL, pina book bind mo pa talaga ah! Yung blog kasi nung tinutukoy ko, travel blog eh I plan to travel rin someday when I get a job and have a decent salary. Comment ako ng comment dun kasi I really like his entries pero parang di talaga ina-appreciate eh! Kaiyak. HAHA. You're right, prioritize people who appreciate you, don't waste time on people na opposite!

@Shadowmoon - I'll follow you from now on so I can keep track of your paper crafting thing lol! Where do you live anyway?

@John - Yay another lengthy comment from you! I just love lengthy comments LOL. It's alright if you don't reply to my replies, just reading 'em is fine! I have the Game Boy Color too, used to play Tetris in that one too. My Mom, knowing of the possibility of playing Tetris on the Game Boy Color, wouldn't let me and my brother play anymore because she's the one who's addicted to it. I don't know what the CDI is LOL. But that's pretty fine technology! I've played those arcade games but not on Pizza Hut and everywhere! I have the old consoles where I play all those old school games like Pacman LOL. I LOVE Donkey Kong, haha! A lot of Filipinos are really great cooks! :P Try Chicken Adobo if you get the chance!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi Halfcrazy,
Welcome to blog world..! Thanks for visiting my site and mentioning that you're new here.. Hope you'll have an enjoyable stay. See you again soon..

HalfCrazy said...

I mean I'm pretty new to your blog lol. I think my previous visit is like my 2nd or 3rd time! :)

Jeni said...

I blog to leave a "trail" of sorts for my kids but more for my grandchildren so someday perhaps they can read this stuff and understand why Grammy was the crazy old lady she was!
Comments -they're great to get and I really do love 'em but seeing as somedays all I want to do is read posts and not comment at all. Not because a post was uninteresting but more because I just didn't have anything to say that particular day perhaps.

REDLAN said...

pero usually nagre-reply siya sa mga comments? baka hindi tapos hindi rin siya nagko-comment sa iba. hayaan mo na. maraming traveler/blogger dyan.

Barry said...

Great suggestions. And obviously you practice what you preach! Look at all the comments!

HalfCrazy said...

@Jeni - I'm sure Kurtis, Maya and I forgot who the third one is will be thrilled to read all of this in a few years or so! Like I've said before in your blog, it's like someone is writing their diary for them! :) I wish my Grandma is like you but she passed away years ago.

@Redlan - Hindi, di nya ako pinapansin. Di nya yata alam na may comments section LOL. Anyway tama ka, andami ko ngang nakikitang blogs tungkol sa travels eh, interactive pa! Isa sa favorites ko yung kay Lawstude, kababayan natin, haha! :)

@Barry - Thanks Barry! But you get many comments too! :P

Mark said...

Great advice! It is important to keep discovering new blogs and leaving meaningful comments.

shadowmoon said...

Thank you for following my blog :)
Hope you also start this hobby or at least give it a try ok?
And about where I live, I guess I should answer that on my blog :P
Yeah, going to do that soon, can you wait?

Yeah, finding new blogs and leaving meaningful comments is important and it's also interesting to keep a track of the new blogs you find. Follow them or at least bookmark so you can visit at least every once-in-a-while

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc. said...

Very nice post once again. We are lucky to have a few loyal followers (such as yourself) who are gracious enough to leave some interesting comments. We are not to worried about our number of followers since our blog is first and foremost for us, but is always nice to see that other people are intersted in what we have to say. I'm sure you feel the same way!! Keep up the great work.

Oh also THANK YOU!! for putting a link to us at the top! We have linked you on the side, which I have actually been meaning to do for awhile.

HalfCrazy said...

@Mark - Thanks! I was glad to have discovered your blog! A lot of stuff I really care about that everyone can relate to! :)

@Shadowmoon - I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to reject the Paper crafting offer LOL. I really don't have time for it! And yeah, I can wait for that.

@Padfoot and Prongs - Yeah, I feel the same way, I'm interested to meet some new and more people too! And have awesome readers like you guys too! :P The links up there are ones I usually visit everyday or 3-4 times a week!

Missy said...

Wow nice tips, I wish I could comment on a lot of people's blogs but I don't have enough time to do it hehehe, yesterday I did blogging and commenting and ended up doing nothing at home :-) But now, I'm addicted to blogging I just started it November, I think. I didn't know about the "vote earth" and I was in a shopping tour that day so maybe I did my part hehehe not turning on my laptop and heater hahaha. Thanks for visiting me :-) Keep it up girl!!

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, you have to set aside a time for blogging, I know there are other priorities. An hour or 2 would be enough to visit other blogs! I spend like, 3-4 hours checking out blogs lol. You mean the lights are turned on in the Mall?

BlogusVox said...

I also blog to express myself but I don't put quotas on how many post I should make per week. That would contradict my first statement. I may post 4 or 2 or none at all per week. It depends on the level of my "self-expression". To answer your question:
1. It depends. If the topic enterest me and its within the boundary of my knowledge, I leave a comment.
2. Yes, always. I call it "common courtesy".
3. refer to #1.

HalfCrazy said...

Oh I think you're doing it the right way. Don't blog when you don't have anything else to say or you're not feeling it. Otherwise, if you feel tired and you wrote an article, your tiredness would probably reflect dun sa article mo. Nakaka-depress tuloy basahin pag ganun LOL. Thanks for answering the questions!

Ebie said...

Thanks for this post. Congratulations for being a blogger of 5 years, me, only started in Jan. 09. It is nice to get visits and comments besides the deadly "spam". When people make comments, I sometimes reply, but I always do pay a visit to their blog(s), read their entries but only happy entries. One thing to gain readership is to join memes, I thought so, but there are people who just skip and run. I could go on and on, but I still have a lot or sites to visit.

Panaderos said...

I fully agree with your points about blogging. Although I'm a member of Blog Catalog, I pretty much commented on the blogs of people whose writings I liked and enjoyed reading. The rule I follow when I comment is to make sure that I read the blog post carefully. I give a lot of thought to what I put down because the person who did the writing obviously put a lot of thought into what he/she wrote. Though I try to return the favor to my readers by commenting on their posts, I sometimes refrain from commenting if the piece they posted is either too personal or if it's about a subject that I'm totally unfamiliar with.

I like the way you write. The words are very clear and sentences are well constructed. Thanks too for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Take care.

HalfCrazy said...

@Ebie - Good thing I haven't received any of those spam comments. Even if you don't always reply to comments, it's really great that you check their pages out! That is enough appreciation! Those Memes are a great idea. I try not to get too involved with 'em because it's my blog after all. Thanks for checking me out!

@Panaderos - You're awesome if you always read and write carefully - we all hope for readers like that! We like our thoughts to be appreciated and people like you makes it much better! Thanks for commenting about the way I write, I'm actually pretty conscious about it LOL. It's not my native language.

Monkey Wrench said...

I blog to vent, I blog to expound on theories. I blog to write, and I blog to express myself. I blog to instill doubt about how things are, and I blog to show people how things could be. I blog to meet friends and interesting people. I blog because I love it!!


Garando said...

Wow, you blog at 1up? Coooool! I frequent that site for game reviews & news. Yes, I'm a gamer! Btw, I also noticed that your 1up profile gender was set to "M". Since you're obviously female, does that stand for "Momma"? :D

Mav said...

Hey HC,
I think you gave some really GOOD SOLID blogging tips. As to the questions you asked..
Yes I comment on a few blogs daily. I don't have a set number that I visit however.
Yes, I do respond to the comments left on my blogs. (as you well know LOL)
If someone posts something interesting or that I feel warrants discussing than that encourages me to comment.
No, I did not participate in Earth Hour and I'm not sure if any of my neighboors did.
Take care!

foongpc said...

Hi halfcrazy! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Also thanks for "following" my blog! Appreciate it!!

Wow! You blogged for 5 years already? You're what? 17 years old now? So you started blogging at 12? You are definitely a old hand at blogging! I think compared to you, I'm still a baby! Only started last year! Haha!

I agree with everything you said about increasing comments. I always reply to comments on my blog as I think it is appropriate to do so. I dislike bloggers who do not reply to my comments - it's like I'm not welcomed!

I also make it a point to visit bloggers who left comments on my blog. If they take their precious time to read my blog, it's only right that I return that favour! However, I do not leave comments all the time cos sometimes the posts do not touch me or I have nothing to say, but rest assured I always visit bloggers who leave comments on my blog!

I try to visit at least 20 blogs a day, and more if I have more time : )

Mikes said...

i'm not sure if this is too late but how od i get featured in your site? about your questions: I leave comments when i choose and when i like to comment. i reply to comments in my blog as well. that wasy it creates conversation with your readers. i supported earth hour and i supported earthd ay as well!

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